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Modern Relaxation: Can You Bring a Phone in a Sauna?

In an era where technology accompanies us everywhere, a burning question arises: Can you bring a phone in a sauna? While saunas traditionally represent a sanctuary of relaxation, many are curious about introducing modern gadgets into this age-old retreat.

The Science Behind Saunas


Saunas, deeply rooted in traditions from regions like Scandinavia, offer relaxation through the principles of heat and, in some cases, humidity. Their popularity stems not just from cultural practices but also the physiological changes they induce.

When exposed to the heat of a sauna, the skin’s pores open, and sweating increases, potentially aiding in minor detoxification, though the kidneys and liver play a more dominant role in this process.

There are several types of saunas, from traditional ones that heat the air with wood or electric heaters, to steam rooms emphasizing humidity, to infrared saunas using infrared lamps to warm the body directly. This variety caters to different preferences, with each having its unique impact on the body.

As the body reacts to the sauna’s warmth, blood vessels dilate, enhancing blood circulation and elevating the heart rate, much like moderate exercise. This reaction, combined with the opening of respiratory airways, can offer temporary relief for certain respiratory conditions.

Furthermore, saunas might contribute to potential health benefits. Regular sauna sessions have been linked to cardiovascular health improvements, relief from arthritis, alleviation of muscle soreness, and mental well-being enhancement.

An intriguing aspect of the body’s response to sauna heat is the production of heat shock proteins, essential for cellular repair. These proteins help combat the effects of stress on the body, further enhancing the potential therapeutic benefits of sauna use.

In conclusion, the science behind saunas showcases a fascinating interaction between external heat and the human body’s internal responses. While saunas are not a panacea, they can be a valuable element in a holistic approach to health when used mindfully and in moderation.

Answering the Question Directly: Can You Bring a Phone in a Sauna?

While it’s physically possible to bring a phone into a sauna, doing so presents potential risks to the device. Most experts and manufacturers recommend against it. The extreme conditions inside the sauna can negatively affect a phone’s functionality and longevity.

Potential Risks to Smartphones in a Sauna


1. Heat Damage

Smartphones are engineered to operate efficiently within specific temperature ranges. The elevated temperatures in a sauna can adversely affect a phone’s functionality. For instance, the battery, being especially sensitive to heat, might experience reduced life or, in extreme cases, swelling.

Heat can also prompt some devices to undergo a thermal shutdown — a protective measure to prevent damage to internal components. Over time, repeated exposure to such heat could degrade the internal electronics, diminishing performance or leading to permanent malfunctions.

2. Moisture Damage

Despite not being submerged in water, the high humidity inside a sauna poses a threat to smartphones. Modern devices, even those with water-resistant ratings, are primarily designed to withstand splashes or brief immersions, not prolonged exposure to humid conditions.

The humidity within a sauna can seep into even the tiniest of openings in a phone, potentially causing internal corrosion, affecting touchscreen sensitivity, or impairing other internal components. Moreover, there’s a risk of condensation forming inside the device, which can disrupt its functionality or, in the worst cases, short out essential components.

In essence, while the temptation to bring a phone into a sauna — for music, entertainment, or communication — might be strong, the potential risks to the device are significant. It’s advisable to consider these factors and think twice before mixing modern technology with ancient relaxation practices.

Safeguarding Your Smartphone in Saunas


While it’s generally recommended to keep electronics away from extreme conditions like those found in saunas, if one chooses to bring their smartphone, there are precautions that can be taken to mitigate potential risks:

1. Waterproof Cases

Opt for a high-quality waterproof case or pouch designed for extreme conditions. These accessories can shield your phone from both moisture and heat to some extent, providing an added layer of protection.

2. Strategic Placement

Rather than holding the phone or placing it on a bench next to you, find the coolest spot in the sauna, preferably away from direct sources of steam or heat. Some saunas may have lower shelves or areas farther from the heat source that remain relatively cooler.

3. Limit Exposure

Even with precautions, it’s wise to minimize the phone’s exposure time in the sauna. Consider bringing it in for short durations only, ensuring it doesn’t remain in the high heat and humidity for your entire session.

4. Regularly Check Temperature

Periodically touch and check your phone. If it feels unusually hot, it might be best to remove it from the sauna immediately to prevent potential heat damage.

5. Post-Sauna Care

Once you exit the sauna, let your phone acclimate to room temperature slowly. Avoid sudden temperature changes, like moving directly to an air-conditioned room, as this might cause condensation inside the device.

In conclusion, while the inherent risks of combining smartphones with saunas remain, by taking strategic precautions, one can attempt to minimize potential harm. Still, the safest approach is to enjoy the sauna experience tech-free.


While the allure of merging the digital world with ancient relaxation practices might seem tempting, the risks to your smartphone in a sauna are significant. Embracing the authentic, tech-free sauna experience might not only safeguard your phone but also offer a more holistic retreat from the modern world.

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