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10 Must-Try Church Ice Breaker Games for All Ages

Building a close-knit church community doesn’t happen overnight. It often starts with small interactions that grow into meaningful relationships. This is where church ice breaker games come into play. Our curated list of 10 engaging games serves as a fun and impactful starting point to bring your congregation closer, whether you’re welcoming newcomers or deepening existing bonds.

Top 10 Church Icebreaker Games

Icebreaker Games

1. Name Bingo

How to play: Create bingo cards with characteristics in each square such as “Has been on a mission trip,” “Is a first-time visitor,” or “Loves to sing hymns.” Hand these cards to participants along with a pen. They must mingle and find people who fit the descriptions, asking them to initial the corresponding square. The first to get five in a row shouts “Bingo!”

Suitable for: All ages, large groups

Why it works: This game encourages people to move around, engage in conversations, and discover commonalities or interesting facts about each other. It’s especially effective for integrating newcomers into the community.

2. Two Truths and a Lie

How to play: Each participant thinks of two true statements and one false statement about themselves. When it’s their turn, they share these three statements in random order. The group then tries to guess which one is the lie.

Suitable for: Adults, small groups

Why it works: This is an excellent game for deeper engagement. It provides insight into individuals’ lives, often leading to interesting stories or shared experiences.

3. Human Knot

How to play: Participants stand in a circle and reach across to hold the hands of two different people who are not directly beside them. The aim is to untangle the knot by twisting, turning, and stepping over each other’s arms, all without letting go of each other’s hands.

Suitable for: Youth groups, team building

Why it works: The Human Knot is a physical and mental exercise that requires teamwork and problem-solving skills. It helps build trust and encourages a cooperative spirit.

4. Build a Story

How to play: One person starts by saying a sentence to begin a story. Moving clockwise, each subsequent participant adds another sentence. The aim is to build a collaborative and often humorous story.

Suitable for: Creative exercises, any age

Why it works: This exercise sparks creativity and shows the power of collective storytelling. It can be particularly engaging when aligned with a Bible story or a moral lesson.

5. Bible Verse Scavenger Hunt

How to play: Participants are given a list of clues that lead them to specific Bible verses. Each clue could be a partial verse or a question that can be answered with a Bible verse. Participants must then find these verses to solve a final riddle or puzzle.

Suitable for: All ages, learning scripture

Why it works: This game not only makes learning scripture fun but also encourages teamwork and critical thinking. It’s a wonderful way to combine faith and fun, and it can be tailored to suit any age group by choosing appropriate verses and clues.

6. Charades: Church Edition

How to play: In this classic game of charades, the twist is that all the words or phrases are related to church or Bible stories. Each participant takes turns acting out a word or phrase while others try to guess what it is.

Suitable for: Family events, all ages

Why it works: Charades is a game that’s fun for all ages, and by using church-related terms or stories, you make the game relevant and educational. It’s an excellent way for people to remember and engage with religious topics in a light-hearted setting.

7. Christmas Carol Pictionary

How to play: Just like traditional Pictionary but with Christmas carols. Participants must draw the title of a Christmas carol for their team to guess.

Suitable for: Holiday events, all ages

Why it works: This seasonal game adds a dash of festive spirit to your church gathering. Plus, it celebrates the shared understanding and joy of Christmas carols, making it perfect for community bonding during the holidays.

8. Easter Egg Prayer Hunt

How to play: In each Easter egg, place a small piece of paper with either a prayer request or a Bible verse. Hide these eggs for children to find. Once all the eggs are collected, gather to open them and pray for the requests or discuss the verses.

Suitable for: Children, Easter events

Why it works: This activity combines the fun of an Easter egg hunt with the spiritual practice of prayer and scripture reading, making it an engaging way for children to celebrate Easter in a meaningful manner.

9. The Compliment Train

How to play: Participants form two lines facing each other. On a signal, each person gives a genuine compliment to the person opposite them. After each compliment, one line moves down so everyone meets a new partner.

Suitable for: All ages, uplifting activities

Why it works: Compliments are a powerful way to uplift each other and foster positive interactions. This game speeds up the process, allowing everyone to both give and receive multiple compliments in a short span of time.

10. Musical Chairs: Scripture Edition

How to play: This game plays like the traditional game of musical chairs, but with a twist. When the music stops and someone is left without a chair, they must recite a Bible verse to re-enter the game.

Suitable for: All ages, active engagement

Why it works: The incorporation of Bible verses adds a spiritual dimension to an otherwise secular game, making it both fun and enriching. It also encourages participants to think about scripture even in the midst of play.


Whether you’re seeking to foster new friendships or deepen existing ones, these 10 church ice breaker games are valuable tools for enriching your community. Implement them in your next gathering and experience the transformation.

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