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14 Incredible Caviar Recipes That’ll Give You A Taste of The Ocean

Caviar is the salty and briny roe or egg of fishes from the sturgeon family. It’s a rare and expensive culinary item that is further classified based on the type of fish, as well as the size, texture, and flavor of the eggs procured. Although it is considered a delicacy and is often eaten raw as an appetizer, it can also be added to other dishes to elevate their appeal.

If you’ve managed to get your hands on this delicacy, you can use it to make these next-level caviar recipes for a divine meal. What better way to expand your food palate and your culinary expertise?

#1. Caviar Pie

Caviar is expensive, but you can still serve up this wonderful delicacy to a small crowd using this delicious caviar pie recipe. It calls for layering a prepared springform pan with egg mixture followed by a sprinkle of finely chopped onions, then adding a cream cheese layer and spreading caviar on top. Serve with crackers and smoked salmon with lemon slices on top.

#2. Caviar Waffle Sticks

This fancy finger food has become incredibly popular of late, so be prepared to get requests for it every time you bring home some caviar. To make this caviar appetizer, bake waffles, cut them into sticks, and then alternately fill the waffle pockets with caviar and creme fraiche with chives. It’s an elegant starter that’s rich in flavor, crunch, and texture.

#3. Caviar with Herb Sandwiches

Ready in just about 30 minutes, these sandwiches are quick and easy to put together on busy weeknights. To make, lightly butter the bread slices, add chives, dill, and flat-leaf parsley, then top with the remaining bread. Serve with caviar over ice and creme fraiche and finely-chopped French onion on the side to enjoy.

#4. Christmas Caviar Sauce

This caviar sauce is rich and delicious and is excellent when served with corn cakes. You just have to combine chives, lemon juice, parsley, shallots, sour cream, and seasonings. Once done, fold in the caviar and wasabi-injected roe (if using), and you’re done! Pro tip: Prepare it ahead of time and keep it covered in the refrigerator to enjoy it the next day.

#5. Devilled Eggs with Caviar

Deviled eggs are a wonderful treat on their own, but add in the caviar and you elevate a simple dish into something especially divine. To make, spoon a filling made with boiled egg yolks, mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, white wine vinegar, and seasonings into the cavities in egg whites. Garnish with paprika and chives, then top with caviar before serving.

#6. Grilled Pizza with Caviar and Smoked Salmon

This aesthetically pleasing, flavor-rich recipe transforms a classic grilled pizza with decadent caviar and delicious salmon. Grill the pizza dough until it has grill marks, flip it over, and spread creme fraiche over the crust. Then, top with smoked salmon followed by spoonfuls of caviar. Garnish with chives, red onions, and drops of liquid caviar, and serve!

#7. Lemon Capellini with Caviar

Although caviar is great in appetizers, it also works exceptionally well in savory sides and mains. The recipe features delicate capellini slathered in a delicious sauce made with butter, garlic, butter, lemon juice, and lemon zest. It is then garnished with briny, buttery caviar. The flavors of the sauce and caviar complement each other really well, producing an incredibly delicious meal.

#8. Puff Pastry Caviar Canapes

Caviar canapes are bite-sized appetizers that will grace your menu to make your meals stand out. To make, punch a hole in the center of baked pastries, then fill them with a savory mixture made with butter, dill, lemon juice, and seasonings. Top with red caviar and a sprig of dill. The buttery smoothness of the caviar combined with the flaky pastries tastes absolutely incredible!

#9. Scallops with White Wine Sauce and Caviar

In this dish, well-seasoned scallops are pan-fried and paired with a delectable butter sauce made of finely chopped shallots, butter, dry white wine, double cream, flat-leaf parsley, and seasonings. Top it off with caviar to serve — this dish offers a taste of pure seafood heaven in every bite.

#10. Scrambled Eggs with Caviar

Eggs and caviar go really well together, as this delicious appetizer will demonstrate. In this classic dish, scrambled eggs are served with caviar on top of creme fraiche, which can be flavored with chives, heavy cream, lemon juice, olive oil, and salt to balance out the flavors. Pair with champagne or prosecco for a spectacular meal.

#11. Smoked Salmon and Caviar on Crispy Potatoes

Crispy potatoes, smoked salmon, and caviar flavored with creme fraiche and garnished with sprigs of dill — this dish is pure decadence that will leave your guests speechless. Serve this delightful appetizer along with your favorite champagne or cocktails and experience indulgence at its finest.

#12. Smoked Salmon, Crème Fraîche, and Caviar Potato Skins

If you enjoy fingerling potatoes, wedges, or latkes topped with sour cream and pressed caviar, you’ll adore the same combination in potato skins. In this recipe, the inside of potato skins are well-seasoned and then baked to crispy perfection. The briny bites are then filled with salmon, creme fraiche, and caviar. It’s a simple but tantalizing dish that’s perfect for dinner parties as well as intimate date nights.

#13. Sorrel Mousse with Caviar and Lemon Cream

This smoked salmon mousse recipe shines with the addition of flavor-rich caviar. To make, combine cream, lemon juice, and creme fraiche with seasonings to make lemon cream, and use sorrel for a rich, tangy mousse. Assemble this divine starter by adding a dollop of lemon cream to the sorrel mousse, top with caviar, and serve chilled.

#14. Tartare of Marinated Salmon

Despite having a lot of steps, this mouthwatering dish only takes 20 minutes to put together! The cured salmon is marinated with shallots, Dijon mustard, soured cream, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper. Serve it topped with a cucumber salad and garnish with caviar, lemon segments, stiff-peaked creme fraiche, paprika, dill, and micro mustard leaves to enjoy an indulgent and decadent meal.

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