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Golden Years in the Lone Star: 10 Best Places to Retire in Texas

The vast landscapes of Texas hold many treasures, from bustling cities to serene countryside. But where should one settle for a tranquil and fulfilling retirement? Dive into our curated list of the best places to retire in Texas, designed for those looking to make the most of their golden years.

10 Best Places to Retire in Texas

1. Fredericksburg


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Set against the backdrop of the Texas Hill Country, Fredericksburg beckons retirees with its intoxicating blend of natural beauty and vibrant local culture. Here, vineyards sprawl across rolling landscapes, producing some of the finest wines in the region. History enthusiasts will appreciate the town’s deep German roots, evident in its preserved architecture and local festivals.

On weekends, retirees can explore local farmers’ markets, antique stores, and art galleries, ensuring there’s always something to pique their interest. And for those inevitable healthcare needs, the town boasts state-of-the-art medical facilities, offering peace of mind alongside its plethora of pleasures.

2. Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi

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Corpus Christi, fondly known as the “Sparkling City by the Sea”, serves as an idyllic retirement location. Imagine a life where your mornings begin with tranquil walks along sandy shores, and your evenings are spent indulging in the freshest seafood as you watch sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico.

The city offers a myriad of recreational opportunities, from bird-watching at the Padre Island National Seashore to touring the USS Lexington. Its rich marine biodiversity beckons nature enthusiasts, while its museums and theaters provide a dose of culture. It’s a city that marries coastal serenity with urban amenities, ensuring retirees have the best of both worlds.

3. Austin


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The soulful rhythms of live music, the scents from a myriad of global cuisines, and the panoramic view of the Colorado River — this is Austin. As Texas’ capital, it thrives on its dynamic blend of cosmopolitan energy and southern charm. Retirees will find the city’s green spaces like Zilker Park and Lady Bird Lake ideal for leisurely activities.

And for those culturally inclined, there’s no shortage of museums, theaters, and live music venues. Let’s not forget the city’s commitment to health and wellness, with yoga studios dotting its neighborhoods and a plethora of top-tier healthcare institutions.

4. San Antonio

San Antonio

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Where history comes alive, San Antonio serves as a living testament to Texas’s rich past. Strolling along the River Walk, retirees can enjoy the harmonious coexistence of the city’s historic sites with modern eateries and shops. From exploring the cavernous depths of the Natural Bridge Caverns to reliving history at The Alamo, San Antonio offers endless adventures.

And for those moments when relaxation is paramount, the city’s botanical gardens and parks provide tranquil retreats. With its diverse neighborhoods, retirees can choose between serene suburbs or lively downtown locales, all while benefiting from the city’s affordable living.

5. Tyler


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Nestled in the heart of East Texas, Tyler is a refreshing blend of nature’s wonders and urban conveniences. Known as the “Rose Capital of the World”, the city blooms in vibrant colors, particularly during the annual Texas Rose Festival.

Apart from its floral fame, Tyler boasts numerous lakes ideal for fishing and boating. History buffs can delve into the region’s past at local museums, while shopping enthusiasts can wander through quaint downtown boutiques. The city’s commitment to community health is evident in its medical facilities and wellness initiatives, making it an attractive choice for retirees prioritizing health and well-being.

6. Lubbock


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Often referred to as the “Hub City” due to its prominence in the regions of education, health care, and economics, Lubbock stands tall in the Staked Plains of Texas. Its history is deeply rooted in music, being the birthplace of the iconic Buddy Holly. As retirees roam its streets, they can relish in a diverse mix of art galleries, theaters, and live-music venues, each echoing Lubbock’s rich cultural tapestry.

The Texas Tech University brings youthful energy to the town, hosting events and games that residents of all ages can enjoy. With its expansive parks, golf courses, and vineyards, retirees can easily find both adventure and relaxation. Plus, its arid climate means sun-filled days are aplenty.

7. Boerne


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Located a mere 30 minutes from San Antonio, Boerne (pronounced as “Burn-ee”) offers a serene escape from city bustle, without sacrificing modern amenities. The town’s Main Street is a testament to its German heritage, with historic buildings hosting a range of artisan shops, boutiques, and eateries. Cibolo Nature Center serves as a haven for nature enthusiasts, with trails meandering through marshes, creeks, and meadows.

The city’s numerous festivals, from the Dickens on Main during the winter to the Abendkonzerte in the summer, ensure that there’s always something to celebrate. For retirees seeking a balance of tranquility and community spirit, Boerne is hard to beat.

8. Rockport


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Where the Texas coastline meets artistry is where you’ll find Rockport. This coastal town is more than its sandy beaches and shimmering waters; it’s a hotspot for artists inspired by nature’s beauty. Art galleries, workshops, and festivals, like the Rockport Art Festival, illuminate the town’s cultural scene.

For bird enthusiasts, the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge offers glimpses of rare species, including the endangered whooping crane. Fishing, boating, or simply soaking up the sun — Rockport’s coastal charms are limitless. With its tight-knit community and calm ambiance, it’s an ideal place for retirees to kick back and savor life’s moments.

9. Houston


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Houston, where skyscrapers touch the Texan skies, is a sprawling metropolis with much to offer. It’s not just its impressive skyline that captivates but its diverse neighborhoods, each echoing different cultures and histories. The Museum District, with institutions like the Houston Museum of Natural Science and the Museum of Fine Arts, satiates the culturally curious. Green spaces such as the Hermann Park and Discovery Green offer peaceful retreats amidst urban life.

For those interested in space, the Houston Space Center offers a journey through the cosmos. With world-class healthcare facilities, diverse culinary scenes, and numerous entertainment avenues, retirees in Houston are set for an active and enriching life.

10. Kerrville


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Cradled by the Guadalupe River and graced with scenic beauty, Kerrville is a jewel in the Texas Hill Country. It’s more than just its natural allure; Kerrville boasts a rich tapestry of arts and culture. The Kerrville Folk Festival is a testament to its vibrant music scene, while the Museum of Western Art showcases the region’s history. Outdoor enthusiasts can embark on river adventures, hiking trails, or golfing excursions.

The town’s community spirit shines through its local events, workshops, and markets, creating a sense of belonging for its residents. With its mild climate and array of amenities, Kerrville promises retirees a fulfilling, nature-imbued life.


From the rolling hills to the bustling cities, Texas offers a myriad of choices for those stepping into their golden years. These best places to retire in Texas ensure not just comfort, but a life of excitement, culture, and community. Whether you’re drawn to the waves or the wineries, Texas awaits with open arms.

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