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50 Dirty Most Likely to Questions: Path to Uncover Hidden Desires

Everyone loves a good game to liven up a gathering, and “dirty most likely to questions” can undoubtedly add a saucy twist. Dive into this playful realm, uncover hidden desires, and watch as your friends reveal secrets with a chuckle or a blush.

What’s the ‘Most Likely To’ Game and How to Play?


The “Most Likely To” game is a popular party activity that offers both entertainment and a dash of introspection. Rooted in predicting behaviors and past experiences, this game offers participants a window into how their friends perceive them – whether those perceptions are true or just based on fun stereotypes.

The Basics

At its core, the game revolves around a series of questions, all structured around the phrase “most likely to…” These questions prompt players to consider which of the participants is most likely to engage in a particular behavior, experience a specific event, or possess a certain characteristic.

How to Play

Setting the Scene: Players should sit in a circle, ensuring everyone is visible to every other participant. Some choose to play with drinks in hand, turning it into a drinking game, while others prefer just the fun of pointing fingers.

Kick-starting the Game: One player, either chosen at random or decided upon by the group, starts by asking a “most likely to” question. For instance, “Who is most likely to forget their own birthday?”

Making Predictions: Every player, including the one who asked the question, points to the person they believe is most likely to match the question’s scenario.

Revelation: The “winner” of each round is the person with the most fingers pointed their way. This individual might share a funny anecdote or reason if the prediction is accurate or joke about how everyone got it wrong.

Keeping Score (Optional): Players can keep a tally of how many times they were chosen, turning the game into a competition. The one with the highest count by the end can be crowned the “Most Likely To Champion” or face a humorous penalty, as per the group’s choice.

Rotation: The next player in sequence (either to the left or right) then poses their “most likely to” question, and the game continues.

Customization: The game’s beauty lies in its flexibility. Depending on the group’s comfort level, questions can range from light-hearted and funny to deep, introspective, and yes, even a bit dirty. Tailoring the game to match the vibe of the gathering ensures everyone has a great time and maybe even learns something new about themselves and their friends.

Origins and Purpose



The “Most Likely To” game likely evolved from yearbook superlatives, where students earned titles like “most likely to succeed.” Over time, this schoolyard tradition transformed into a versatile party game enjoyed across different cultures and age groups.


  • Bonding: The game allows insights into how players are perceived, leading to humorous revelations and deep connections.
  • Entertainment: With its unpredictable questions and answers, the game promises laughter and lively moments.
  • Self-reflection: Being the subject of predictions can offer moments of introspection about one’s character or habits.
  • Ice-Breaking: In mixed groups, it serves as a fun way to familiarize and find common ground.

In essence, the “Most Likely To” game is more than just fun; it’s a tool for connection, introspection, and building rapport.

50 Dirty ‘Most Likely to’ Questions

Most Likely

1. “Who’s most likely to get caught making out in an elevator?”
2. “Who’s most likely to flirt with a waiter/waitress for a free dessert?”
3. “Who’s most likely to try skinny dipping at a public beach?”
4. “Who’s most likely to accidentally send a suggestive selfie to their boss?”
5. “Who’s most likely to own a pair of handcuffs for non-legal reasons?”
6. “Who’s most likely to make a naughty bet?”
7. “Who’s most likely to have a secret Tinder profile?”
8. “Who’s most likely to have an adult movie hidden somewhere?”
9. “Who’s most likely to brag about their bedroom escapades?”
10. “Who’s most likely to have a suggestive ringtone?”
11. “Who’s most likely to attempt a seductive dance and fail hilariously?”
12. “Who’s most likely to sleepwalk naked?”
13. “Who’s most likely to own more than five types of lingerie or briefs?”
14. “Who’s most likely to have kissed someone of the same gender?”
15. “Who’s most likely to participate in a “no pants” subway ride?”
16. “Who’s most likely to own a ‘Kama Sutra’ book?”
17. “Who’s most likely to crash a wedding for the thrill of it?”
18. “Who’s most likely to play footsie with someone under the table during a meeting?”
19. “Who’s most likely to have a crush on a fictional character?”
20. “Who’s most likely to take pole dancing classes?”
21. “Who’s most likely to own a seductive Halloween costume?”
22. “Who’s most likely to wear clothes to make someone jealous?”
23. “Who’s most likely to send a drink across the bar for a stranger?”
24. “Who’s most likely to have a steamy scene in their dream?”
25. “Who’s most likely to play a naughty truth or dare game?”
26. “Who’s most likely to use a romantic movie as a guidebook?”
27. “Who’s most likely to have a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship?”
28. “Who’s most likely to join the ‘mile-high’ club?”
29. “Who’s most likely to have a secret stash of love letters?”
30. “Who’s most likely to sext their partner during work hours?”
31. “Who’s most likely to try an adventurous bedroom trend they read about?”
32. “Who’s most likely to go on a date just because the person is incredibly good-looking?”
33. “Who’s most likely to shop at an adult store without any embarrassment?”
34. “Who’s most likely to wear a disguise on a date?”
35. “Who’s most likely to try out a dating show?”
36. “Who’s most likely to have a risqué screensaver on their phone?”
37. “Who’s most likely to visit a strip club?”
38. “Who’s most likely to use chocolate or whipped cream in the bedroom?”
39. “Who’s most likely to listen to suggestive songs on repeat?”
40. “Who’s most likely to have multiple dating app profiles?”
41. “Who’s most likely to have a passionate make-out session in the rain?”
42. “Who’s most likely to try aphrodisiac foods just for fun?”
43. “Who’s most likely to gift someone a naughty board game?”
44. “Who’s most likely to have a sexy bucket list?”
45. “Who’s most likely to bring toys into the bedroom?”
46. “Who’s most likely to write or read fanfiction with steamy scenes?”
47. “Who’s most likely to flirt their way out of a speeding ticket?”
48. “Who’s most likely to have the raciest dream in the group?”
49. “Who’s most likely to make a move on a crush within a week of meeting them?”
50. “Who’s most likely to give or receive a sensual massage?”

Remember, it’s essential to ensure that everyone participating in the game feels comfortable. Always consider individual boundaries when posing these questions.


In the spirited realm of party games, “Dirty Most Likely to Questions” stand out as audacious ice-breakers. While they’re infused with humor and cheekiness, it’s crucial to prioritize comfort and consent. When approached with openness and mutual respect, these questions can elevate a gathering from typical to truly memorable.

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