Best Tourist Site in the UAE

Dubai: The Best Tourist Site in the UAE 

The United Arab Emirates is a sought-after nation. It is blessed with oil and natural gas, modern infrastructure and a generally buoyant economy. Being in the Middle East, this country is known for its diversity both in its residents and its geographical place. UAE has 7 Emirates under it, and each of these Emirates has its unique features. However, Dubai remains the most popular Emirate of all seven.

Dubai gets the most visits for several reasons. The city has witnessed rapid development over the years. It now features appealing sites such as the Burj Khalifa, luxury restaurants, beaches, malls and so on. Aside from this, Dubai itself generates a large income through oil exports, tourism, real estate and so on. These make Dubai a beacon for foreign investors and tourists. The property market is so big which may be why many buy apartments in Dubai for investments.

Regulations on Dubai real estate for foreigners

This city is lenient when it comes to foreign purchases of real estate. Dubai allows anyone to buy property for investment. There are no restrictions no matter your home country. You don’t need to be a resident to get property. Tourists can buy property in Dubai with their visas. This means that if apartments in Dubai catch your eye while you are on holiday, you’re free to buy them immediately. You can buy a completed flat. You can also buy one under construction.

The only regulation guiding real estate in Dubai for foreigners is that they have to register any property they acquire. This is to put them in the system as homeowners in Dubai. Also, aliens are only allowed free hold ownership in certain areas in Dubai. The good news is that these areas have top-quality properties and you are not missing out by being restricted to these areas.

Dubai districts tourists can invest in

You probably know by now that foreigners are restricted to certain areas in Dubai when it comes to property investment. However, they are granted ownership without restriction in the parts they’re allowed to acquire. These parts of Dubai are exquisite, and the demand for apartments there is quite high.

These districts however have distinct qualities, some are known for their tranquil environment while some are vibrant. Some areas have extremely luxurious apartments while others are cheaper. Here are some parts of Dubai you can buy a flat in

  1. Dubai Marina: This is one of the most elegant places to live. Many flats here come with amenities like swimming pools, gyms and so on. It is safe and has two metro stations for easy transit. Flats here are popular for reasons such as infrastructure, its proximity to the center of Dubai and so on. Read more on the official website Emirates.Estate
  2. Palm Jumeirah: Buying an apartment on this island gives you a sense of exclusivity. The view is great and the environment is calm. Living here may mean limited transport accessibility but you have most of what you’ll need right on the island, so you may not need to move around much.
  3. Mirdif: This is a small suburban district in Dubai. It has a very calm aura and the price of flats is pretty reasonable. Mirdif is easily accessible and family-friendly. It’s perfect if you are avoiding the fast-paced city and just want a quiet life.
  4. Sheikh Zayed Road: If you prefer to live in a bubbly area, surrounded by easy transport then this place is perfect. You would comfortably find restaurants, supermarkets, gyms and so on in this area. This area is particularly popular for expats who work in Dubai and need easy transport.
  5. Al Jaddaf: This is a bay-side residential community in Dubai. It shares a proximity with some attractions in Dubai. There are also several options for commute. It is quiet. It is also not far from the city centre.
  6. Jebel Ali: This district is one of the best places to live in Dubai. It is close to Dubai’s central road and an airport. This is also a good place to get a cheap flat if you are on a tight budget.

It should be noted that there are other areas apart from the ones mentioned, where you can buy properties both from developers and real estate agencies. Consider why you are in Dubai, and what area you think would suit you.

Documents for transfer of real estate ownership

When you buy any property in the United Arab Emirates, it must be registered. This is to show that the property now officially belongs to you. The Dubai Land Department is in charge of this part of the property transfer. Once you and the seller have concluded your end of the deal, these are the documents you will need;

  • Seller’s Identification Card/Power of Attorney
  • A letter from the former owner
  • Buyer’s Identification Card

You may be required to bring additional documents such as the No Objection Certificate but these are the main documents needed to transfer property in Dubai. You may also be required to pay minor service charges during this process. Overall, the procedures for buying real estate in Dubai are simple and smooth.

Get a piece of Dubai now

Real estate in Dubai is very lucrative. The city continues to develop rapidly meaning that more people want to come in. As more visitors enter Dubai, the price of real estate goes up. This means that the value of a flat will rise in a few years.

Buying now increases your chances of making a higher return on your investment. Owning property in Dubai could be your retirement plan. You can move to Dubai to enjoy a quiet and fun life. You can also sell the property as it would have appreciated a lot, then use the money to live a life of luxury.

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