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12 High-Protein Pureed Food Recipes Worth Trying Out

Whether you’re recovering from surgery or have a condition that makes it hard for you to swallow or simply want to try out different varieties of foods, high-protein pureed foods are a great choice for you.

You can make pureed food with many different ingredients to spice up your diet. These recipes are a great place to start if you want delicious yet simple high-protein pureed recipes.

#1. Smokey White Bean Purée

This bean puree recipe is full of protein from the white beans and is perfect for eating on its own or dipping veggies into. Liquid smoke and smoked paprika give this bean puree an amazing kick of spice, while the garlic, onion, and dried herbs add layers of flavors. If you don’t have all of the seasonings, you can just use what you happen to have.

#2. Pear and Ricotta Purée

This pear and ricotta puree is a delicious puree option that is high in protein and feels like you’re eating a dessert. Yogurt and ricotta, both high in protein, along with pears make up the bulk of this recipe. The puree is flavored with vanilla essence and a pinch of cinnamon sprinkled on top.

#3. Fully Loaded Cauliflower Mash

A bowl of fully loaded high-protein cauliflower mash is something to get excited about. This flavorful meal is made by pureeing cauliflower and topping it with delicious bacon and cheese. This recipe includes several different seasonings like garlic paste, chives, and Italian seasoning which give it a rounded flavor for a scrumptious meal.

#4. Black Bean Soup

This recipe for hearty black beans soup is filling and will leave you feeling warm and cozy. It is made with black beans, veggies, and spices to create a rich and creamy soup that is bursting with flavor. If you want to make it even more protein-packed, you can mix it with a variety of high protein beans instead of just black beans.

#5. Puréed Classic Egg Salad

This recipe for pureed classic egg salad turns a regular egg salad into a smooth and creamy puree. All you need are hard-boiled eggs, mayonnaise, yogurt, salt and pepper. Blend everything up, and you have a creamy egg salad! You can also add different seasonings such as paprika to really bring out the flavor.

#6. Puréed Bean Soup

If you are looking for high-protein foods, bean soups are always a great place to start. This pureed bean soup is creamy, filling, and full of flavor from the added veggies and pinto beans. Coconut milk adds creaminess, while dill and parsley add a herby flavor to the soup. You can also add any other herbs that you like to eat.

#7. Strawberry and Avocado Purée

A strawberry and avocado puree is a deliciously sweet and fresh puree that is filled with healthy protein. This is a simple recipe made up of strawberries, avocado, protein powder, and water. Blend all the ingredients together to get a light and fluffy mixture that is refreshingly sweet.

#8. High Protein Pudding

This pudding is made with whey protein powder to give it an extra bit of nutritional value. Other ingredients include almond milk, chia seeds, cocoa powder, and a pinch of salt. You can also add a swirl of peanut butter to make it extra creamy and get more protein in your pudding.

#9. Butternut Squash and White Bean Soup

This pureed soup features creamy butternut squash and protein-dense white beans to create a decadently creamy soup. Onion and garlic help to add additional flavor, along with sage and a dash of nutmeg. You could also add a bit of heavy cream for more richness or fresh herbs to brighten the flavors.

#10. High Protein Strawberry Mousse

This strawberry mousse is one of the tastiest high-protein pureed food recipes that you could try for dessert. It is made with strawberry puree, honey, lemon juice, yogurt, heavy cream, and egg whites. Whipped into a light mousse that is sweet and refreshing, it’s perfect as an after-dinner treat after a long day.

#11. Tuscan Tomato and White Bean Soup

This Tuscan tomato and white bean soup is a comforting meal that’s just what you need on a rainy day. It is primarily made from white beans, tomato paste, and tomatoes to create a rich and creamy base. Cooked in vegetable broth, it’s seasoned with onion, garlic, and a rosemary sprig for an aromatic and herbaceous flavor.

#12. Rosemary Chicken Blue Cheese Purée

This is a high-protein pureed food that really packs a punch of flavor. Chicken and chickpeas bump up the protein in this dish, while blue cheese, yogurt, and fresh rosemary add creaminess and flavor. If you find the blue cheese overpowering, you can leave it out or replace it.

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