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8 Best Brioche Bread Substitutes For Satisfying Swaps

Do you love the mouthwateringly rich and buttery flavor of Brioche bread? The problem is that it may occasionally be excessively indulgent. If you’re looking for something healthy or just want to switch up your meals, there are many Brioche bread substitutes to explore.

Let’s take a look at a few alternatives that will help quell your craving for delectable Brioche bread, ranging from the bread you can quickly purchase from your neighborhood grocery store to more sophisticated bakery-style delicacies.

1. Challah


Challah is a traditional egg-based Jewish bread eaten on Shabbat and holidays. It has a nice fluffy texture and mild taste that complements most dishes. This light, soft bread is a fantastic substitute for Brioche and is ideal for sandwiches, French toast, or simply toasted and served with butter.

The proportions for baking Challah are identical to those of Brioche. It has the same ingredients as Brioche (flour, yeast, sugar, eggs, and oil) but with fewer eggs. Simply double the number of eggs in the recipe by two-thirds before adding them to the other ingredients to produce a Challah substitute for Brioche. Allow the dough to rise in a warm area until it has doubled in size before baking.

2. Hawaiian Sweet Rolls

Hawaiian Sweet Rolls

Hawaiian sweet rolls have an unquestionably unique taste. They are also very simple to make and only require a few ingredients, delivering a pleasantly soft and fluffy texture. Additionally, the rolls’ sweetness is usually subtle enough to be used in savory dishes.

Using Hawaiian sweet rolls instead of Brioche will give a tinge of sweetness and a strong floral scent to your dish. Additionally, when used in sandwiches or French toast, the rolls’ subtle tanginess may provide a nice contrast. For best results, use two Hawaiian sweet rolls for every slice of Brioche.

3. Croissants


Croissants are a perfect substitute for Brioche as they are incredibly light and fluffy. With their airy texture, crisp exterior, and buttery taste, you can easily use croissants the same way as Brioche. Croissants are also very versatile and can be the star of both sweet and savory recipes — from French toast to cupcakes to sandwiches – and everything in between.

The best ratio when substituting croissants for Brioche is one-to-one — that is, one croissant for one Brioche. This makes it simple to throw together a dish when unexpectedly missing an ingredient.

4. Cornbread


Cornbread has a delectable taste profile with a mild sweetness and a spongy, soft texture. It is also far healthier than Brioche since it uses complex carbs rather than white flour, making it an excellent option for those looking to make a diet-friendly bread swap.

Using cornbread in place of Brioche can be quite simple to do. An easy ratio to follow is one cup of cornmeal per one egg and three-fourths cup of milk. To get the same richness as Brioche, you can add sugar or butter to the cornbread mixture. Keep in mind that adding additional liquid ingredients will make the finished product softer.

5. Bagels


Bagels feature a denser texture that stands in contrast to the lightness and fluffiness of Brioche. But they’re a good substitute when you want something hearty. The doughiness and subtle sweetness of bagels provide an ideal base for any kind of sandwich or breakfast meal.

Interestingly, bagels are also very versatile when it comes to usage. So, for example, if you were making a French toast casserole that traditionally calls for four cups of Brioche cubes, you could use two cups of cubed bagels instead. Bagels can also be used as a topping for shepherd’s pies and gratins, providing an interesting and hearty addition to dishes.

6. English Muffins

English Muffins

English muffins are another excellent substitute for Brioche due to their spongy texture and buttery taste. They make the perfect accompaniment to savory dishes like eggs, soups, and salads, as well as sweet treats like French toast and breakfast sandwiches.

When swapping English muffins for Brioche, keep in mind that one English muffin equals two Brioches. For example, in a recipe that asks for one cup of Brioche dough, you may substitute two cups of English muffins by simply breaking them up into smaller pieces or grinding them in a food processor. With this ratio in mind, you can get creative and use it in both sweet and savory dishes.

7. Ciabatta


Ciabatta has a crispy, crunchy exterior and a light, chewy interior. This Italian bread holds its own against the buttery richness of Brioche and can be used in countless unique recipes.

If you’re looking to make a seamless substitution for Brioche, you can simply use Ciabatta just as you would Brioche. You can use it to replace Brioche in equal amounts in many recipes and use it for everything from French toast and paninis to signature sandwiches and savory tarts. Let your culinary imagination run wild with Ciabatta; you won’t be disappointed!

8. Simple Bread

Simple Bread

The humble simple bread may seem lackluster when compared to all the other varieties of bread on this list, but this basic bread is the go-to for any occasion. Not only is it easily accessible, but you also get to be as creative as you’d like when using simple bread.

When using simple bread to replace Brioche, you will need to consider that it does not have the buttery richness of Brioche and is slightly heavier. However, freshly baked simple bread is equally soft and fluffy as Brioche. It is also highly versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, from basic toast and sandwiches to elaborate casseroles.

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