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Top 6 Sites to Buy YouTube Subscribers That Stay Forever

YouTube is the biggest video-sharing platform, with over 2 billion monthly active users. The site allows everybody to create videos and share them with the world. Unfortunately, it can be hard to grow an audience on YouTube.

If you are finding it hard to get YouTube subscribers, one of the options you should consider is buying subscribers. When doing so, you should be wary of sites that sell bots. Bot subscribers tend to drop after some time when YouTube cracks down on them.

Benefits of Buying YouTube Subscribers

 Some of the reasons why people buy Youtube subscribers are:

Increase credibility

What channel would you prefer to watch? One with 10 subscribers or another with 10,000 subscribers? That’s the same perception that other YouTube users have.

Faster Growth

Growing a YouTube channel requires a lot of hardwood, especially at the beginning. It also requires a lot of patience and effort. Fortunately, for a few dollars, you can get an instant boost in your channel numbers.

Improve Youtube Ranking

YouTube gives more prominence to channels with many subscribers. Therefore, when you have real subscribers, you will begin to see an instant boost in your YouTube ranking.

Best  6 Sites to Buy YouTube Subscribers

Are you wondering where to buy high-quality YouTube subscribers? Here are the top six places to consider:



If you need high quality in your niche, consider buying from SocialWick. The site offers targeted followers who are genuinely interested in your content and will interact with your channel through views, likes, and comments. This makes it a great choice for helping with the organic growth of your channel. Additionally, the site has great customer service that makes the ordering process smooth.

SocialWick values your privacy and, therefore, keeps all transactions discreet. They understand the importance of protecting your data, especially for your YouTube channel. That’s why the site is secured using SSL  technology to keep your personal and financial data safe.


  • Offers high-quality subscribers in your niche
  • Improved subscriber visibility
  • Good customer service
  • Safe and confidential


  • No free trial period

While SocialWick doesn’t have a free trial period, their packages are affordable, with ten subscribers costing $0.66. Once you order from them, you can be assured of fast delivery but in a natural way. While the followers from SocialWick do not drop, the site still offers a 60-day refill guarantee. 



One thing that sets JayNike apart from other service providers in our list is that they specialize in promoting music and marketing videos. This means that they have a good understanding of what it takes to grow your YouTube channel. The platform uses the latest technology and a network of followers exchange programs to deliver real people as subscribers.

All the subscribers from JayNike are delivered from international sources such as the US and UK. However, if you need followers from a particular country, you can contact them, and they deliver that. If you have an issue, the site has a super responsive customer care team available 24/7 to assist with any issue.


  • High-quality subscribers
  • Free refills if numbers drop
  • International subscribers
  • Discreet and confidential


  • No free trial period

JayNike has different packages to meet different user’s needs. If you are a beginner on YouTube, you can order 100 subscribers for $8.95. The platform will start delivering within a few hours but with a gradual increase. Therefore, JayNike is one of the best sites to help you increase your subscribers and improve visibility. 



Another site that has received accolades for delivering high-quality and targeted subscribers who view and comment on your videos is SubscriberZ. The site has existed since 2017 and provides quick and effective results within a short time. Despite offering real people as subscribers, the site also has affordable prices, with the basic packages costing $8.99 for 100 subscribers.

SubscriberZ understands that the only reason why you are buying is because you want to see instant results. That’s why they deliver fast while taking the necessary precautions to comply with YouTube policies.


  • High-quality subscribers
  • Good customer service
  • Fast and efficient delivery of subscribers
  • Refill guarantee


  • The site isn’t user-friendly

With the targeted followers from SubscriberZ, you are assured of building a community of subscribers who are interested in your content. 



Another great site that will help you build a thriving YouTube community at an affordable price is YoutubeStorm. The subscribers from the site will actively engage in your videos, helping you create meaningful conversations with your audience and improving the organic reach of your videos. The site also has affordable prices and small packages that are best suited for small-budget creators or those on a budget. If you are a beginner YouTuber, you can buy 100 subscribers for $9.95.


  • Real and Targeted Subscribers
  • Affordable prices
  • Refill guarantee
  • Zero risk to your Youtuber account


  • Doesn’t have a trial period

YoutueStorm offers targeted subscribers, making it a great choice for providing long-term organic growth for your channel. Many previous users of their services confess that they were able to see consistent growth. No matter how many subscribers you need, they will deliver within 1 to 4 days. They offer a full refund if you don’t receive your subscribers within seven days. 



If you want to see a sudden spike in the number of subscribers, you should consider ordering from MediaMister. The site delivers relatively fast, making it suitable for YouTubers who need an instant boost to their numbers. The site keeps all customer information safe, ensuring that your YouTube channel remains secure.

MediasMister has a simple ordering process. All you need to do is enter the number of subscribers you need, choose your targeted country, and enter the URL of your channel. You will start to see an increase in the number of YouTube subscribers.


  • Fast delivery
  • Targeted subscribers


  • Low-quality subscribers
  • Subscribers drop after  with time

While MediaMister has been in the market for some time, the quality of their subscribers is questionable. They do not interact with your channel, and they also drop after some time.



Another site that offers YouTube subscribers at an affordable price is FeedPixel. While its prices are higher than SocialWick and SocialGreg, Feedpixel has a variety of small packages that are suited for different creators.

 For  $9.99, you can get 100 subscribers under the bronze packages. The silver package costs $19.99 for 250 subscribers, while the gold package costs $39.99 for 500 subscribers.


  • Wide range of packages
  • Affordable prices
  • Secure site


  • Poor quality subscribers

When we ordered subscribers from FeedPixel, we didn’t see an increase in the engagement level of our account. Instead, they were robotic numbers with no impact on engagement. Therefore, they aren’t best suited for growing your account.

FAQs on Top Sites to Buy YouTube Subscribers

Here are the questions that people often ask:

Is it legal to buy YouTube subscribers?

This depends on the service you use. It’s illegal to buy subscribers from sites that use bots. However, using sites such as SocialWick that promote your content to people in your niche is allowed.

Where can I buy real Youtube subscribers?

If you need genuine subscribers who engage with your account, we recommend buying from SocialWick.

How can I buy 1000 subscribers on YouTube?

Simply go to YoutubeStorm, pay, and wait for your subscribers.

In Conclusion

When buying YouTube subscribers, one of the things you should realize is that the quality is only as good as where you buy them from. If you buy from scam sites that sell fake subscribers, you can have your account banned.

On the other hand, when you buy from the top sites that sell genuine subscribers, you will see organic growth in engagement. So, which are these sites? I recommend SocialWick, JayNike, SubscriberZ, and YoutubeStorm.

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