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15 Easy Canned Corned Beef Recipes For Quick Dinners

Canned corned beef is a pantry staple made by tenderizing and flavoring red meat in a salt and spice solution. This gives the nutrient-rich meat loads of delicious flavors, although it also increases its fat and sodium content. And given that canned corned beef has a long shelf life and offers a lot of versatility in cooking, it is a wonderful ingredient to have on hand.

Looking for some convenient and delicious corned beef recipes? This compilation of the best canned corned beef recipes will help you make some delicious meals on hectic weeknights.

1. Bully Beef (Jamaican Corned Beef) Sandwiches

This Jamaican staple is light enough for lunch or snack while still filling enough for dinner. It calls for cooking canned corned beef with garlic, tomato, and onion until it caramelizes. Stir in some ketchup to add depth. You can serve it on toasted bread with some mustard, and pair it with cooked cabbage to round up your meal.

2. Canned Corned Beef and Cabbage

This delicious recipe combines light, crispy cabbage with hearty beef to produce the ultimate keto meal. Onion and garlic add a lot of flavor, texture, and aroma to the dish. Serve it with mashed potatoes or greens for a filling meal. The best thing? It’s made in one skillet, leaving you with less mess to deal with.

3. Canned Corned Beef and Cabbage Soup

Simple ingredients turn into a heartwarming and flavorful soup with this recipe. To prepare, cook onions until they turn translucent and fragrant, then add potatoes and beef broth, and cook until the potatoes are mushy. Next, add cabbage and cook until tender, followed by corned beef crumbles to produce a hearty meal.

4. Corned Beef & Rice Burritos

Here’s a creative way to put a can of corned beef to good use. The delicious and filling meal uses classic burrito ingredients to make a crowd-pleasing meal. But, you can take it to the next level by serving it with an incredibly flavorful salsa prepared with Arbol and Guajillo peppers, garlic, red onion, salt, scallions, thyme, and tomatoes.

5. Corned Beef Casserole

This Irish casserole dish features sliced potatoes, shredded cabbage, chopped onions, and crumbled corned beef. All these ingredients are layered and coated with a mouthwatering sauce made with cream of celery soup, mustard, and milk. Don’t have the cream of celery soup? Use cream of chicken soup or cream of mushroom soup instead to get similarly delicious results.

6. Corned Beef Cottage Pie

This savory cottage pie combines the goodness of Shepherd’s pie with corned beef hash to produce a scrumptious dish. It uses canned corned beef, potatoes, and seasonings as a base, then tops it with cheese and breadcrumb toppings to produce the most exquisite textures. Serve it warm with ketchup on the side.

7. Corned Beef Hash Patties

This appetizer recipe comes together in just 20 minutes. A perfect accompaniment to your dinner, make it by combining fresh or frozen canned corned beef with egg, garlic, onion, potatoes, and carrot. Make sure to cook the patties until they turn dark brown to get that crisp exterior. It’s a restaurant-level dish, perfect to serve your guests.

8. Corned Beef Silog

Whip up an ultimate breakfast meal in a little over 30 minutes. To prepare this protein-rich dish, cook corned beef with garlic fried rice and egg. This hearty, healthy dish will give you a boost of energy to power you through the day and is delicious enough to take your taste buds on a flavor ride.

9. Corned Beef Spaghetti

Here’s a comfort dish that will be a hit with everyone at your dinner table. It calls for cooking corned beef with a sweet spaghetti sauce, then spooning the mixture over pasta to produce a dish that’s brimming with wonderful flavors. You can serve it sprinkled with cheese on top to make it extra rich and creamy.

10. Corned Beef Stew MAK’s Way

This Nigerian corned beef stew is the stuff of dreams. Make it with corned beef, pepper mix, beef bouillon cube, curry, and herbs. Remember that corned beef is a salt-processed product, so avoid adding salt to taste. You can serve it with fresh bread, boiled yam, or spaghetti to sop up the delicious flavors.

11. Ginisang Corned Beef

A versatile, one-pan dish, this meal features lightly browned potatoes, aromatic garlic and onions, corned beef, and seasonings. It’s an easy, quick, and incredibly delicious dish that comes together in just 20 minutes! Serve it with steamed rice, fried rice, poached/sunny-side-up eggs, or use it as a sandwich filling for a filling lunch.

12. Julie’s Big Batch Sloppy Joes

You can’t go wrong with classic sloppy joes. This recipe is make-ahead friendly, so you can prepare it in advance to enjoy on busy weeknights. Make it with ground beef, corned beef, onions, brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, and seasonings. Serve it on buns with pickles, mustard, cheese, or your favorite toppings to enjoy a filling, flavorful meal.

13. One-Pot Corned Beef Hash

This hearty, one-pot meal uses canned corned beef, potatoes, Worcestershire sauce, eggs, and a few other simple ingredients to produce a wonderful meal that can be served any time of the day. Serve up this satisfying and wholesome dish with baked beans to feed a crowd.

14. 7-Ingredient Tasty Filipino Corned Beef Recipe

This recipe takes only 20 minutes to prepare and is a great option for busy weeknights. In it, potatoes, corned beef, tomatoes, and herbs come together to produce the perfect combination of flavors and textures. Pair it with sunny-side-up eggs or fried rice, and watch everyone reach for seconds!

15. Canned Corned Beef Hash Recipe

Learn how to make the tastiest canned corned beef hash in just half an hour. This recipe provides two scrumptious versions of canned corned beef hash — one using canned corned beef cooked with potatoes, red bell pepper, minced garlic, and onion, and another with canned corned beef hash! Cook it in an air fryer or skillet, and top it off with a fried egg to add a deliciously silky flavor!

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