how to ripen avocados in the microwave

Kitchen Hacks 101: How to Ripen Avocados in the Microwave

Avocados, revered for their taste, texture, and nutritional benefits, are a staple in many kitchens. However, the wait for nature to offer a perfectly ripe specimen can sometimes feel endless. This brings us to a modern-day kitchen hack: how to ripen avocados in the microwave, an ideal solution for those impatient moments.

Understanding Avocado Ripening


Avocado ripening is a fascinating dance of nature, wherein complex biochemical processes play out behind that green, pebbly skin. Central to this natural ballet is ethylene gas, a plant hormone emitted by many fruits, including avocados. This gas acts as a ripening agent, stimulating enzymes within the avocado that in turn soften the flesh, deepen the color, and heighten the flavor.

In nature, when an avocado is still attached to its tree, it doesn’t ripen. The ripening process only initiates once it’s harvested. This is a unique evolutionary adaptation, ensuring the fruit doesn’t drop prematurely before having a chance to spread its seed.

In a controlled environment like our kitchens, the emitted ethylene gas gets trapped around the fruit, accelerating its ripening. This is why you’ll often hear the tip of placing avocados in a brown paper bag – the bag confines the gas around the fruit, enhancing the natural ripening process.

However, this natural procedure can take several days or even a week, depending on the avocado’s initial state and surrounding conditions. This timeframe often isn’t ideal for the modern consumer, especially if you’re looking to whip up an avocado-based dish on short notice.

This gap between nature’s timeline and our culinary impatience is where techniques, like learning how to ripen avocados in the microwave, find their significance.

Step-by-Step Guide to Ripening Avocados in the Microwave


1. Choose the Right Avocado

Begin by selecting an underripe avocado. It should be firm to the touch but not rock-hard. A slight resistance to a gentle squeeze is ideal. Extremely hard avocados might not yield the best results from microwave ripening.

2. Preparation

To ensure the avocado doesn’t burst in the microwave due to trapped steam, pierce its skin multiple times using a fork. This step is crucial as it allows steam to escape, preventing potential messes and ensuring even ripening.

3. Microwave-safe Dish

Place the avocado on a microwave-safe dish. This dish acts as a safety precaution, catching any potential drips or leaks that might emerge from the avocado during the microwaving process.

4. Time and Power Settings

Microwaving aims to stimulate ripening, not cook the avocado. Start with a 30-second interval on a medium power setting. Different microwaves might have varying wattages, so adjust accordingly.

5. Check and Repeat

Once the initial 30 seconds are up, carefully touch the avocado (it might be hot) to gauge its softness. If it still feels too firm, microwave in additional 30-second intervals, checking after each session.

Remember, the aim is a gentle give under pressure, similar to a ripe avocado’s natural texture. It’s crucial not to overdo this, as prolonged exposure can lead to cooking or over-ripening the avocado.

6. Resting Period

After achieving the desired softness, remove the avocado from the microwave and let it rest for a few minutes. This resting time allows residual heat to continue the ripening process and makes the avocado cool enough to handle or cut.

Using this method, you can have a ripened avocado ready in a few minutes. However, keep in mind that while this method is quick, the taste and texture of microwave-ripened avocados may slightly differ from naturally ripened ones. It’s a compromise between time and perfection, suitable for sudden avocado cravings or unexpected meal plans.

Alternative Ripening Methods


1. Brown Paper Bag Method

Place the avocado in a brown paper bag with an apple or banana to speed up the ripening. The ethylene gas emitted by the fruits will encourage the avocado to ripen in about one to three days.

2. Oven Ripening

Preheat the oven to 200°F (93°C). Wrap the avocado in aluminum foil, bake for 10-15 minutes, and then check for softness. This method can slightly change the avocado’s flavor.

3. Near Other Ripening Fruit

Position the avocado next to ethylene-releasing fruits, such as bananas or apples, on your countertop. This proximity can modestly quicken the ripening process.

4. Rice Immersion

Bury the avocado in a container of rice. The rice amplifies the avocado’s exposure to ethylene gas, promoting faster ripening.

5. Natural Ripening

Letting avocados ripen on your countertop naturally often yields the best flavor and texture, even if it takes a few days.

By familiarizing yourself with these methods, you can select the most suitable one based on your needs and timeline.

Tips and Tricks for the Best Microwaved Avocado


1. Even Ripening

To ensure uniform ripeness, consider turning or flipping the avocado halfway through the microwaving process. This rotation helps in distributing the heat more evenly.

2. Avoid Over-ripening

A mushy texture or off smells are signs of over-ripening. Over-ripened avocados might also have a brownish discoloration or a slightly sour taste. Always lean towards shorter microwave bursts and regularly check to prevent this.

3. Adjust for Microwave Variability

Microwaves can differ in their wattage and heating capabilities. If you’re aware of your microwave’s power, adjust the time settings accordingly to ensure optimal ripening without accidentally cooking the avocado.

4. Cool Down Before Cutting

Once you’ve achieved the desired softness, give the avocado a few minutes to cool down. Not only does this make it safer to handle, but it also allows for easier slicing or mashing.

5. Pair with Natural Ripening

If you’ve got a bit of time, you can combine methods. Start the ripening process in the microwave and then let the avocado sit on the counter or in a brown bag for a day. This can help improve both texture and flavor.

6. Regular Piercing

Ensuring that the avocado skin has been pierced evenly and at multiple points will help in the even release of steam, reducing the chance of uneven ripening or the fruit bursting.

By using these tips and keeping a vigilant eye on your avocado, you can enhance the results of the microwave ripening process and enjoy a creamier, tastier fruit.


1. Can I ripen other fruits in the microwave as well?

Some fruits can be hastened in their ripening with the microwave, but each has its specific needs and risks. Always research the particular fruit before attempting.

2. How do I store an avocado after microwaving it?

If you’re not consuming the avocado immediately, it’s best to store it in the refrigerator. This slows down any further ripening. Aim to use it within one to two days.

3. Why does my microwaved avocado have a slightly different taste?

Microwaving can alter the avocado’s enzymatic activities due to the rapid heating, leading to a subtle change in its flavor profile compared to naturally ripened ones.

4. Is there a risk of the avocado exploding in the microwave?

While it’s rare, there’s a slight risk if steam gets trapped. Always pierce the avocado skin multiple times before microwaving to allow steam to escape and prevent any bursts.

5. How long should I microwave a very hard avocado?

Extremely hard avocados might not respond as well to microwave ripening. However, if you wish to try, use short bursts (20-30 seconds) and check regularly. It may take several rounds to achieve the desired softness.

6. Can I microwave an avocado that’s already begun to ripen?

Yes, if an avocado is partly ripe and you want to expedite the process, you can microwave it. However, be even more cautious with the time to prevent over-ripening.

Remember, while microwaving is a quick solution, understanding the nuances of the process will ensure the best possible outcome for your avocado.


Avocado enthusiasts can rejoice in the knowledge that they no longer need to wait days for that perfect guacamole or avocado toast. With the technique of how to ripen avocados in the microwave, a world of culinary possibilities opens up, ensuring that no avocado is left behind.

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