how many calories are in a crumbl cookie

How Many Calories Are In A Crumbl Cookie?

Munching on a few Crumbl cookies is all fun and games until you remember the little bites of heaven hide quite a few calories. While they are made with mostly healthy ingredients, the numbers can add up quickly if you’re not careful. But, by how much?

Every Crumbl cookie is different, so determining the exact number of calories in a cookie is not easy.

So, What Should You Expect?

Crumbl cookie has hundreds of flavors, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find them all. Why?

Because the brand introduces only 4-5 different specialty flavors on their website, which changes every week! So, there’ll always be something new for your taste buds to enjoy.

Of course, you can always enjoy their iconic milk chocolate chip cookie — the brand’s innovative cookie flavor that started it all. That is, if you’re fine with consuming 140 calories per serving.

Now, 140 calories may not sound like a lot if you look at it from a daily nutritional requirement point of view. However, multiple servings of this cookie can spell trouble for your weight goals.

Best Low-Calorie Crumbl Cookies

As you know, Crumbl cookies offer an impressive range of cookie flavors. So, finding one that satisfies your sweet tooth while being low in calories shouldn’t be hard.

Here’s our selection of some of the best flavors Crumbl offers that have lower calories than classic milk chocolate chip cookies:

1. Lemon Glaze – 100 Calories

The soft, buttery, and chewy cookies have layers of tart lemon in the cookie and glaze. It’s also topped with a fresh lemon slice.

2. Galaxy Brownie – 100 Calories

This decadent brownie has slightly crispy edges and a moist and fudgy center. It is made all the more appealing with a gorgeous fudge glaze decorated with rainbow candy bits.

3. Birthday Cake Featuring Oreo® – 100 Calories

Featuring a chocolate cookie Oreo base, this amazing cookie is topped with a birthday cake cream cheese frosting. It is decorated with Oreo truffles and sprinkles to give you a taste of heaven in every bite.

4. Caramel Pumpkin – 120 Calories

A perfect fall treat, this one is made by topping a chewy, soft, and thick pumpkin cookie with caramel cream cheese frosting. It is finished with a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice to give you a lovely autumnal flavor.

5. Raspberry Butter Cake – 130 Calories

This melt-in-your-mouth good cake cookie is teeming with delicious raspberry flavors. The butter-glazed baked treat is topped with raspberry jam and creamy white buttercream to produce an absolute treat for the senses.

6. Classic Pink Sugar – 130 Calories

A classic cookie with a vanilla sugar cookie base, but it’s not all vanilla. The cookie is topped with real almond frosting — which now contains real almond extract! Safe to say, the already popular classic pink sugar cookies are about to create an even bigger stir among Crumbl cookie lovers.

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right? You get to enjoy wonderful flavors without piling up on the calories. Well, here’s the catch — their serving size.

Crumbl Cookie Serving Sizes

Crumbl cookies are huge.  Each 5-5.5-ounce Crumbl cookie can measure about 4.25″ to 4.5″ wide. So, if you, too, are questioning whether you’re really getting only 100-150 calories in a cookie, you’re not alone.

Crumbl cookies are pretty upfront about the nutritional content of their cookies. That is how we know that they actually consider 1 cookie to make up 4 servings.  This means that their milk chocolate chip cookie, which we previously thought was only 140 calories, is now 140×4. That’s 560 calories. Let that sink in.

While the serving size varies from product to product, you’re still facing calorie overload by consuming even half the cookie — if Crumbl’s 1/4 serving size is any indication.

Factor in the recommended % DV (daily value), which is 2000 calories/day, and you have a recipe for disaster. Consuming more calories than what you burn can cause you to become overweight, or even obese, which can put you at risk of various diseases.

Don’t worry though. You can still enjoy the occasional Crumbl treat.

Indulge In A Crumbl Cookie in Moderation

If you know the calories in a Crumbl cookie and just eat them in moderation as per your diet, you should be able to maintain or watch your weight easily. Crumbl cookies are high in protein while being low in fat and also have a wonderful texture and flavor, so they can be good for your health. However, they do have high sugar content.

Your best bet? Stick to the serving size and limit how many times you eat it in a week. This way, you can still indulge your sweet tooth without having to worry too much about the calories!

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