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14 Cold Foam Recipes That’ll Make You Skip Starbucks

Cold foam is a popular Starbucks feature. Its frothed nonfat milk with a creamy and velvety texture, often flavored with sweeteners and extracts to add some deliciousness to a beverage without adding too much milk. It’s a cold version of the all-time-popular steamed milk that’s typically used in lattes and cappuccinos.

Cold foam doesn’t mix well with beverages, but it creates a layered effect that instantly takes any drink to the next level. So, if you’re craving a drink with cold foam but don’t want to empty your pockets at Starbucks, here are 14 homemade cold foam recipes you can try at home!

1. Baby Yoda Drink Iced Chai Latte with Matcha Cold Foam

This chai latte, a certified Starbucks copycat named after the beloved character from The Mandalorian, calls for using water/milk and a chai mix to create the base. You can then top it with matcha cold foam to add that lovely green frothiness to it. Make the foam with milk, matcha, sugar, and heavy cream, and mix it all up with a handheld frother to get a thick, velvety consistency. Enjoy!

2. Cold Brew with Cinnamon Almond Milk Foam

Sweet and aromatic with a warm, earthy flavor — there’s no better way to get your caffeine fix on balmy summer days. The key to this refreshing beverage is allowing the coffee grounds to brew for 12-14 hours, which produces an insane depth of flavor. Then, strain the coffee and serve it topped with the irresistible cinnamon almond milk foam.

3. Chocolate Cream Cold Foam

This sweet, creamy, and slightly fluffy chocolate foam will take your cold brew to a whole new level. It uses milk, heavy cream, and vanilla syrup to create the creamy concoction, which is flavored with chocolate malt powder. It tastes like unsweetened cocoa powder but with plenty of caramel and malt notes. But you can also sweeten it to your liking!

4. Dunkin Brown Sugar Cookie Cold Foam Cold Brew

This Dunkin copycat recipe is available in two versions — one is made with heavy cream and sweetener, and the other with coconut milk and dairy-free cold foam. The best thing? It is flavored with maple syrup, which gives the brew a clean yet complex flavor with notes of caramel, vanilla, and prune that make it taste otherworldly!

5. Homemade Pumpkin Cream Cold Foam Cold Brew Coffee

Put together this decadent treat in less than 5 minutes — an easy way to get your caffeine fix! This cold foam recipe features warm, soothing fall flavors. It uses heavy cream, pumpkin sauce, and vanilla syrup to produce a thick, creamy cold foam with velvety sweetness. You can use it to top both cold and hot brews!

6. How to Make Cold Foam

Let’s bring it back to the basics. Cold foam adds just the right amount of frothy charm to cold coffee beverages. This recipe shows you how to make it right at home — and with nonfat milk, so you can cut down the calories! It uses simple syrup for sweetness, although you can add a dash of vanilla extract to give the beverage more nuance.

7. Iced Chai Latte with Pumpkin Cold Foam

This drink will give you a taste of fall throughout the year. It calls for topping creamy, chilled chai tea with cold foam — which you can make with pumpkin pie filling, pumpkin pie spice, milk, heavy cream, and granulated sugar. Add a sprinkle of pumpkin spice on top to produce the ultimate treat for all to enjoy.

8. Iced Coffee with Sweet Cream Cold Foam

This recipe comes together in just three minutes, so it’s bound to be your go-to fix on hectic weeknights. Make it with cold brew coffee, heavy whipped cream, half and half, vanilla extract, and some maple syrup. This simple recipe allows you to enjoy delicious iced coffee that tastes similar to Starbucks without being heavy on your pocket!

9. Lavender Cold Foam

Deliciously sweet with flowery notes that won’t overpower your drink — there’s nothing that quite compares to the lovely lavender cold foam. To make, froth milk with heavy cream, lavender syrup, and salt. You can add it to iced drinks like black tea, bubble tea, and latte. You can also use half and half instead of heavy cream to make it more appealing.

10. Matcha Cold Foam

This matcha cold foam is a sight for sore eyes. It calls for pouring frothed matcha green cold foam on top of any iced drink. You can make the cold foam with heavy cream, unsweetened matcha, and milk, along with vanilla syrup. As matcha contains caffeine, it’s a healthy and tasty way of getting your fix of coffee in the morning!

11. Pink Drink with Vanilla Cold Foam (Starbucks Copycat)

Featuring a dreamy pink color, this aesthetically pleasing drink tastes as good as it looks. It uses fruity passion tango tea instead of the Starbucks strawberry acai refresher base drink, then tops it with a cold foam prepared with coconut milk and vanilla extract. You can sweeten it with honey or stevia and add sliced strawberries to it for extra appeal.

12. Salted Caramel Cold Foam

Make this salted caramel cold foam with just four ingredients — caramel sauce, milk, heavy whipping cream, and sea salt. Serve this salty and sweet cold foam on top of cold coffee or iced teas to make them irresistible. The recipe also comes with variations and substitutions you can try to make it more palatable for you.

13. Strawberry Cold Foam

Creamy and sweet, this cold foam recipe is perfect for serving on special occasions. The star of this recipe is the freeze-dried strawberries, which give the foam a burst of fruity flavor and an elegant pink hue — perfect for elevating summer and spring drinks. Trust us; you’ll crave this drink throughout the strawberry season!

14. Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam

This cold foam recipe needs only three ingredients and is a dream to whip up. You can prepare it with vanilla syrup made with vanilla extract, sugar, and water, as well as heavy cream and your choice of milk. The sweetened, foamy cream will have a velvety texture, which shines when served on top of cold brews.

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