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13 Delicious Crown Royal Peach Recipes For Whiskey Lovers

Crown Royal Peach is a coveted, limited-edition Canadian-made whisky that features the juicy flavors of succulent Georgia peaches. It has a hint of vanilla as well as subtle undertones of warm spice and oak, which are enhanced with the smoothness of whiskey.

Crown Royal Peach is perfect for sipping over ice and is divine when combined with other ingredients to create delicious cocktails. So, if you have a bottle of this stunning whiskey on hand, try these Crown Royal Peach recipes — ranging from cocktails and teas to lemonade and mimosas — to add some sweetness to your summer beverages!

#1. Cherry Peach Royal Cocktail

If you enjoy refreshing drinks, you’re going to love this one! It combines the delicious peach-flavored Crown Royal with a splash of cherry juice and Sprite Zero to create a relaxing drink for the summer. Add a couple of maraschino cherries and serve! This recipe also comes with variations you can explore to customize it to your desired taste preferences.

#2. Crown Royal Peach and Cream Whiskey Drink

The juicy sweetness of peaches from Crown Royal Peach is multiplied when blended with sparkling cream soda and Peach Schnapps. Serve it garnished with a fresh peach slice to bring out the whiskey’s luscious peach flavor, or keep it simple with a fresh peppermint sprig for a minty refreshment. What better way to cool down on a sunny day?

#3. Crown Royal Peach and Sprite

Not many know how well Crown Royal Peach goes with Sprite, so you can take the honor of introducing this fabulous cocktail to your friends! The sweetness of peach-flavored whiskey wonderfully complements the brightness of lemon to create the perfect drink for summer. Seal the deal with a garnish of lime, lemon, or peach slice, and enjoy.

#4. Crown Royal Peach Jello Shots

Turn your Crown Royal Peach whiskey into delicious jello shots with this simple recipe! These festive shots are made using gelatin, boiling water, and peach liquor. Just combine the ingredients, pour it in jello shot containers, and chill them for at least 3 hours to produce a yummy treat with boozy notes. Easy to make and super delish, these jello shots will be the highlight of your next party!

#5. Crown Royal Peach Lemonade

Bursting with bright and sweet flavors, this refreshing Crown Royal Peach recipe is an absolute crowd-pleaser. To make this zesty drink, combine whiskey and lemonade in a highball glass with ice and peach and/or lemon slices. Stir until all ingredients are combined well, then garnish with a sprig of mint for a crisp lemonade cocktail.

#6. Crown Royal Peach Mimosa

Nobody can deny the appeal of a well-made mimosa, especially when it’s made with a delicious whiskey like Crown Royal Peach. To make this light and refreshing summer cocktail, simply combine whiskey, champagne, and orange juice and shake. Garnish the drink with mint leaves or a slice of peach, and serve. It’s a fantastic beverage to serve for morning brunches or during summer parties and celebrations.

#7. Crown Royal Peach Tea

This recipe is easy to make with just two ingredients — well, three, if you include ice. It has a refreshingly light flavor with just the right amount of spices and is amazing when garnished with peach slices — perfect for summer! You can also make it with brewed tea. Go ahead and experiment with your favorite tea to customize it to your preferences!

#8. Crown Royal Peach Shooters

This sweet and bubbly drink is made by combining Crown Royal Peach whiskey with peach juice, so you can expect to enjoy the goodness of luscious peach flavor in every sip. Serve it garnished with peach rings or maraschino cherries for added oomph. Make sure you make a big batch; you can refrigerate it and enjoy this tasty beverage on busy weeknights!

#9. Crown Royal Peach Whiskey Fish Bowl Drink

This is the perfect beverage to cool you off on hot summer days. In a fish bowl, combine Crown Royal Peach with Calypso Southern Peach lemonade for that much sought-after tropical vibe. Serve it garnished with peach rings and lemon slices. This is a zesty and fruity drink that will transport you to sunny beaches!

#10. Royal Peach Cocktail

Created using a variety of ingredients, this cocktail is distinctly sweet yet refreshingly zesty and crisp. To make, pour Crown Royal Peach whiskey and peach schnapps in a cocktail shaker with ice, followed by Sprite and cranberry and pineapple juice. Make sure you shake, not stir, to create a nice froth. Pour over ice into a glass and serve garnished with peach slices and mint leaves to enjoy!

#11. Sparkling Peach Cocktail with Crown Royal Peach

This recipe uses 3 ingredients — champagne, Crown Royal Peach whiskey, and V8 Mango Peach — to produce a summer cocktail you’ll love sipping on! Serve it garnished with gummy peach rings and sliced mango to enhance its aesthetic appeal. This cocktail is also a great choice for after-dinner drinks and even for a brunch!

#12. 3 Ingredient Peach Crown Royal Mixed Drink

Here’s a recipe for a fruity, juicy, and delicious cocktail that calls for just 3 ingredients. Make this refreshing cocktail using bubbly Brut champagne, fruity Crown Royal Peach, and V8 Peach Mango juice. Serve it at parties, gatherings, and backyard barbeques garnished with gummy peach rings, sliced mangoes, or sliced peaches to celebrate summer in all its glory.

#13. Crown Royal Peach Beach Drink

Striking a delicious balance of smooth and sweet, this beach drink is a fine way to enjoy the sunny summer while keeping yourself cool. The sweet and juicy peach flavors from Crown Royal Peach are enhanced by the addition of pineapple juice, Grenadine, and orange juice for a truly fruity kick. Add 7-Up for some bubbly freshness, and serve!

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