Canned Asparagus Recipes

Better Than Fresh? 6 Convenient Canned Asparagus Recipes

While there are a lot of debates on canned and frozen produce, canned foods are comparable and sometimes even better than fresh foods. When it comes to asparagus, the truth is that the canned options are often just as good as their fresh counterparts in terms of flavor and texture.

Unlike fresh asparagus, canned asparagus even has the benefit of longer shelf life and year-round availability. These 6 canned asparagus recipes will help you explore various recipes while ensuring convenience.

#1. Quick Asparagus Soup

This simple 6-ingredient asparagus soup can be made in just a few minutes and is easy enough that even non-cooks can make it. Make sure you strain out the asparagus after blending it for a smoother texture. Cook it with chicken broth and milk, and then stir in some butter, salt, and pepper before serving.

#2. Balsamic Canned Asparagus Spears

In this recipe, the bright and acidic flavors of the balsamic vinegar contrast with sweet fig and creamy parmesan, making the canned asparagus spears the main attraction of any meal. Serve it with mildly flavored chicken breast and mashed potatoes to let the focus be on the asparagus.

#3. Asparagus and Bacon Quiche

Start the day right with this hearty, delicious quiche. If you don’t have time in the morning to cook, make the quiche the night before and simply reheat it in the oven or microwave as needed. The crispy, flaky crust is the perfect complement to the softer canned asparagus spears and smoky bacon bits.

#4. Canned Asparagus Casserole

Layers of creamy asparagus are topped by a slightly salty crust of crushed crackers in this recipe. For a more complex but cohesive flavor, you can replace the condensed cream of mushroom soup with cream of chicken soup. Use sharp, orange cheddar for this casserole to give it color as well as add more creaminess.

#5. Artichoke Asparagus Salad

Artichoke and asparagus are a classic pairing in many dishes, and this simple salad brings out the best of both ingredients. Any bitterness from the mushrooms, artichoke, or asparagus is eliminated thanks to the zesty flavor of the lemon juice and the freshness of the chives. Feel free to crack some black pepper on top and garnish with olives.

#6. Asparagus Chicken

Baked dishes are some of the most popular ways to enjoy asparagus, like this recipe with creamy and cheesy chicken. The asparagus is covered with cooked chicken, cream of chicken soup, lemon juice, mayo, and cheese, and then baked for about 30 minutes. This easy recipe uses simple ingredients to deliver a satisfying meal.

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