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17 Elegant Entremet Recipes To Serve Up On Special Occasions

Entremet, which literally translates to “between courses,” is a French creation. Originally a small sweet treat served between two courses, entremet has over the years evolved into the now-famous multilayered dessert.

Each layer of an entremet has different flavors and textures that work in harmony to create a stunning dessert. Baking an entremet is an art that’s been perfected after centuries of baking and crafting. Here are 17 colorful and flavorful entremet recipes that no one will be able to resist.

#1. Chocolate Entremet Cake

A paradise for chocolate lovers, this chocolate entremet recipe will walk you through each and every step involved in creating this heavenly dessert. It has layers of chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, mousse, and an elegant chocolate mirror glaze coating. Perfecting this entremet is a long, two-day process, so be patient. But, the result will definitely be worth the wait!

#2. Mango Dome Entremet

This bright and vibrant dessert will be the talk of the table. It features layers of almond dacquoise cake, chocolate Bavarian mousse, mango compote, and a mango-colored white chocolate mirror glaze that helps keep the cake fresh. This entremet comes in individual servings, so everyone will get to taste each delicious layer.

#3. Pistachio Entremet

Featuring the nuttiness of pistachio with caramelized white chocolate, this dessert is perfect for all occasions. The crispy pistachio base offers the perfect crunch to complement the pistachio mousse, white chocolate cremeux, and almond dacquoise. This light and airy entremet is a wonderful medley of creamy mousse and crunchy, toasty nuts.

#4. Strawberry and Rhubarb Entremet

The tangy, sweet dessert consists of strawberry croustillant, caramelized white chocolate, vanilla sponge cake, a rhubarb and strawberry compote, a strawberry inspiration and vanilla mousse, as well as a white chocolate, mascarpone, vanilla mousse. It also has a white chocolate velvet effect and ruby chocolate mirror glaze. An exhausting list of layers but the dessert turns out incredibly stunning to look at and to taste!

#5. Milk Peach Entremet

Make the most of summer fruits with this classic creamy treat. This delicious cake has a sponge cake as the base and is layered using pana cotta, honey mousse, white chocolate mirror glaze, and peach coulis. Garnish it with some peach slices (try glazing them) to make it display-ready.

#6. Berries Entremet

This delicious dessert is made from almond and cocoa cake and has layers of crunchy almond streusel and a berries mousse. It’s topped with a thin layer of berries jelly that adds a lovely pop of color. Decorate the cake with fresh berries or macarons to make a statement.

#7. Raspberry Lemon Cream Cake

If you love the tangy taste of lemon, you’d absolutely love this cake. With layers of lemon cream, raspberry cream, and vanilla cream frosting assembled on a lemon coconut shortbread crust, the cake is super light and has a creamy texture that instantly melts in your mouth.

#8. Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse Entremet

You cannot go wrong with this epic combination of chocolate and hazelnut. This pretty cake has a thin base of sponge joconde with chocolate hazelnut mousse and is finished off with chocolate ganache. The mousse includes a touch of espresso and Frangelico, enhancing the cake’s overall flavor.

#9. Espresso Caramel Entremet

This lovely entremet has rich flavors of coffee, dark chocolate, and caramel, creating an epic combination of popular ingredients. The hazelnut sable shortbread has a crumbly texture layered with rich chocolate ganache and caramel mousse and then topped with a beautiful coffee brown espresso caramel glaze.

#10. Chocolate Panna Cotta

Experience every kind of texture — creamy, crunchy, and fluffy — in a single bite of this heavenly entremet. This delicious dessert is layered with hazelnut ganache, chocolate panna cotta, and a double berry mousse layer. You can taste the amazing flavors of blackberry, raspberry, chocolate, and hazelnut in just one bite of this dessert!

#11. Strawberry Fromage Entremet

This striking strawberry entremet serves as an excellent centerpiece for a special dinner. The spongy strawberry cake is layered with Fromage blanc cream and fresh strawberry slices. Top it off with a neutral glaze with hints of lemon in it and decorate with strawberry slices. This scrumptious cake won’t last long. Serve it up and watch the last of its crumbs disappear within minutes!

#12. Apple Bavarian Entremet

This entremet is no less than a piece of art. It has puff pastry as the base and is layered with apple bavarian cream, apple compote, green mirror icing, and velvet pearl green icing. It’s decorated using chocolate leaves and meringue decorations. This entremet is so beautiful you may not even want to cut into it.

#13. Vanilla & Praline Entremet

Subtle and delicate flavors of vanilla and hazelnut come together in this elegant entremet. This delicious cake is composed of hazelnut and almond dacquoise, a chocolate and praline crunch, a chocolate and praline mousse, a vanilla insert, and a mirror glaze. Keep the decoration simple to let the incredible flavors shine.

#14. Apricot and Passion Fruit Entremet

This dessert looks straight out of a designer pastry book. The combination of apricot and passion fruit is extremely delicious, while the sweet taste of apricot breaks the sourness of passion fruit and adds a contrast to the recipe. This gluten-free cake is a blend of sweet, tart, nutty, and refreshing flavors.

#15. Chocolate Kalamansi Entremet

Ever heard of ginger-flavored ganache used in a cake? This entremet has a layer of ginger ganache that supports the kalamansi flavor and gives a subtle savory kick to the cake. The entremet starts with a base of sable breton, topped with ginger ganache, chocolate croustillant, kalamansi curd, chocolate sponge cake, and finally with chocolate mousse.

#16. Entremet Jasmin, Litchi et Vanille

An elegant French entremet for all your classy get-togethers, this heavily layered cake looks like a dream and tastes absolutely amazing. The numerous layers include an almond crisp, sponge cake, jasmine cremeux, and vanilla and jasmine mousse. Decorate it with chantilly cream, white chocolate icing, lychee icing, and almond crumble for a medley of flavors and textures.

#17. Carrot Cream Cheese Entremet

This earthy cake uses short dough bread for a crunchy base and is topped with moist hazelnut cake, cream cheese mousse, speculoos mousse, carrot gel, and finished with a nice carrot glaze. The hazelnut cake adds depth to the flavor and rounds the overall cake with a hint of nuts and spices.

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