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14 Wonderful Goose Breast Recipes You Need To Try ASAP

Goose meat has a pink flesh with a delicate texture and a deep, full-bodied, juicy, and rich roast beef flavor that can be irresistible. It’s also an excellent source of riboflavin, vitamin B6, and iron, making it beneficial for both your health and palate.

If you’ve come across the game bird’s meat through hunting or at your gourmet grocery store, you may want to give these 14 goose breast recipes a try. You might just discover a new favorite meal to enjoy on intimate dinner dates!

#1. Cajun Garlic-Butter Canada Goose Bites with Maque Choux

This delicious recipe features some amazing flavors and takes only 30 minutes to prepare. Here, cubed goose breasts are seasoned with Cajun spices and seared until medium-rare, then served with a maque choux and blanched sugar snap peas on the side. It provides the perfect amount of sweetness and crunchiness to complement the tender, rich, and spicy goose breast.

#2. Goose Braciole

In this recipe, sliced goose breasts are pounded with a meat mallet, then seasoned with garlic powder, pesto, and prosciutto. The goose is then rolled braciole side up, wrapped with a slice of bacon, secured with butcher’s twine, and grilled. Enjoy the appetizers on their own or with basil pesto vermicelli pilaf and fresh heirloom tomatoes.

#3. Goose Breast With Dried Apricots

Serve this winning combination of a recipe to give your holiday meals an otherworldly appeal! In this dish, the goose meat is seasoned both inside and outside, then stuffed with apples and onions and roasted. It also has apricots and a lovely gravy prepared with veggies, stock, and spices. To serve, arrange on pre-heated plates and garnish with mugwort and marjoram.

#4. Goose Breasts with Orange-Ouzo Sauce

The appeal of citrus in meat-based recipes is unmatched, as you will see in this incredible goose breast recipe. It also uses ouzo — a dry, anise-flavored liqueur — to give the dish a distinct anise flavor. Garnish with fennel fronds and ground black pepper for a flavor boost. Not a fan of ouzo? Substitute it with fennel seeds and chopped fennel.

#5. Goose Poppers

This goose poppers recipe is simply divine; so be prepared to take in requests for repeats. To prepare, stuff lightly pounded goose breasts with a halved roasted poblano pepper filled with cream cheese. Next, wrap with thick slices of bacon and secure with a butcher’s twine, and don’t forget to baste it with your favorite barbeque sauce halfway through cooking. Serve with more barbeque sauce and a light salad.

#6. Goose Steak with Simple Orange-Chipotle Sauce

Easy to prepare and packed with bright flavors, this recipe is great for a quick dinner. It calls for seasoning goose breasts with salt and ground black pepper, then cooking until rare or medium-rare. Slice the steaks against the grain and cover with a few spoons of orange-chipotle sauce made with shallot, orange juice, honey, chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, butter, and cilantro.

#7. Goose with Dates, Pickled Cranberries and Celeriac Purée

This goose recipe is bursting with comforting winter flavors and will quickly become a favorite in your household. You’ll be preparing goose breast, pickled cranberries, goose sauce, date puree, and bacon-wrapped dates separately. The preparation can be time-consuming, but don’t let that discourage you from giving this recipe a try. One bite will prove that it’s worth the effort!

#8. Instant Pot Wild Goose Breasts with Cherry Sauce

In this dish, the well-seared goose breasts are complemented by a delectable cherry sauce, providing you with a dish that will quickly become a favorite with everyone who manages to grab a bite. Serve it topped with extra cherry sauce and with your favorite sides for a complete meal.

#9. Orange Glazed Goose Breast

This impressive holiday dish will wow your guests. To make, sear well-seasoned goose breasts until browned, then add orange juice, vinegar, garlic, onions, soy sauce, and honey and cook until the meat is medium-rare. Slice the breasts against the grain, and serve with sauce on top and an orange segment garnish.

#10. Reuben Goose Cups

Reuben sandwiches are a fan favorite with both young and old. While we won’t be using the classic bread approach, we’ll transform it into something equally delicious — finger food! Simply fill wonton wraps with a mixture of corned goose breasts, chicken stock, sauerkraut, thousand island dressing, and Swiss cheese. Bake until golden brown, and serve topped with dill pickles.

#11. Roast Goose Breast with Gravy

Roasted goose breast is amazing on its own, but it’s even better when accompanied by a delicious gravy and served with your favorite side. The goose meat is cooked with celery, carrots, onions, and apples to make the dish nutrient-rich. It’s perfectly crispy on the outside and tender on the inside while featuring stunning flavors.

#12. Smoked Goose Bacon

This smoked goose bacon recipe is so good that it might just replace the all-time favorite beef jerky! To prepare, brine the goose breasts with water, coffee, salt, and sugar — it’ll add flavor and keep the meat from drying out. Then, smoke and slice it against the grain. Cover the slices with a marinade, chill in the fridge, then smoke on the grate of the grill. Your goose bacon is ready!

#13. Smoked Goose Breast

If you like smoked meat, then you’re probably going to love this one! This easy and flavorful recipe uses just 7 ingredients — goose skin-on breasts, kosher salt, Insta cure no.1, sugar, crushed juniper, freshly ground black pepper, and peaty Scotch whiskey. Once the meat is cured and smoked, it can easily be stored for about 10 days in the fridge.

#14. Wild Goose Skillet Dinner with Rice

Simple, filling, and so delicious, this wild goose skillet dinner has all the makings of a perfect weeknight meal. In it, veggies and goose breasts are slathered with a zesty Italian salad dressing, then served over a bed of rice to soak up all the delicious flavors. This recipe is customizable, so use whatever veggies you have on hand.

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