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320 Silly and Funny Cat Names for Every Type of Cat

Choosing the right name for your feline friend is no small feat. A name is more than just a label — it’s a reflection of your cat’s unique personality and a way to communicate with them. And let’s be honest, having a clever or funny cat name can add a touch of humor and whimsy to your daily routine.

It can make calling your cat back indoors more enjoyable, and provide an icebreaker when you introduce your pet to others. In this guide, we’ll delve into 320 funny cat names, sorted by different categories, that will leave you — and anyone who hears them — grinning from ear to ear.

Funny Male Cat Names

Male Cat

Male cats often have a rugged yet cuddly personality, making funny names a great option to match their quirky nature. A well-chosen name can pay homage to their playful and sometimes mischievous behavior.

  1. Sir Meows-a-lot: For the regal feline that demands your attention regularly.
  2. Chairman Meow: A playful take on the infamous Chairman Mao, perfect for a cat who rules your home.
  3. Purrlock Holmes: For the detective cat that always seems to find every hidden treat.
  4. Genghis Cat: For the little conqueror who has taken over your heart and home.
  5. Hairy Pawter: Ideal for fans of the Harry Potter series and cats with a mystical aura.
  6. Catrick Swayze: For the cat with dancing paws.
  7. Furguson: A fun spin on a formal name.
  8. Meowcolm X: For the revolutionary feline.
  9. Meowzart: Perfect for the musically inclined.
  10. Catniss Everclean: For the adventure-loving cat.
  11. Don Juan deFurco: For the suave lady-killer.
  12. Furrball McMuffin: Because he’s as lovable as a breakfast item.
  13. Clawed Monet: For the artistically inclined.
  14. The Great Catsby: For the literary and glamorous cat.
  15. Pawdry Hepburn: Classic Hollywood elegance meets paws.
  16. Paw Solo: For the adventurous, lone-wolf type.
  17. Elvis Pawsley: For a cat that’s a rock star at heart.
  18. Felinardo Da Vinci: A cat with multiple talents.
  19. Meowgi: For the wise, older cat.
  20. Purrnest Hemingway: For a cat that loves adventure and the good life.

Funny Female Cat Names

Female cats have their own distinct personalities — sometimes reserved, sometimes playful, but always with an air of elegance and poise. A funny name for your female feline can complement her majestic nature while adding a touch of lightheartedness to her identity.

  1. Kitty Smalls: Inspired by the rapper Biggie Smalls, ideal for a petite but ‘gangster’ cat.
  2. Cleo-cat-ra: A purrfect name for a feline queen.
  3. Meowdonna: For the diva of the household.
  4. Catastrophe: For the playful and somewhat clumsy cat.
  5. Whiska Lifa: A fun play on the rapper Wiz Khalifa; ideal for a stylish feline.
  6. Flealine Dion: For the melodramatic and vocal feline.
  7. Pawdrey Hepburn: A classic name for a classy cat.
  8. Jenni-purr Aniston: For the cat-next-door.
  9. Veronica Meow: For the dramatic feline.
  10. Caty Purry: For the cat that’s a pop star in disguise.
  11. Furr-mione Granger: For the Harry Potter fan and a particularly smart female cat.
  12. Meowria Carey: For the feline with a vocal range.
  13. Purrsephone: For a cat that rules the underworld of your home.
  14. Kitty Poppins: For a practically purrfect feline.
  15. Marilyn Meownroe: For a Hollywood glamour kitty.
  16. Furida Kahlo: For the artistic and independent cat.
  17. Taypurr Swift: For the cat who’s always in a love feud.
  18. J.K. Meowling: For the feline with a vivid imagination.
  19. Purrincess Leia: For the Star Wars-loving, regal feline.
  20. Oprah Whisker: For the wise and influential cat.

Silly and Stupid Cat Names

Sometimes you just want a name that’s lighthearted and silly, capturing your cat’s whimsical and goofy personality. These names are designed to elicit smiles and fit the quirkiest of feline quirks.

  1. Boop: For a cat that loves to touch noses.
  2. Niblet: For the tiny cat who’s just a little piece of the whole.
  3. Wobbles: For a cat with a cute, clumsy walk.
  4. Dizzy: For the cat that loves to spin and chase its tail.
  5. Pickle: A zesty name for a quirky cat.
  6. Bubbles: For the effervescent and lively cat.
  7. Fluffykins: For a fluffy cat with a silly personality.
  8. Gizmo: For the quirky and curious feline.
  9. Twitch: For the cat that’s always on the move.
  10. Snort: For the cat with a funny sound or snore.
  11. Zigzag: For the unpredictable, zigzagging kitty.
  12. Loony: For the cat that’s a little nutty.
  13. Pudding: For a cat that’s sweet but a little lumpy.
  14. Hiccup: For the cat that surprises you when you least expect it.
  15. Wigglebutt: For the cat with a constantly moving tail.
  16. Squiggles: For the cat with a wavy or curly pattern.
  17. Doodle: For the artistic or scribbly feline.
  18. Goofball: For the goofy and playful cat.
  19. Lollygag: For the laid-back, slow-moving feline.
  20. Dingbat: For the cat that’s a little kooky and off-the-wall.
  21. Noodle: For the wobbly and elongated cat.
  22. Splat: For the clumsy cat that tends to flop.
  23. Bumpkin: For the rural or silly cat.
  24. Toodles: For the cat that’s always darting off.
  25. Plop: For the cat that makes itself known when it sits down.
  26. Fizzle: For the cat that’s a bit of a letdown.
  27. Googly: For the cat with eyes that seem to look in different directions.
  28. Doofus: For the cat that’s adorably dopey.
  29. Klutz: For the cat that trips over its own paws.
  30. Blunder: For the mistake-prone cat.
  31. Quibble: For the fussy, argumentative cat.
  32. Folly: For the cat that’s prone to foolishness.
  33. Mumbo Jumbo: For the cat that confuses everyone.
  34. Ditz: For the scatterbrained cat.
  35. Loopy: For the cat that runs in circles.
  36. Gibberish: For the cat that meows nonsensically.
  37. Bozo: For the classic clown-like cat.
  38. Zonkers: For the hyperactive and crazy cat.
  39. Bungle: For the cat that always messes things up.
  40. Dumbo: For the adorably unintelligent cat.

Funny Orange Cat Names

Orange cats have a flair for the dramatic, often embodying energy, warmth, and a dash of mischief. Whether your orange cat reminds you of a famous redhead, a sunset, or your favorite citrus fruit, these funny names will capture their essence perfectly.

  1. Garfurred: An homage to everyone’s favorite lasagna-loving cartoon cat.
  2. Orangina: For cats that are sweet, tangy, and slightly bubbly.
  3. Pumpkin Spice: Perfect for a cat that’s trendy and seasonal.
  4. Cheeto Paws: For the cheesy, crunchy snack lover (and an orange cat that can’t resist a crinkle).
  5. Tang: For the retro orange drink, or simply a tangy personality.
  6. Sunkist: Like the orange soda, or just a cat who loves basking in the sun.
  7. Blaze: For the orange cat with a fiery spirit.
  8. Citrus: A zesty name for a zesty cat.
  9. Rusty: For the cat with a classic reddish-brown hue.
  10. Creamsicle: A delicious name for a sweet and refreshing cat.
  11. Apricat: Perfect for an apricot-colored feline.
  12. Paprika: For a cat with a spicy attitude.
  13. Ginger Snap: For the feisty redhead.
  14. Copper: A metallic twist for an orange tabby.
  15. Saffron: A bit gourmet, a bit golden.
  16. Ron Fleasley: For fans of the “Harry Potter” series who have an orange, freckly cat.
  17. Agent Orange: For a cat that leaves destruction in its wake.
  18. Tigger: For bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy fun!
  19. Fireball: For the orange cat that’s a burst of energy.
  20. Fanta: For the cat that is a fantastic burst of orange excitement.

Funny Black Cat Names

Black Cat

Far from being bad luck, black cats are some of the most regal and mysterious felines. With their sleek coats and golden eyes, they deserve a name that highlights their elegance, but also their potential for playfulness and fun.

  1. Dark Roast: For the coffee lovers with a dark-coated friend.
  2. Ninja: For a black cat that moves silently but loves to surprise you.
  3. Spooky Paws: Perfect for Halloween enthusiasts.
  4. Inky: For a black cat as dark as a night sky.
  5. Shadowfax: For “Lord of the Rings” fans and a cat that loves to race around.
  6. Licorice: A sweet name for a black kitty.
  7. Blackbeard: A pirate-inspired name.
  8. Midnight Snack: For a cat that loves to eat when the moon is up.
  9. Noir: A name for the more sophisticated black cat.
  10. Sabbath: For fans of Black Sabbath, or a cat that acts like a rock star.
  11. Oreo: Because they’re as irresistible as the cookie.
  12. Carbon: For the science enthusiast.
  13. Panther: For the sleek and stealthy hunter.
  14. Blackjack: A good luck charm and a nod to the card game.
  15. Obsidian: For a cat as intriguing as the volcanic glass.
  16. Cosmos: For a cat as mysterious as the night sky.
  17. Coven: For the witchy black cat.
  18. Morticia: For “Addams Family” enthusiasts.
  19. Ebony: For the cat with the deepest black coat.
  20. Zorro: For the swashbuckling kitty who loves to leave his mark.

Funny Grey Cat Names

Grey cats often look sophisticated and reserved, carrying a certain elegance wherever they roam. However, they can be just as playful and silly as any other color of cat, deserving a funny name that contrasts with their seemingly dignified appearance.

  1. Gandalf the Grey: Perfect for the wise and perhaps magical feline.
  2. Earl Grey: For tea lovers and Anglophiles.
  3. Smokey the Bear: For the grey cat that loves the great outdoors.
  4. Dorian Grey: For the cat that never seems to age.
  5. Pebbles: For the grey cat that’s small but sturdy.
  6. Foggy: For the cat that’s a little mysterious.
  7. Grizzle McTabby: For a tabby with a rugged grey coat.
  8. Cinderbella: A regal and ashy-toned name.
  9. Griswold: A humorous nod to National Lampoon.
  10. Smudge: For the cat with a messy grey coat.
  11. Poupon: Like the fancy grey mustard.
  12. Graffiti: For the street-smart grey cat.
  13. Mist-terious: For a cat as puzzling as a misty morning.
  14. Slate: For the stylish and modern grey cat.
  15. Steel Paws: For a tough-as-nails cat.
  16. Cloudy with a Chance of Mice: For the grey cat who’s a keen hunter.
  17. Eeyore: For a gloomy or mopey grey cat.
  18. Merlin: For a magical and wise feline.
  19. Raindrop: For the moody and unpredictable cat.
  20. Lil’ Ash: A diminutive and cute name for a little grey cat.

Funny White Cat Names

White cats often exude grace and elegance, but don’t let their serene coats fool you — they can be as playful and quirky as any other cats. Their pristine appearance only adds to the comedy when they let their silly sides shine through.

  1. Snowball Fight: For the playful winter enthusiast cat.
  2. Marshmallow Man: Because he’s as soft as a marshmallow and maybe a bit pudgy too.
  3. White Walker: For the “Game of Thrones” fans and a cat that gives icy stares.
  4. Albino Rhino: For the big, burly white cat.
  5. Toilet Paper: For a white cat that loves to unroll your bathroom necessities.
  6. Moo: For a white cat with a few black spots.
  7. Vanilla Ice: For the feline rapper in your life.
  8. Frostbite: For a chilly-tempered kitty.
  9. Snow White: But ironically, she’s not always so pure and innocent.
  10. Chalky: Because his fur leaves marks everywhere.
  11. Powder Puff: For the fluffy and white kitty.
  12. Ivory: For a white cat with a touch of elegance.
  13. Cloud Nine: For a perpetually happy cat.
  14. Yeti: For the mysterious, elusive white cat.
  15. Blizzard: For a cat that rushes in and covers everything.
  16. Sour Cream: A tangy name for a white cat.
  17. Arctic Fox: For the feline that’s both sly and white.
  18. Coconut: Sweet, tropical, and white on the inside.
  19. Mr. Clean: For the spotless, pristine white cat.
  20. Eggshell: Because this cat is delicate and easily cracks up.

Funny Cute Cat Names

Sometimes cats are just too cute for words, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try to find a funny name that encapsulates their adorable qualities. Whether your cat is cuddly or sassy, these names are perfect for the feline that makes you go, “Aww.”

  1. Snugglepuss: For the ultimate cuddle monster.
  2. Giggles: For a cat that makes you laugh out loud.
  3. Teeny Weeny: For the small but mighty cat.
  4. Chubby Bunny: For a cat that’s round and cute.
  5. Fluffernutter: For a ridiculously fluffy cat.
  6. Jellybean Toes: For those irresistible paws.
  7. Tater Tot: For the tiny and potato-like.
  8. Dumpling: A perfectly plump and adorable name.
  9. Honey Paws: Sweet and sticky, in a good way.
  10. Pookie: A funny term of endearment.
  11. Snickerdoodle: For a sweet and spunky cat.
  12. Bubblegum: For the chewy and sweet feline.
  13. Gumdrop: A cute name for a sugary sweet kitty.
  14. Napoleon: For the cat with a big personality in a tiny body.
  15. Wiggles: For the cat that can’t sit still.
  16. Squirt: For the cat that’s small but leaves a big impression.
  17. Cupcake: Because they’re almost as sweet as dessert.
  18. Pebbles: For a cat that’s small but rocks your world.
  19. Biscuit: For a cat that’s warm and satisfying.
  20. Snickers: For the feline that’s full of character and nuts.

Funny Hairless Cat Names

Hairless cats, like the Sphynx, are striking and unique. Despite their lack of fur, or perhaps because of it, they deserve a name that honors their exceptional qualities and maybe pokes a little fun at their unique appearance.

  1. Baldilocks: A cheeky twist on the classic fairytale name.
  2. Mr. Bigglesworth: After Dr. Evil’s infamous hairless cat in “Austin Powers.”
  3. Skinny Minny: Because there’s not an ounce of fluff.
  4. Nudist: A playful name for a cat that’s always “naked.”
  5. Velvet: Ironically, for the cat without a velvet coat.
  6. Slick: Because he’s smooth, in more ways than one.
  7. Wrinkles: To emphasize those unique folds of skin.
  8. Peaches: For a cat that feels like a peach without the fuzz.
  9. E.T.: Because they’re out-of-this-world unique.
  10. Leather: For a tougher-than-nails, smooth-skinned kitty.
  11. Bare Bear: For a hairless cat with a bear-like personality.
  12. Birthday Suit: For the cat that’s perpetually in their birthday attire.
  13. Kojak: After the famously bald TV detective.
  14. Bald Eagle: A patriotic twist for the hairless feline.
  15. Dobby: For fans of “Harry Potter” and the loveable, big-eared house elf.
  16. Nair: As in the hair-removal product.
  17. Pluck: Because there’s nothing left to pluck!
  18. Seal: For a feline with smooth, seal-like skin.
  19. Vin Diesel: For a bald and tough-looking kitty.
  20. Naked Mole Cat: A hilarious twist on the naked mole rat.

Funny Brother and Sister Cat Names


Choosing names for sibling cats can be twice as fun and doubly rewarding. If you’ve adopted a brother-sister duo, or perhaps two brothers or two sisters, you might enjoy selecting names that pair together in a whimsical or amusing way.

  1. Bonnie and Clawed: For the sibling outlaws.
  2. Purrlock and Meowarty: A pair of detective and criminal mastermind names.
  3. Tom and Jerry: For siblings that love to chase each other.
  4. Peach and Cream: For a deliciously adorable duo.
  5. Salt and Pepper: For contrasting but complementary characters.
  6. Itchy and Scratchy: For the playful and slightly destructive pair.
  7. Fish and Chips: For the British foodie felines.
  8. Yin and Yang: For siblings with opposite personalities.
  9. Starsky and Hutch: For the action-packed duo.
  10. Sunny and Stormy: For siblings with different temperaments.
  11. Milk and Cookies: Because they’re always better together.
  12. Batman and Robin: For the fearless pair of heroes.
  13. Simon and Garfunkel: For cats that meow in harmony.
  14. Lilo and Stitch: For the adventurous and mischievous pair.
  15. Bert and Ernie: For the inseparable pals.
  16. Cleo and Patra: A regal duo with a twist.
  17. Betty and Veronica: For the dramatic siblings.
  18. Kermit and Miss Piggy: For the diva and the easy-going cat.
  19. Beauty and the Beast: For the dainty cat and the more rugged one.
  20. Frick and Frack: For a pair that’s always into mischief.

Funny Sister Cat Names

Choosing a pair of names for sister cats can be a delightful task. If you want names that match or have a fun theme, check out this list specifically tailored for sister cats.

  1. Bubbles & Squeak: For the pair that’s effervescent and a bit noisy.
  2. Peaches & Cream: For sisters who are a perfect blend.
  3. Coco & Chanel: For the fashionable feline sisters.
  4. Thelma & Louise: For the adventurous and rebellious pair.
  5. Salt & Pepper: For contrasting yet complementary sisters.
  6. Penny & Nickel: For the valuable yet small duo.
  7. Marilyn & Monroe: For the glamorous and iconic sisters.
  8. Sunshine & Moonbeam: For the day and night personalities.
  9. Pixie & Dixie: For the tiny and adorable sisters.
  10. Laverne & Shirley: For the sitcom-loving pair.
  11. Star & Sky: For the dreamy and far-reaching duo.
  12. Diva & Divot: For the high-maintenance and the mischievous.
  13. Snicker & Doodle: For the sweet but playful pair.
  14. Lolly & Pop: For the inseparable and sweet sisters.
  15. Queenie & Princess: For the royal sisters.
  16. Ruby & Gem: For the precious and beautiful pair.
  17. Ginger & Spice: For the sisters with a bit of zest.
  18. Wink & Blink: For the flirtatious and coy sisters.
  19. Flora & Fauna: For the nature-loving sisters.
  20. Mocha & Latte: For the coffee-loving, creamy sisters.

Funny Pun Cat Names

If you’re a fan of wordplay and love the idea of a name that makes people laugh, then pun cat names might be the way to go. These names are ideal for those who enjoy puns and want to give their feline a clever and funny name.

  1. Clawdia: For the sophisticated lady.
  2. Furrball McMuffin: For the fluffy and silly cat.
  3. Pawdry Hepburn: For the elegant and classy feline.
  4. The Great Catsby: For the stylish and wealthy-looking cat.
  5. Jennifurr: A common name with a feline twist.
  6. Meowzart: For the musical genius cat.
  7. Catrick Swayze: For the cat with dance moves.
  8. Purrnest Hemingway: For the feline with a flair for drama.
  9. Julius Cheeser: For the cheese-loving cat.
  10. Paw Revere: For the history-loving cat.
  11. Fleaonce: For the glamorous, diva-like cat.
  12. William Shakespurr: For the dramatic and poetic feline.
  13. Picatso: For the artistic cat.
  14. Furr-guson: For a cat with a majestic presence.
  15. Pawlina: For the top model kitty.
  16. Meowrio: For the video-game-loving cat.
  17. Tabbytha: For the classic tabby with a twist.
  18. Purrlock Holmes: For the detective-like cat.
  19. Opti-purr-mus Prime: For the heroic and brave feline.
  20. Chairman Meow: For the commanding and leader-like cat.

Funny Food Cat Names

For the cat parents who are also foodies, what better way to express your love for both cuisine and your feline than by merging the two into a comical food-inspired name? Whether your cat is spicy, sweet, or somewhere in between, there’s probably a food name that perfectly encapsulates their personality.

  1. Meowcaroni: For the pasta-loving cat.
  2. Purrito: For a cat that loves to wrap itself up like a burrito.
  3. Sushi: For the cat that’s raw and refined.
  4. Peanut Butter: For a sticky and sweet feline.
  5. Cinnabon: For a cat that’s both sweet and swirly.
  6. Taco Cat: A fun palindrome and a tasty treat.
  7. Whisker Biscuit: For the cat with a love for bread (or biscuits).
  8. Kitty Roll: Like a sushi roll, but furrier.
  9. Furrmaggio: A cheesy name for a cheesy cat.
  10. Chickpea: For the small and nutty kitty.
  11. Pawpermint: For a fresh and zingy cat.
  12. Churro: For a cat that’s sweet and a little twisted.
  13. Gingerbread: For the spiced-up, holiday-loving cat.
  14. Wasabi: For the cat with a fiery personality.
  15. Nacho: For a cat that definitely belongs to you.
  16. Baguette: For the long, loaf-like cat.
  17. Espresso: For the high-energy, jumpy cat.
  18. Biscotti: For the Italian or cookie-loving cat.
  19. Muffin Top: For the pudgy and loveable cat.
  20. Ravioli: For the cat that’s a little pocket of surprise.
  21. Tater Tot: For the small and chubby cat.
  22. Cantaloupe: For the sweet and rounded feline.
  23. Fajita: For the cat that’s a mix of spicy and sweet.
  24. Gumbo: For the cat with a blend of personalities.
  25. S’more: For the cat that’s a combination of fluffy and sweet.
  26. Olive: For the small, but impactful feline.
  27. Sherbet: For the colorful and fruity cat.
  28. Pickle: For the sour and quirky feline.
  29. Soufflé: For the cat that’s light and fluffy.
  30. Wonton: For the small, wrapped-up bundle of fur.

Funny Fat Cat Names

For those cats that are a bit on the plump side, a name that highlights their roundness or love for food can be both cute and funny. Here are some names that celebrate their fluffiness.

  1. Jelly Belly: For the cat with a noticeable tummy.
  2. Butterball: For a cat that’s round and fluffy.
  3. Pudge: A simple name for a chubby cat.
  4. Fluffernutter: For the big and fluffy cat.
  5. Biggie Smalls: For a cat that’s small in stature but big in personality (and size).
  6. Chunk: A straightforward name for a hefty cat.
  7. Tubbins: For the pleasantly plump feline.
  8. Meatball: For a round and tasty-looking cat.
  9. Blimpy: For a cat that resembles a little blimp.
  10. Roly Poly: For the cat that loves to roll around.
  11. Puff Daddy: For a fluffy male cat with attitude.
  12. Muffin Top: For a cat that spills a bit over the sides.
  13. Doughboy: For a soft and pudgy cat.
  14. Marshmallow: For the soft and squishy cat.
  15. Lardbucket: For a cat with a big belly.
  16. Chubster: A cute name for a chubby cat.
  17. Piglet: For a cat that eats like a little pig.
  18. Whopper: For a cat that’s a big serving of love.
  19. Sumo: For the cat that’s got some hefty moves.
  20. Fatty Arbuckle: A throwback name for a plump feline.
  21. Waddle: For the cat whose belly swings from side to side.
  22. Baloo: After the lovable, laid-back bear from “The Jungle Book.”
  23. Chonk: An internet-approved term for pleasantly plump cats.
  24. Rotunda: For the cat that’s noticeably round.
  25. Husky: For a chubby feline with a strong build.
  26. Bigfoot: For the plump cat with noticeably large paws.
  27. Orca: For the chubby cat that’s black and white.
  28. Grizzly: For the big, burly feline.
  29. Atlas: For the cat that seems to carry the weight of the world.
  30. Zeppelin: For the chubby feline that resembles a blimp.


Whether you’re naming a new kitten or renaming an adult cat, funny cat names offer a splash of humor to pet ownership. Share your funny name ideas and make someone else laugh today!

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