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36 Gracious Replies: How to Respond to Happy Birthday Wishes

From genuine and heartfelt to sarcastic and witty, birthday wishes come in all shades. If you don’t know how to respond to happy birthday wishes, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn the various ways in which you can respond to different types of happy birthday wishes!

36 Ways to Respond to Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

1. “Thank you for thinking of me.”

This is a straightforward way of expressing your thanks to someone who remembered your birthday. You can use it to express simple gratitude when someone’s wishes have genuinely touched you.

2. “Time for cake!”

Mentioning cake allows you to shift the focus to the exciting treats of the day instead of on yourself. It’s a fantastic reply if you don’t like attention but want the mood to remain upbeat.

3. “How did you know?”

If you receive well wishes from an unexpected person, you can ask them how they know your birthday. It is a polite way to open up a deeper conversation while keeping it from becoming all about you.

4. “How lovely of you. I’ll cherish your positive thoughts.”

This response is great when you want to let the other person know that their words will always be treasured. The message gets across without using any fancy words and yet sounds sophisticated.

5. “Please don’t.”

If your birthday is a sensitive topic or you’re having a bad day, this simple response lets others know while still being polite.

6. “Thanks, it’s nice to have great friends.”

This reply expresses your genuine feelings of gratitude for having a group of friends who remember and celebrate your birthday every year.

7. “Am I dead yet?”

Delivered in a deadpan tone, this response is perfect for those who share your turbulent feelings about growing older with each passing year.

8. “Are you sure?”

If you’re the prankster of your group, you can reply to birthday wishes with this clever question. It’s sure to get your friends nervous for a second or two.

9. “Finally, you realized it’s my birthday.”

Some birthday wishes may come late. For belated greetings, this response is the perfect combination of sarcasm and fun, especially if the person is quite forgetful or has a habit of being late.

10. “It isn’t my birthday.”

If you want to take the pranking up a notch, try responding to wishes with this line. It can work on anyone – the person is sure to start panicking, and you can share a fun joke!

11. “One time, can you turn your wishes into gifts on my birthday?”

If you’ve been friends with someone for a very long time, but they’ve never really bought you a birthday present, you can use this line to tease them about it. Who knows, you might just get them to bring you a gift next year.

12. “It’s been another year already?”

If you’ve had a fairly uneventful year, this response will express your surprise that another has passed. It is polite, fun, and reflective. It’s a good way to turn birthday wishes from colleagues into polite conversation.

13. “I appreciate your wishes. Sending positive vibes your way.”

This message elegantly accepts the other person’s greeting and lets them know you wish them the best, too.

14. “I’m so lucky to have you.”

If you have someone special who’s always there for you on your birthday, this is an excellent way to tell them how much they mean to you.

15. “I’ve learned so much this past year.”

This is an apt response to those workplace birthday wishes if you’re a newcomer or a younger member of the team.

16. “Your warm wishes have warmed my heart. Thank you, friend.”

This quirky yet honest response is perfect for those pure-hearted souls who put a lot of effort into their greetings.

17. “Thank you, I love you.”

Stressing out about coming up with unique responses for when your loved ones wish you a happy birthday? Don’t worry; keep things simple yet effective with these powerful words.

18. “What a wild year it has been.”

Are you excited to tell people about the many amazing things that happened to you this year? Get them curious with this response.

19. “Hmm. It is my birthday, isn’t it?”

Do you have odd feelings about your birthday? Let your friends know about your ambivalence with this accurate yet witty response.

20. “I feel even dumber.”

Do you feel like you’ve made more mistakes than usual in the past year? Use this clever response to let others know. It works for anyone and opens up a dialogue about the year’s events.

21. “Thanks, that makes one less person who didn’t wish me dead.”

If you want to be more dramatic on your birthday, unleash your darkest humor with this line. Be careful to only use it on close friends and family who truly know you.

22. “Where’s my gift?”

Getting repetitive birthday wishes can feel a little boring after a while. Instead of letting others see your lack of enthusiasm, why not just keep yourself entertained by pulling a simple prank? This response allows you to catch people off guard and relax the mood all the same. Just make sure to let them know you’re just kidding.

23. “I know real wishes when I hear them. Yours sound a bit forced.”

Piercing and direct, this sarcastic response is best reserved when you receive birthday wishes in an obviously sarcastic tone. Or when you and the person who greeted you openly dislike each other.

24. “How I wish I could celebrate my 19th birthday again.”

This becomes a more and more hilarious response the further you get from your teens and twenties!

25. “The next year of my life is going to be bigger and better.”

If you’re feeling upbeat and excited for your birthday and the following year, you can express it to others with this response. You can talk about everything you’re looking forward to in the next year of your life.

You could also use this response to keep the conversation going with an acquaintance you want to get to know better.

26. “Today isn’t my birthday; save your wishes for my next one.”

If those belated wishes really do bother you, go ahead and make sure the person knows. You can also act annoyed for a while to let your friends panic for a few minutes before going easy on them.

27. “Thanks for the wishes; maybe my soulmate will find me on my next birthday.”

If you’re single on your birthday this year, you can poke a little fun at yourself by letting everyone know about your wishes for a significant other.

28. “Thanks, you rock.”

This versatile response works for close friends, family, coworkers, and anyone else who may greet you. If you use it with a close friend, it can mean that you’re grateful for their steady presence in your life.

For more casual acquaintances, it can simply mean that you think they’re really cool for remembering your birthday. The best part is that this response also helps keep them from expanding further on the topic, and you can easily move on.

29. “Your message made me smile.”

Birthday wishes via text message, email, and social media differ from in-person greetings. If you’ve received a heartfelt message on your birthday but don’t know how to express yourself, try this simple and sincere response. It’s sure to bring a smile to the other person’s face as well.

30. “You’re overwhelming me, thank you.”

If the person is truly going out of their way to make you feel special, this response is quite fitting. It lets them know just how touched you are. You can use this for in-person wishes and long messages sent by well-wishing and thoughtful friends.

31. “Thanks, I hope I won’t be so broke on your birthday to bring you a synthetic flower.”

Another way to poke fun at your friends is to respond with this gem. It simply suggests you’re annoyed about there being no gifts this year, either.

32. “I’m blessed in so many ways.”

Are you overwhelmed by friends, coworkers, or family members throwing you a surprise birthday party? Convey how blessed you feel with these simple words.

33. “I don’t need anything for my birthday; your smiling face is enough.”

This response perfectly sums up the joyful feelings when your loved ones wish you a happy birthday. It will also bring a genuine smile to their face.

34. “The years have gone by so fast.”

Are you having a simple birthday with thoughts of aging on your mind? This is a great way to reminisce about the past years with an old friend.

35. “You’re not only late but also greeting the wrong person.”

You can save this response for belated birthday wishes or use it as a prank. Either way, it’s funny to watch the other person feel twice the dread.

36. “Your wishes are as special to me as you are.”

The ideal response for wishes from a crush or a partner — this line expresses how important they are to you.

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