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30 Cake Recipes to Take Your Dessert Game Up a Few Notches

A slice of a perfectly baked moist cake can do wonders for most people’s mood, not to mention satisfy your sweet cravings like nothing else. Be it a classic black forest, a healthy carrot cake, or unique raspberry tiramisu, there’s a cake for every occasion.

In fact, a cake is a perfect dessert that doesn’t need any occasion. With the right recipes, you can whip up a scrumptious cake to accompany your regular weekday dinner!

Let’s take a look at some of the best cake recipes from around the globe that’ll help you expand your dessert menu.

#1. Blackberry and Orange Cake

With blackberries, zesty oranges, and marmalade creating a decadent filling, this is a delightful twist on the classic sponge cake. The cake is drenched in a tart syrup of orange juice and sugar, with marmalade and buttercream frosting adding layers of complex flavor. Scatter some blackberries and orange zest on top to make this delectable cake look and taste even better!

#2. Black Forest Cake

A classic, the super moist and flavorful black forest cake is layered with cherry syrup, fresh cherries, and whipped cream frosting. Line the cake with chocolate bark, pipe rosettes with whipped cream, and decorate the assembled cake with chocolate shavings and cherries to make it even more irresistible.

#3. Blueberry Cake with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting

Speckled with vibrant and juicy blueberries and topped with lemon cream cheese frosting, this lemon-infused plush cake is an absolute crowd-pleaser. Add small lemon wedges, frosting stars, and blueberries to make this to-die-for moist cake easy on the eyes. It’s a delicious cake bursting with flavor in every bite.

#4. Caramel Apple Eclair Cake

This no-bake dessert combines the goodness of apple, vanilla pudding, cinnamon, and graham crackers to create an easy, delicious multi-layered cake. Once the cake is assembled, pour the caramel apple dip on top. Remember to refrigerate it overnight to allow the cake to form some structure and better consistency.

#5. Carrot Cake

The tender carrot cake sports a moist crumbly texture and uses a combination of cream cheese, powdered sugar, and whipped cream frosting to achieve a soft and creamy finish. Garnish with a handful of pecans and raisins for some crunch before serving. And if you’d like a more bite-sized alternative, you can even use this batter to make cupcakes!

#6. Coconut Cake

A rich, creamy white frosting made with cream cheese and vanilla buttercream sits atop this light, fluffy, and moist cake. Consider using sweetened shredded coconut for an added boost of sugar, texture, and moisture. Feeling creative? You can transform this batter to create any cake of your choice — Bundt cake, cupcakes, or a coconut sheet cake!

#7. Chocolate Magic Cake

This chocolate magic cake is simply magical! The fudge-like bottom layer, the custardy middle layer, and the cake-like top layer of this three-layered cake are all made with one batter and with ingredients you can easily find in your pantry! Let the cake cool completely before cutting it into squares to serve. Add strawberry, cherry, or chocolate crumbs to decorate (optional).

#8. Chocolate Peanut Butter Ooey Gooey Cake

When you have a chocolate craving, nothing can beat this chocolate ooey gooey cake! This cake takes the good old chocolate cake to new heights by adding peanut butter to the mix. The layers of peanut butter allow you to enjoy a perfectly moist cake that beautifully balances the rich chocolate flavor with the nuttiness of the peanut butter.

#9. Coffee Tres Leches Cake

This airy, delightfully light sponge cake is soaked in a syrup made by combining three different types of milk (regular, evaporated, and sweetened condensed milk) and coffee and topped off with a coffee whipped cream and a sprinkle of cocoa powder. It’s a coffee-flavored spin on the classic Latin American dessert — tres leches cake. It’s the ultimate cake for coffee lovers!

#10. Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake

This is every chocolate lover’s guilty delight! The crumb is made with a combination of unsweetened natural cocoa powder and dark cocoa powder and layered with ultra-chocolaty mousse. The decadent cake is then covered with semi-sweet chocolate ganache and sugared cranberries for a sinfully rich flavor.

#11. Duke’s Lemon Drop Sheet Cake

The perfect balance of tangy and sweet, this citrusy sheet cake is topped with a creamy, smooth lemony cream cheese frosting. Decorate the cake with a sprinkling of crushed lemon drop candies to add a pop of color. This dessert is more cake and less frosting — perfect for those who like keeping their sweet frosting to the minimum.

#12. Dulce de Leche (Golden Key Cake)

Irresistibly delicious, this moist and tender cake is layered with sweetened condensed milk and hazelnuts, followed by a mascarpone caramel whipped cream frosting to create an elegant and decadent dessert. With the addition of roasted hazelnuts, this delicious cake delivers the most satisfying crunch and texture.

#13. German Chocolate Cake

Rich, dark, and intensely delicious, the German chocolate cake is layered with coconut and toasted pecan filling and then topped with creamy chocolate buttercream. This filling is pretty sweet all on its own, so don’t overdo the frosting. Once you get the ratios right, this unapologetically indulgent cake is bound to be an incredible addition to any cookbook.

#14. Hummingbird Cake

A Jamaican invention, this banana-pineapple spice cake is a popular dessert in the southern United States made with a three-layered composition of bananas, pineapples, and toasted pecans. The juice from the canned pineapples adds a distinct flavor to the batter, while the pecans add a delightful crunch. And the delicious cream cheese frosting will have you going back for seconds.

#15. Irish Whiskey and Stout Chocolate Cake

A cream cheese frosting spiked with Jameson whiskey and a rich chocolate glaze — can you think of a cake more indulgent? The addition of Guinness stout beer provides some depth to the classic chocolate cake, while the tangy flavor of the cream cheese frosting adds a burst of brightness without letting the prominent taste of alcohol overwhelm the other flavors!

#16. Key Lime Pie Layer Cake

A citrusy delight — three layers of key lime cake hold a beautiful key lime frosting with a hint of sweetened condensed milk and a crust made with graham cracker crumbs. Top it with frosting, some glaze, and a couple of quartered key limes for effect. You’d be hard-pressed to find a dessert fan who can resist this sweet and tart cake!

#17. Lemon Pound Cake

Take the good old rich, buttery pound cake recipe to the next level by adding the lemony tartness of lemon zest and lemon juice to the mix. Top the cake with a lemon glaze drizzle to amplify the tart and sweet flavors in every bite. The complex flavors of this dessert will wake up your taste buds!

#18. Lemon-Rosemary Tea Cake

Need something delicious to accompany your afternoon cup of tea? A slice of this moist, buttery tea cake served with a dollop of whipped cream will satiate your cravings. Rosemary adds a fresh, herby flavor that beautifully complements the tartness of the lemon and the sweet whipped cream. It’s a fantastic addition to your tea time!

#19. Mango Cake

Few fruits come close to the absolute showstopper that mangoes are. Banking on the richness of fresh mango, this cake lets the fruit shine in a sublime creation. To decorate the cake, cut some long and wide strips of mango and layer them around the cake like a coil. Made with only 9 ingredients, this cake is bursting with fruitiness!

#20. Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

Cut into the fluffy, chocolatey crumb of this decadent molten chocolate lava cake and be greeted with irresistibly warm gooey chocolate flowing through the middle. When topped with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream and fresh berries (optional), this melt-in-the-mouth cake becomes the ultimate dessert recipe to keep at hand.

#21. Oreo Cake (Cookies and Cream)

A pristine white cake studded with chunks of crunchy cookies, this Oreo cookies and cream cake is a fun, delicious dessert, especially for kids. Topped with cookies and cream-style frosting made with super-fine crumbs, this beautiful black and white three-layer cake delivers exquisite flavors that’ll have everyone coming back for more!

#22. Pineapple Upside Down Cake

A classic if there ever was one! This pineapple upside-down cake is a soft, buttery cake that exudes tropical pineapple flavors paired with sweet caramelized edges. The pineapple juices seeping into the cake and the addition of cherries just make the cake even more inviting — this recipe is slated to be a staple in your baking repertoire.

#23. Raspberry Tiramisu Cake

A fruity take on the Italian favorite — tiramisu — this cake is right out of a fairytale! It sports a tender sponge cake, a vanilla tiramisu filling made with vanilla cream and whipped cream, and loads of fresh raspberries ringed with crunchy, firm ladyfinger cookies. Decorate this delicate fruity cake with a dusting of confectioner’s sugar or chocolate shavings followed by toasted almonds.

#24. Red Velvet Cake

The red velvet cake has a soft, moist, and fluffy texture while the delicious cream cheese frosting gives the cake the perfect velvety texture. It is strikingly beautiful to look at and decadently delicious to taste. And how can one ignore the vibrant red color that is so unique to this cake?

#25. Strawberry Dark Chocolate Truffle Cake

This flavorful and fluffy dark chocolate cake is layered with fresh strawberries, strawberry buttercream, and smooth, silky chocolate ganache. Remember to fill in any uneven areas with strawberry frosting and a crumb coat to ensure a smooth final frosting. Spread or drip the chocolate ganache over the top for a melt-in-your-mouth experience.

#26. Strawberry Shortcake

A tender and fluffy vanilla cake filled with homemade whipped cream and fresh strawberries and covered in a strawberry buttercream, the strawberry shortcake is a timeless classic! Top this fruity, fresh cake with a dollop of sweet, fluffy whipped cream, juicy strawberries, and lemon zest to add more flavor.

#27. Summer Fruit Sangria Cake

A soft, sponge cake doused in sangria, this summer fruit sangria cake will become your summer staple! The berry whipped cream frosting and tons of fresh sun-ripened fruit and berries make this fresh and boozy fruit cake equal parts light, fluffy, and flavorful. Decorate this masterpiece with frosting swirls and add some fresh fruits and berries for a bright, summery dessert.

#28. Swedish Apple Cake with Vanilla Sauce

The healthy and delicious Swedish apple cake is loaded with apples and spices. A fantastic combination of crumbly pie and soft cake, this Nordic dessert has a buttery crust infused with vanilla and spices for a warm refined flavor. The cake is best served with a rich vanilla sauce, a dollop of whipped cream, or vanilla ice cream.

#29. Ukrainian Festive Walnut Torte

Making this Ukrainian festive walnut torte requires some patience and time, but it is so worth the effort! Delicious mocha frosting and coffee cream are added to each of the layers, and once the last layer is placed, the cake is covered with dollops of mocha frosting. Top it off with chopped walnuts for added crunch, texture, and flavor.

#30. White Chocolate Baileys Cake

Layered with a delicate chocolate ganache and topped with a soft and silky mascarpone frosting, this moist white chocolate cake is an absolute feast for the senses. The cake is also spiked with Bailey to deliver some depth and complexity to its flavors. Add some gold-dusted chocolates or edible leaves on top to create an absolute showstopper!

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