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11 Quick Baked Salmon Recipes to Brighten up Your Table

When dinner time is looming again and you need a quick, family-friendly meal that is packed with nutrition, baked salmon is the answer! By baking salmon, you retain the fresh, flaky texture and all the succulent flavors. Plus, baked salmon is the perfect dish for even the most die-hard fish haters because it doesn’t have the ‘fishy’ smell or taste. Add in that most of these recipes are ready and on your plate in under half an hour and you’ll have your dinner meal plan sorted in no time.

This collection of recipes has the perfect baked salmon dinner for any time, whether you need dinner on the table ASAP or you’re cooking to impress friends or in-laws. As a main dish, baked salmon goes well with pretty much anything; salad, potatoes, pasta, rice and grilled vegetables are all great options. So pick your favorite baked salmon recipes below and get baking!

1. Best Baked Salmon

This one is on the table in less than 20 minutes! Succulent salmon, flavored with beautiful fresh herbs and a delicious lemon butter sauce, it’s always a winner. We love this recipe because of how simple it is and there are plenty of tips and steps that walk you through baking the perfect salmon. Plus, if you make this with individual filets, drizzle it with plenty of sauce and a sprinkling of extra herbs, you’ll have a restaurant-quality meal for a fraction of the price without breaking a sweat.

2. Baked Parmesan, Garlic and Herb Salmon

Little foil parcels of perfectly marinated salmon are a great meal to serve when you just don’t have the energy to cook. Simply fold up all the ingredients in a tin foil parcel and bake for 15 minutes and you’ll have a tasty, tender dinner you’ll make again and again. The recipe suggests broiling the salmon for a few minutes under a hot grill to make the parmesan and garlic crisp, which really takes it to the next level but isn’t strictly necessary. Plus, it’s made with everyday pantry staples, so you could be eating this tonight!

3. Baked Teriyaki Salmon

Salmon is becoming an increasingly popular protein choice and teriyaki is a timeless flavor that never fails to satisfy. So it just makes sense to try this sweet, sticky, garlicky salmon that’s ready in under 30 minutes. This recipe requires no marinating, instead spreading the thick teriyaki glaze over the salmon before baking to lock in all the goodness and flavor. If you happen to have an extra few hours, you can let the glazed salmon sit in the fridge for an hour or two to develop the flavors before baking as normal.

4. Christmas Baked Salmon

A festive dish of salmon glazed in honey butter and topped off with a special Christmas-inspired tapenade, this might just be your next holiday main. Easy, yet super impressive, this dish is finished with a creamy, tangy dill dressing that pairs perfectly with the flaky salmon. We absolutely love this recipe because it jazzes up any holiday table and was the absolute star of our Christmas dinner last year.

5. Sheet Pan Garlic Butter Baked Salmon

Who doesn’t love one-pan meals?! A meal of garlic butter salmon filet, roast potatoes and asparagus all cooked on a sheet pan is the answer to all your dinner woes. Quick to prep and requiring practically zero effort, this recipe is one I reach for again and again. The salmon is baked to perfection in the garlic butter and the vegetables become perfectly roasted and tender. You don’t even have to stir or flip anything, this recipe basically cooks itself!

6. Baked Cilantro Lime Salmon in Foil

Full of fresh, bright flavors, the sweet and spicy glaze really sets this recipe apart. All the sweetness of the honey and tang of the lime melt into the tender fish and the cilantro sharpens up the whole dish. This is a recipe that has a regular place on my weekly meal list, even the fussiest eaters I’ve served this to have loved it.

7. Dijon Baked Salmon

The bright, tangy flavor of the dijon dressing offsets the flaky, melt-in-your-mouth salmon to make this recipe one you can either serve to guests or throw together on a lazy Sunday morning. Using only a handful of everyday ingredients, if you already have either fresh or frozen salmon filets, consider making this recipe for dinner!

8. Baked Pineapple Salmon

Inspired by the flavors of Thailand, this pineapple salmon is a one-pan wonder that’s ready to go in the oven in minutes. A hint of heat from the sweet chili sauce and the tart pineapple juice combine to make a beautiful saucy glaze. The recipe uses canned pineapple and juice to flavor the dish and keep it super moist and tender. So next time you feel like spicing up your dinner menu, try this pineapple baked salmon and transport yourself to sunny Thailand with each bite.

9. Baked Cajun Salmon with Spicy Tartar Sauce

This baked salmon is loaded with a cajun flavor that is hot, smoky, spicy and sweet. Served with a cool creamy homemade tartar sauce that perfectly offsets the spicy salmon, this recipe is definitely one that will impress the spice lovers! To make it family-friendly, dial back the hot sauce in the dressing or serve the kids’ salmon with plain mayo or ranch dressing.

10. Baked Honey Sriracha Lime Salmon

The combination of sweet and spicy packs a flavorsome punch with this honey sriracha lime salmon. Sticky and fresh, it’s one of those dishes that you won’t just make once. A healthy and easy recipe for baked salmon that’s on the table in under half an hour, what more could you ask for?

11. Greek Baked Salmon

Packed with flavors of the Mediterranean, this recipe turns a salmon filet, garlic, lemon and dill into a beautiful meal the whole family will enjoy. A delicious way to get your daily omega-3, this beautifully baked salmon is also packed with protein and plenty of other good stuff.

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