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Modern Greetings: How to Respond to “What’s Good” and Beyond

In today’s dynamic linguistic landscape, the phrase “What’s good?” stands out as a popular colloquial greeting. If you’ve ever wondered how to respond to “What’s Good” without sounding outdated or out of touch, this guide will walk you through its nuances and offer some stylish comebacks.

What Does It Mean When Someone Says “What’s Good?”

What Does It Mean

In the vast tapestry of conversational phrases, “What’s good?” shines with modern vibrancy. At its core, this informal greeting is a descendant of older phrases like “How do you do?” or “What’s happening?”. Its rise in popularity, especially among younger generations, celebrates a blend of curiosity and camaraderie.

When someone inquires, “What’s good?”, they’re often expressing genuine interest in your day or your life. It’s a greeting that straddles the line between casual conversation starter and an invitation to share a snippet of your personal narrative. So, when faced with this modern salutation, understanding its roots and intentions can guide you towards the most fitting response.

Diverse Responses to “What’s Good?”


Navigating how to answer “What’s Good?” offers an opportunity to reflect your current mood, relationship with the inquirer, or even your sense of humor. Here’s a deep dive into various strategies:

1. Literal Insights

These responses are direct and tied to current events in your life. They provide a snapshot of what’s genuinely going on.

  • Just got back from a trip to the mountains.
  • I’ve been diving into a new hobby lately.
  • Started a new workout routine and loving it.
  • Recently caught up with some old friends.
  • Been on a reading spree this month.
  • Exploring some new recipes in the kitchen.
  • I’ve taken up meditation and it’s been transformative.
  • Spending more time outdoors these days.
  • Got a new pet; it’s been a fun adventure!
  • Delving into some online courses lately.
  • Challenging myself with some new goals.
  • Took a personal day to recharge.
  • Trying to balance work and personal life.
  • Busy with a new project at work.
  • Celebrated a family member’s birthday recently.

2. Casual Check-ins

These are relaxed responses, keeping the vibe light and straightforward.

  • Not much, you?
  • Same old, same old.
  • Just going with the flow.
  • Another day, another adventure.
  • Keeping it chill today.
  • Business as usual over here.
  • Living the dream.
  • Trying to keep up with the hustle.
  • All’s good on this side.
  • Enjoying the little moments.
  • Taking things one day at a time.
  • On my usual grind.
  • Nothing out of the ordinary.
  • Just taking a breather.
  • Relishing the calm before the storm.

3. Humorous Retorts

Light-hearted replies that inject a touch of humor into the conversation.

  • Just trying to dodge adulthood.
  • Pretending I’ve got it all together.
  • Living on caffeine and ambition.
  • Juggling life, but dropping a few balls here and there.
  • Surfing life’s chaotic waves.
  • Is it Friday yet?
  • Counting down to my next coffee break.
  • Playing hide and seek with motivation.
  • Still waiting for my Hogwarts letter.
  • Trying to set a world record for procrastination.
  • On a mission to avoid adulthood responsibilities.
  • Surviving on memes and hope.
  • Remembering to wear pants for Zoom calls.
  • Stalking my fridge every half hour.
  • Betting on whether my plants will outlive my motivation.

4. Flirtatious Feedback

Playful and spirited answers that give a flirty edge.

  • Better now that you’re here.
  • Waiting for something, or someone, exciting to happen.
  • Holding out for my day to get brighter. Maybe you’re it?
  • Looking for some fun. Got any ideas?
  • My day was missing a spark. Until now.
  • Feeling a lot more intrigued since you showed up.
  • Could be better; maybe you can help with that?
  • How about we find out together?
  • Trying to spot a reason to smile. Found one!
  • If I said “you”, would that be too forward?
  • Bored, but I have a feeling that’s about to change.
  • Searching for some inspiration. Any suggestions?
  • Got room for one more adventure today?
  • Contemplating my next mischief. Join me?
  • All set if the day promises some flirtatious banter.

5. Gesture-Based Replies

Sometimes actions speak louder, letting gestures do the talking.

  • A thumbs up.
  • A wink and a nod.
  • A laid-back shrug.
  • A dramatic sigh.
  • An enthusiastic double thumbs up.
  • A cheeky finger-gun gesture.
  • A playful facepalm.
  • A knowing smirk.
  • A hearty clap.
  • A reflective chin-stroke.
  • A mimed “so-so” with the hand.
  • A wide-eyed look of surprise.
  • A sly shush finger to the lips.
  • A jazz-hands display of excitement.
  • A contemplative tapping on the temple.

Adjusting your answer based on the situation, your mood, or the person asking can make these responses feel authentic and engaging.

Contextual Responses: Adapting to the Situation


Every interaction is flavored by the context it exists within. The right response to “What’s Good?” often hinges on understanding the ambiance of the setting, the relationship you share with the inquirer, and sometimes, even the cultural backdrop. Here’s how to tailor your reply based on diverse scenarios:

1. Professional Settings

In the corporate realm, it’s essential to strike a balance between approachability and professionalism.

  • Engaged with an upcoming client presentation.
  • Diving deep into the quarterly reports.
  • Finding innovative solutions for client challenges.
  • Aligning my tasks with the team’s goals.
  • Exploring new market strategies.
  • Collaborating on some promising initiatives.
  • Pushing towards the upcoming deadline.
  • Staying updated with industry trends.
  • Grateful for a productive week.
  • Navigating some exciting challenges.

2. Among Close Friends

Familiarity grants permission for candidness and playful banter.

  • Living for our weekend plans!
  • Daydreaming of our next vacation together.
  • Craving our usual pizza nights.
  • Reminiscing about that crazy night out.
  • Plotting our next misadventure.
  • Laughing over that inside joke from last week.
  • Eagerly waiting for our next movie marathon.
  • Still recovering from our recent shopping spree.
  • Feeling blessed with our endless chats.
  • Holding onto the memories of our last road trip.

3. Formal Settings or With Older Individuals

Courtesy and respect underscore these interactions, necessitating more traditional replies.

  • I’m well, thank you for asking.
  • Enjoying this lovely event.
  • Taking pleasure in the company present.
  • Grateful for this gathering.
  • Appreciating the fine weather today.
  • Cherishing the moments of tranquility.
  • Reveling in the rich conversations.
  • Absorbing the ambiance and elegance.
  • Relishing the time spent in esteemed company.
  • Honored to be a part of this occasion.

4. Casual Social Settings

Relaxed environments like parties or casual gatherings invite more free-spirited and spontaneous responses.

  • Just riding the vibe here.
  • Sipping on my favorite drink.
  • Making some new pals.
  • Jamming to the beats.
  • Soaking in the scene.
  • Loving the energy in this place.
  • Just here for the food and fun.
  • Exploring some cool conversations.
  • Waiting for the dance floor to heat up.
  • Embracing the unexpected twists of the night.

In each context, the magic lies in matching your tone, words, and demeanor to the environment. Doing so ensures that you not only answer the question but also resonate with the rhythm of the situation.


Embracing the evolving nature of language is the key to staying relevant in conversations. Whether you’re pondering how to respond to “What’s Good” or any other modern greeting, remember to be genuine, adaptable, and always open to the beauty of communication’s ever-changing landscape.

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