​​Delicious Dishes for a Memorable School Party

​​Delicious Dishes for a Memorable School Party

College years are one of the most thrilling and formative in your life. This is where you form lifelong friendships, start shaping your personality, and learn important skills for future success. This is also where you amass memories that will last forever, like throwing school parties where you enjoy delicious food and share giggles with your friends.

And what better way to spice up those school parties than by accompanying them with some mouth-watering food? We look at why food is so important for college life and beyond, as well as some tips for preparing unforgettable dishes for your peers.

How Food Can Skyrocket College Performance

At college, your brain works non-stop, trying to keep up with ongoing assignments, ever-new challenges, and tight schedules. Let’s consider the example of writing and how food choices impact your ability to write well because this is the skill almost all of your classes require regardless of what is taught.

Numerous studies show that what we eat directly impacts our capacity to think and act properly. Food can improve our mood, boost attentiveness, and skyrocket our memory. Say you need to hire do my essay academic writing professionals to craft a stellar paper for your upcoming exam. This is an extremely important paper, so you must ensure it’s error-free and extremely imaginative.

Now, a nutritious snack of nuts and seeds will help you focus well and communicate your expectations as clearly as possible. While if you’ve only had an oil-drenched FishBurger for supper, essay writing professionals may struggle to grasp your sloppy word choices!

You might think this example is a touch overdone, but don’t pass judgment until you’ve thoroughly researched the subject. You have mood and attention swings throughout the day, and while you may not associate this with what you eat, it has a major impact.  Try to stay mindful of what you eat for one day and see how different food choices impact how you feel.

Now, with this knowledge in our arsenal, let’s look at some memorable, easy, and extremely healthy dishes you can enjoy during a school party. 

Avocado Popsicles: A Fresh Take on a Classic 

Think avocados are just good for guacamole? Think again! These nature’s wonders have been receiving much attention in the last years, and deservingly so. Avocado popsicles are chilly, creamy treats that you can bring to the party to brighten it up and leave your friends craving more.

And they’re so easy to make: just blend ripe avocados with a drizzle of organic honey, lemon or lime juice, and coconut milk until smooth. Fill popsicle molds halfway with the mixture and freeze until firm to touch. And there you have it! Extremely delicious popsicles that are also very healthful.

Fruit Kebabs: Colorful and Refreshing 

Fruit kebabs are another healthy choice that appeals to both the sight and the taste buds. You could play around with yummy strawberries, grapes, pineapple, and juicy melon and trunk them onto bamboo sticks like real works of art! Also, prepare a yogurt dip or sprinkle with honey and cinnamon for an extra burst of flavor.

But it’s not simply the aesthetic attraction of fruit kebabs that makes them a hit. They’re full of vitamins and antioxidants, so essential for our well-being.

Cocktail Mixology: Cheers to Friendship

Now, let’s be honest. No party is complete without something to sip on. You’ll only need several hours worth of research into the art of mixology to come up with one-of-a-kind cocktail recipes to accompany party meals. Look up a recipe for Fizzy Berry Bliss to infuse your cocktail with the freshness of mixed berries or Watermelon Whirlwind to indulge in a puffy watermelon feel. If you don’t have time to explore, go with the classics like Minty Mojito Madness. 

And don’t forget to also prepare some mocktails (cocktails without alcohol) for those rock-sober friends! 

The Bottom Line

As you try to manage the pleasant turmoil of college life, school parties become big events. They help you unwind, meet new people, and re-energize yourself for the next day’s hard work. Every dish and drink you bring to the party can enhance the joy of togetherness. Make sure to try out our suggested foods to create memories that will forever linger in your heart. 


Dianne Sherron is an accomplished chef and a food blogger. Her love of cooking and food goes back to her early childhood; at only 11, she started baking rainbow marshmallow cookies and sold them at school. Today, Dianne is an accomplished chef and a food blogger, never tiring of sharing her passion with the world at large.

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