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4 Rare and Expensive Engagement Ring Stones

Diamonds have been the de facto stone for engagement rings for centuries because they symbolize love and commitment. However, in recent years, it seems like diamonds have lost their sparkle, especially in the eyes of the millennials. 

In the quest for something that makes a statement, young couples are seeking one-of-a-kind stones for engagement rings. More and more millennials are gravitating towards rare stones, not because of finances but for ethical and expressive reasons. 

If you’re searching for rare stones for a betrothal ring, you’re at the right place. Here, we’ll explore a few rare stones that command a high price but are perfect for engagement rings.  

#1 Alexandrite

Often described as “emerald by day, ruby by night” by gem aficionados, alexandrite is the most prized gemstone. 

This rare variety of the mineral chrysoberyl changes its color depending on the setting. This stone appears bluish-green during the daytime but becomes purplish-red under incandescent light bulbs or candlelight. 

Due to its color-changing property, alexandrite is becoming a popular stone for engagement rings as well as fashion jewelry. Though not as durable as diamonds, this rare, unusual, and expensive stone scores 8.5 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. That means it will withstand a significant amount of wear and tear. 

Alexandrites are perfect for couples wanting to add a pop of color to their engagement rings. This rare color-changing stone pairs well with both yellow-gold and white metal. 

The supermodel Heidi Klum was spotted wearing an alexandrite stone at the Golden Globes after she got engaged to Tom Kaulitz, a guitarist and a songwriter. Encircled by two beautiful cushion-cut diamonds, Heidi’s ring was designed by her now-husband, then-fiance Tom Kaulitz. 

#2 Pink Diamonds

Among the rarest gems found on the planet are pink diamonds. 

As the name suggests, these diamonds are pink-colored stones found inside the earth’s crust. Pink diamonds, like white diamonds, are created from carbon over millions of years in volcano kimberlite pipes. Trapped bits of carbon are transformed into glass-like diamonds by extreme pressure and heat. 

More than ninety percent of pink diamonds come from one place, i.e., the Argyle diamond mine, located in a remote part of Western Australia. Due to their limited supply, these diamonds are expensive. 

Despite being rare, many people are aware of pink diamonds, and credit goes to celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey. 

Ben Affleck proposed to Lopez with a six-carat pink gem ring, which was an unusual choice back in 2002 since colored stones weren’t in fashion. On the other hand, Mariah Carey received a 17-carat pink stone engagement ring from her now ex-husband, Nick Cannon. 

Irrespective of whether you go for very light or intense-colored stones, pink diamonds are excellent options for engagement rings. Their exclusivity and rarity make them a symbol of extraordinary love. 

Pink diamonds complement both white metal and yellow gold settings. You can go for whichever setting you find appealing. While shopping for pink diamonds, don’t forget to check out Leibish’s rings selection to understand the different options available. 

#3 Paraíba Tourmalines

Discovered in the 1980s, Paraíba tourmalines is a semi-precious and rare stone. Famed for their striking color and rarity, this tourmaline was unearthed in Paraíba, Brazil– hence, the name Paraíba tourmalines. 

Coming from the tourmaline family, this unique stone results from a combination of copper and boron. High concentrations of copper are responsible for the highly coveted green and radiant blue hues. 

As these stones aren’t readily available, they come at a very high valuation. Paraíba tourmalines can fetch prices as high as six figures per carat. Besides the rarity, richer, deeper hues and the overall density of the stone determine the cost of a Paraíba tourmaline. 

These rare stones have graced the finger of Julianne Moore at the Golden Globes. Her Chopard High Jewelry ring featured 18.32 carats of Paraíba tourmalines, along with 2.98 carats of diamonds. This ring, set into an eye-catching titanium and adorned with Paraíbas, is among the most daring on the red carpet.  

#4 Jadeites

Jade, favored by royalty and nobility in ancient China, comes from two different minerals: nephrite and jadeite. Of the two minerals, jadeite is expensive and, of course, rare. 

A pale, opaque mineral found in hues of green or white is a nephrite. It can also be seen in yellow, red, and lavender. On the other hand, jadeite occurs in an array of colors, including black, gray, yellow, orange, and white. However, the most prized color is lush green. 

Jadeites score 6.5 to 7 on the hardness scale, which means they are increasingly vulnerable to scratching. However, they are resistant to cracking and chipping due to their high tenacity. 

If you choose jadeite for your engagement ring, go for Type A, not Type B or Type C. That’s because the former is more durable than Type B or C, which undergo treatments. 

While the ring is yet to make a debut among celebrities, Emilia Clarke, Jessica Chastain, and Amy Adams have been spotted wearing jade earrings. 

To wrap things up, these stones are perfect for couples seeking something personal or one-of-a-kind for their engagement rings. The stones mentioned above aren’t the only ones that are rare and expensive. Instead, there are many more, a few of which include cat’s eye chrysoberyl, “Jedi” spinel, and rubellite. 

Whether you choose pink diamonds or jadeites, make sure to go for stones whose hardness equals to or is greater than seven on the Mohs hardness scale. Stones that score seven or more than that can withstand the rigors of daily wear. Alternatively, you can go for protective settings, as they protect expensive stones from coming loose or snagging on clothing. 

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