ai chatbots taking food orders

​​AI Chatbots Will Be Taking Food Orders Over the Phone

DoorDash, one of the most significant food delivery services in the United States, is introducing high-tech to restaurants.

The company is working on a new AI-based chatbot to answer calls, proceed with orders, and even upsell. The idea of the product came as the company discovered that a surprising 50% of client calls go unanswered, causing considerable losses to restaurants and their owners.

Thus, they decided to automate order reception and processing to ensure all the customers received their food. 

The solution promises to free personnel to focus on visitors inside the restaurant. This will be the first product with an autonomous AI chatbot to work with different restaurant networks, partnering with DoorDash.

The new product has a promising future. According to a yearly survey from DoorDash, the number of clients who start ordering food from restaurants with an app doubled in 2023 compared to 2021. With a new AI chatbot, the popularity of their app is forecast to grow. As of now, the company leads the online food delivery market in the United States with a market share of 65 percent, and, at the end of 2022, reached a  gross order volume of more than 53 billion U.S. dollars, yet as they expand the client outreach this number can increase considerably.

DoorDash’s rival, Uber Eats, is working on the same functionality expansion. However, neither company announced the exact feature set of their chatbots; some sneak peeks taken from the existing code prompt what the future apps will look like.

According to Bloomberg, the Uber Eats app can select dishes and restaurants according to customer preferences, among other options. This was clear from the lines of text hidden inside the Uber app’s code. Although the world is already buzzing about the new products and their possible functionalities, neither of the companies developing them stays silent about the launch dates.

As of today, different companies empower their products with AI solutions with ChatGPT-like functionality. The domain of the on-demand delivery apps doesn’t yet have full-scale, ready-to-use products launched live. This opens a lot of space for competition, innovation, and research.

Therefore, numerous companies worldwide invest in creating state-of-the-art on-demand delivery apps to better cater to the needs of their users. Their intents are different: streamlining operations, enhancing deliveries, or improving customer relations. What unites them is the high-quality programming and responsible partnership that enable innovation.

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While the tech giants are rushing to implement cutting-edge technology advancements into their businesses, any company can also join the innovation rush. Since the experimentation results still need to be made clear, there is a lot of space for competition in creating something your audience will like.

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