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14 Carajillo Recipes To Serve On A Relaxing Evening

Originating in Latin America and Spain, Carajillo is a unique drink made by combining brewed coffee with hard liquor, served hot or cold over ice. It’s also a surprisingly great drink for digestion!

Traditionally, the Spanish version is made with espresso and Licor 43 — a bright yellow liqueur produced with a stunning blend of citrus and fruit juices, vanilla, and aromatic herbs and spices. However, as the drink grew in popularity, so did its variations.

Coffe and hard liquor form the perfect base for experimenting with different flavors to create a fantastic drink for slow, relaxed evenings. Want to whip this bad boy up as an after-dinner treat? Here are 14 Carajillo recipes you can whip up!

#1. Bourbon Carajillo

While the classic version of Carajillo uses a lower-proof liquor, this recipe gives the drink a surprisingly delicious twist by adding whiskey to the mix. To make it, you will need pineapple syrup, amaro, bourbon, Licor 43, and hot espresso. Serve it neat or add a dried pineapple as a garnish for a more esthetic experience.

#2. Carajillo Cocktail

This classic recipe is proof that coffee and Licor 43 are a match made in heaven! It combines chocolate, citrus, and sweet vanilla notes from Licor 43 with the bitter rich notes from coffee to create a masterpiece. The best thing? This cocktail comes together with just 2 ingredients (3, if you count ice) and is ready in just 5 minutes!

#3. The Carajillo

A citrusy twist on the classic, this recipe delivers a refreshing cold Carajillo with a surprise. Once you blend your cold brew with Licor 43, rub some orange zest on the rims of the glass to allow the essence of orange to drip into the cocktail. Sprinkle some cacao on top and serve!

#4. Carajillo Cocktail

An after-dinner coffee dessert drink, this recipe is a beautiful combination of coffee, Licor 43, condensed milk, and sugar. Wet your cocktail glass with your favorite liquid and dab it against the sugar, add ice to the glass and pour your coffee-Licor 43-condensed milk blend! You can also use decaf coffee for a later evening drink.

#5. Carajillo

A slightly sweetened version of the traditional Carajillo, this recipe includes step-by-step instructions for making Carajillo with espresso, sugar, and brandy, rum, or whisky. It also provides information on different types of Carajillo and variations from across the world! Perfect to help you along in your search for the holy grail Carajillo.

#6. Carajillo

To make this iconic Carajillo, first brew espresso with your favorite blend of coffee beans, then add your favorite liquor to the mix. The twist? Brew your espresso with herbs like cinnamon, clove, anise, and more, then serve cold with some ice cubes (optional) for an exotic beverage.

#7. Carajillo – The Best Coffee Cocktail

This recipe delivers a sweet and aromatic beverage with the twist of a burnt liquor! Heat the rum with aromatics like cinnamon, lemon peel, and coffee beans. Pour this heated liquor into a cocktail glass with brown sugar, spoon some of this out, set it aflame, and pour it back into the glass. Repeat a few times, pour brewed espresso, and enjoy!

#8. Carajillo – The Spanish Coffee

Tailor your Carajillo to your personal tastes with the help of this recipe — you can even substitute some ingredients if you don’t have espresso or Licor 43 on hand. Finish your cocktail with sweeteners and a sprinkle of cinnamon powder on top before serving.

#9. Carajillo Valenciano

A flambeed version of the classic warm, comforting cocktail, this Carajillo recipe features the iconic dry to slightly sweet taste and espresso or strong coffee. What distinguishes it from the other items on this list? The inclusion of a bit of lime’s rind, cinnamon stick, and sugar added to the mix results in an aromatic, flavorsome cocktail!

#10. Carajillo Epoca

To make this stunning Carajillo cocktail, you need the anise-flavored Aguardiente! The recipe also uses honey and sugar cane syrup for a truly unique version of this classic drink. It’s a sweeter beverage but very delicious, perfect for a nightcap!

#11. Pumpkin Spice Carajillo

If you love your pumpkin spiced lattes, this Pumpkin Spice Carajillo recipe will blow your mind! The recipe blends Grind espresso rum with Bailey’s Irish cream, coffee, orange zest, and pumpkin spice, topped off with whipped cream. It’s smooth, it’s sweet, and it’s ultra comforting and creamy, making it a great fall dessert drink!

#12. Mexican Carajillo (Coffee Cocktail)

A traditional Mexican Carajillo recipe combines equal parts Licor 43 and espresso to produce a flavorful and refreshing cocktail. But you can add a fancy vibe to your drink by pouring the espresso slowly to create a two-tone cocktail that is a sight for the sore eyes. The complex flavors of the Carajillo shine the brightest when served chilled over ice.

#13. Spanish Carajillo

This Carajillo recipe offers you two options to create a visually stunning cocktail! While one method is nearly identical to the original Carajillo, the other produces a frothy drink that is slightly different from the classic recipe but delicious nonetheless!

#14. Spanish Coffee with Brandy Cocktail

In this recipe, you brew espresso with regular coffee, sugar, and brandy to allow the flavors to merge together. Rub some orange on the rim of your martini glass and dip it in brown sugar, pour your cocktail and top it off with whipped cream and grated orange zest for a rich, zesty, swoon-worthy drink!

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