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15 Wonderful Goji Berry Recipes You Absolutely Must Try

Goji berries, also known as wolfberries, are a prized superfood because of their numerous health benefits. These little red berries are wonderfully bright and have a tart cranberry-like taste with hints of herbal flavor. The goji berry is delicious on its own or paired with other dishes to make it even more enjoyable.

Are you eager to try out the promising goji berries? Try these goji berry recipes, which range from Goji Berry Smoothie to Clear Chinese Spinach Soup to satisfy your taste buds and do wonders for your health, all in one go.

#1. Clear Chinese Spinach Soup

This delicious superfood soup is vegan, nutritious, and full of umami flavors. It’s made with spinach, goji berries, and garlic all simmered with a wonderfully rich and hearty broth with Shaoxing wine and soy sauce flavoring. Top it with sliced silken tofu to add protein and serve it with Asian mains for a filling, satisfying supper.

#2. Goji Berry and Orange Cake

This lovely cake recipe combines goji berries and oranges with classic cake batter to create a rich and fluffy cake with a balance of bright and sweet flavors. Embellish with scrumptious chocolate ganache frosting, candied oranges, and dried berries for added visual appeal. Make extras as everyone will want more helpings of this indulgent dessert.

#3. Goji Berry and Pistachio Granola Bars

These power-packed granola bars will start your day off on a good note and boost your energy levels to overcome that midday slump. Goji berries, flaxseeds, and pistachios work well together to offer flavor, crunch, and health benefits. The best part about this recipe is it is customizable. Use your favorite ingredients to adapt it to your taste.

#4. Goji Berry Balls

This simple vegan goji berry balls recipe uses just 4 key ingredients: cacao nibs, cashews, dates, and goji berries. The result is a no-bake energizing treat that will power you through the day effortlessly. The hearty, healthy, flavor-packed nibbles keep up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator and 2 months in the freezer.

#5. Goji Berry Ginger Tea

This berry ginger tea recipe will nourish your body and soothe your soul. The combination of warming herbs, spicy ginger, and tangy goji berries offers a calming, soothing aroma and a balance of flavor, making it perfect for cold winter days. Serve with a spritz of lemon and mix in some honey (optional) to make the drink more palatable for your taste buds.

#6. Goji Berry Smoothie

This amazing smoothie is rich, nutritious, and delicious. It is loaded with health benefits and is made with antioxidant-rich tart goji berries, nutrient and texture-rich banana, and oat milk along with creamy almond butter, flaxseeds, ginger, and Ceylon cinnamon. It produces a wonderful drink that will give you a boost of energy and keep you full till lunch.

#7. Goji Berry Sparkling Lemonade

Want to enjoy a glass of this refreshing sparkling lemonade on hot summer days? It combines flavorful and nutrient dense goji berries with maple syrup. The maple syrup brings a lightly roasted flavor and hints of caramel to the drink. Add the two ingredients to a pitcher. Meanwhile, bring still water to a boil. Pour it over the goji berries and cool in the refrigerator. Then add a dash of bright lemon juice and fizzy sparkling water to produce the perfect summertime drink.

#8. Goji Berry Truffles

Truffles have a bad reputation with fitness enthusiasts because they contain a lot of ingredients that can be bad for your health in the long run. This paleo-friendly vegan recipe replaces them all with wholesome ingredients without sacrificing flavor. You can make it nut-free and decorate it with any toppings you like—the possibilities are endless.

#9. Maple Pistachio Goji Berry Chocolate Bark

This simple chocolate bark recipe combines pistachios and goji berries with maple syrup to produce a roasted delight with a caramelized flavor. It calls for maple syrup and contains absolutely no sugar. This festive holiday treat is vegan, gluten-free, and oil-free, so even those on restrictive diets can indulge in a delectable snack without worrying.

#10. Overnight Soaked Oats – Goji Berries and Almond Butter

This recipe transforms overnight soaked oats into something ultra-satisfying with the fine addition of goji berries and creamy, nutty, decadent almond butter. It’s simple to make and easily digestible. This gluten-free vegan dish makes for a hearty and energizing breakfast that will get you through the day.

#11. Seeds and Goji Berry Granola

Want to start your day with a power-packed breakfast? Try this high-protein granola recipe. It blends cinnamon, maple syrup, seed butter, and vanilla and a wonderful balance of berries, seeds, nuts, and oats to create a top-tier breakfast option. You can enjoy this vegan treat on its own or add it to non-dairy milk for a hearty breakfast.

#12. Strawberry, Raspberry, and Goji Berry Tart

This no-bake tart is as good on the eye as it is on the tongue. It bursts with bright flavors of raspberry, goji berry, and strawberry. Blend all these delightful berries and add them to a creamy cornstarch and coconut milk-based filling, then layer on a crust. Serve it decorated with berries, edible flowers, or fresh coconut whipped cream, and enjoy.

#13. Vanilla Goji Berry Ice Cream

Enjoy this delectable ice cream recipe during the warm summer months. It calls for mixing goji berries and edible flowers in a simple, creamy vegan vanilla ice cream base to create a sweet, creamy dessert that will impress your guests. Remember to freeze it overnight for the best results.

#14. Vegan Goji Berry Soup

This vegan soup uses vegetable stock and dried goji berries to produce a rich, vibrant, delicious bowl of soup to warm you up on chilly days. Enjoy the soup by itself, or add stir-fried sesame tofu to it for a wonderful protein boost. You may add some croutons for some extra crunch and adjust the spices to your preferred heat level.

#15. Wolfberry Jam

This simple recipe comes together in a snap. It creates a lovely spread for your toast using tangy and nourishing goji berries, bright lemon juice, antioxidant-rich chia seeds, and honey as a natural sweetener. Make it on the weekends and eat it during the week because it stays well in the fridge for up to a week!

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