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11 Instant Pot Ground Turkey Recipes for Busy Families

The instant pot has become a diner time lifesaver in my house! And if the huge number of instant pot recipes online is anything to go by, a lot of people love the convenience and ease of this kitchen gadget. Here is a collection of instant pot recipes that use ground turkey, a low-carb, high-protein staple in many healthy kitchens.

Ground turkey is one of those proteins you should keep in the freezer, it can form the base of so many meals. It is lower in saturated fat than lamb or beef and has a pleasant, neutral flavor that means you can add it into a range of recipes. From Chinese-style Turkey wraps to hearty Texan chili, these instant pot ground turkey recipes are fantastic — less dishes and more family time.

1. One Pot Spaghetti with Meat Sauce​​

Whole wheat pasta, a meaty sauce and plenty of flavor, this recipe will rival even the most traditional recipe. You don’t need to cook the pasta first, just place it in the instant pot and it will cook in all the delicious sauce. This is one for busy weeknights when the kids need fed. Substitute gluten-free pasta if required.

2. Instant Pot Turkey Meatloaf

An easy and nutritious recipe then turns the traditional meatloaf into a low-fat, low carb and high protein dinner option. The barbeque sauce glaze is super tasty and the whole family will enjoy this lighter version, plus this version takes nowhere near the time a traditional meatloaf takes to bake. This dinner is on the table in half an hour!

3. Instant Pot Turkey Vegetable Lasagne Soup

Comforting, hearty and with all the flavors of a classic lasagne, this vegetable packed soup is a healthy, quick and family-friendly dinner. Everything goes into the pot and 20 minutes later, a thick, delicious meaty soup is in your hands. Add some ricotta cheese and some fresh basil on top for the full lasagne experience!

4. Creamy Tomato Instant Pot Pasta with Ground Turkey and Spinach

A creamy pasta packed with tomatoes, ground turkey, spinach and cream cheese that will satisfy the whole family. Any pasta recipe that’s made in the instant pot will always catch my eye as it’s the perfect one-pot meal. This recipe has plenty of greens and protein but tastes delicious and is done in less than half an hour.

5. ​Instant Pot Ground Turkey Quinoa Bowls

Protein and vegetable bowls are one of the best lunch options out there! A warm, comforting bowl of turkey, taco spices and quinoa, this recipe makes a week’s worth of hearty lunches that are high-protein, low in carbs and packed with macro nutrients. Plus, if you have any other vegetables around you can throw those in too, then everything is smothered in a chinese-inspired sauce. Just like takeout, but better!

6. Instant Pot Turkey Chili with Sweet Kabocha Squash

A dairy-free, gluten-free cold weather recipe that warms from the inside, this chili is a little different than the beef and tomato version. This recipe is low in calories, high in protein and full of sweetness from the green chili and kabocha squash. There’s something about the warm spices and creamy coconut milk that makes this one an absolutely favorite!

7. Instant Pot Turkey Sloppy Joes

Make the classic beef sloppy joe healthier by making it with turkey instead. All the saucy, messy deliciousness but with much less fat! On a crazy weeknight evening or lazy Sunday lunchtime throw the ingredients together in the instant pot and serve up with some buns, hoagie rolls or baguettes. This is a great one if you’re after the taste of childhood but made healthy!

8. Instant Pot Turkey Meatballs and Sauce

Juicy, tender meatballs smothered with a creamy sauce and served up on a fluffy bed of mashed potato, this simple yet delicious meal is satisfying and great for feeding a crowd. Serve it up with cranberry sauce around the holidays or with a tangy salsa if you want to mix things up. This is a great way to get all the tastes of a trimmed turkey but with barely any effort!

9. Instant Pot Ground Turkey Lettuce Wraps

This recipe takes frozen ground turkey and cooks it directly in the instant pot with plenty of sweet and spicy sauce and serves it in delicate lettuce cups. Made with just a handful of ingredients that you probably already have in the pantry, these fresh and crunchy wraps are great for lunch. Make a batch on Sunday and keep for the week ahead to be sure you have a delicious, protein rich option at the ready.

10. Instant Pot Hamburger Helper

So much better than the boxed version, this homemade hamburger helper made in the instant pot is just as easy! Leaner than using ground beef, ground turkey ensures this is beautifully creamy and not at all greasy. Plus the delicious seasoning that is cooked right into the meat just can’t be beat.

11. Southwest Ground Turkey Instant Pot Soup

Soup is one of the best winter warmers you can add to your meal plan but with this instant pot taco soup, you can have a high-protein, meaty and flavorful soup ready in no time with very little effort or mess. An excellent one for meal prep, this soup tastes even better after it’s been left overnight for the flavors to develop.

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