J.D. Robb books in order

J.D. Robb Books in Order: Characters, Themes, and Writing Style

Dive into the intriguing world of J.D. Robb’s “In Death” series as we explore its captivating storytelling elements. This article breaks down the J.D. Robb books in order, examining key characters, rich settings, and complex themes, all while highlighting Robb’s unique writing style.

J.D. Robb Books In Order For The In Death Series

Death Series

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  1. Naked in Death (1995)
  2. Glory in Death (1995)
  3. Immortal in Death (1996)
  4. Rapture in Death (1996)
  5. Ceremony in Death (1997)
  6. Vengeance in Death (1997)
  7. Holiday in Death (1998)
  8. Midnight in Death (1998) (Novella)
  9. Conspiracy in Death (1999)
  10. Loyalty in Death (1999)
  11. Witness in Death (2000)
  12. Judgment in Death (2000)
  13. Betrayal in Death (2001)
  14. Interlude in Death (2001) (Novella)
  15. Seduction in Death (2001)
  16. Reunion in Death (2002)
  17. Purity in Death (2002)
  18. Portrait in Death (2003)
  19. Imitation in Death (2003)
  20. Big Jack (2003)
  21. Divided in Death (2004)
  22. Visions in Death (2004)
  23. Survivor in Death (2005)
  24. Origin in Death (2005)
  25. Memory in Death (2006)
  26. Haunted in Death (2006) (Novella)
  27. Born in Death (2006)
  28. Innocent in Death (2007)
  29. Eternity in Death (2007) (Novella)
  30. Creation in Death (2007)
  31. Strangers in Death (2008)
  32. Salvation in Death (2008)
  33. Ritual in Death (2008) (Novella)
  34. Promises in Death (2009)
  35. Kindred in Death (2009)
  36. Missing in Death (2009) (Novella)
  37. Fantasy in Death (2010)
  38. Indulgence in Death (2010)
  39. Possession in Death (2010) (Novella)
  40. Treachery in Death (2011)
  41. New York to Dallas (2011)
  42. Chaos in Death (2011) (Novella)
  43. Celebrity in Death (2012)
  44. Delusion in Death (2012)
  45. Calculated in Death (2013)
  46. Thankless in Death (2013)
  47. Taken in Death (2013) (Novella)
  48. Concealed in Death (2014)
  49. Festive in Death (2014)
  50. Obsession in Death (2015)
  51. Devoted in Death (2015)
  52. Brotherhood in Death (2016)
  53. Apprentice in Death (2016)
  54. Echoes in Death (2017)
  55. Secrets in Death (2017)
  56. Dark in Death (2018)
  57. Leverage in Death (2018)
  58. Connections in Death (2019)
  59. Vendetta in Death (2019)
  60. Golden in Death (2020)
  61. Shadows in Death (2020)
  62. Faithless in Death (2021)
  63. Forgotten in Death (2021)
  64. Abandoned in Death (2022)
  65. Desperation in Death (2022)
  66. Encore in Death (2023)
  67. Payback in Death (2023)

J.D. Robb Books In Order For The In Death Novellas

Death Novellas

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  1. Midnight in Death (1998)
  2. Interlude in Death (2001)
  3. Haunted in Death (2006)
  4. Eternity in Death (2007)
  5. Ritual in Death (2008)
  6. Missing in Death (2009)
  7. Possession in Death (2010)
  8. Chaos in Death (2011)
  9. Taken in Death (2013)

J.D. Robb Books In Order For The Anthologies Featuring In Death Novellas

Featuring In Death

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  1. “Silent Night” featuring Midnight in Death (1998)
  2. “Out of this World” featuring Interlude in Death (2001)
  3. “Bump in the Night” featuring Haunted in Death (2006)
  4. “Dead of Night” featuring Eternity in Death (2007)
  5. “Suite 606” featuring Ritual in Death (2008)
  6. “The Lost” featuring Missing in Death (2009)
  7. “The Other Side” featuring Possession in Death (2010)
  8. “The Unquiet” featuring Chaos in Death (2011)
  9. “Mirror, Mirror” featuring Taken in Death (2013)

The Main Characters

Eve Dallas

  • Brief Background: Describe Eve Dallas as a lieutenant in the New York Police and Security Department (NYPSD).
  • Characteristics: Tough, intelligent, yet emotionally vulnerable due to a traumatic past.
  • Role in the Series: Lead investigator in homicide cases, central protagonist.


  • Brief Background: Irish billionaire with a mysterious past.
  • Characteristics: Charismatic, intelligent, and deeply in love with Eve.
  • Role in the Series: Eve’s husband and unofficial consultant in her investigations.

Supporting Characters

  • Delia Peabody: Eve’s loyal aide and friend.
  • Mavis Freestone: Eve’s best friend, colorful and quirky.
  • Charlotte Mira: Forensic psychiatrist who offers psychological insights into the cases.
  • Briefly describe other recurring characters, like Summerset, McNab, etc.

Themes Explored

Themes Explored

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1. Law and Morality

One of the most recurrent themes in the series is the exploration of law and morality. Through complex cases and ethical dilemmas, the series frequently raises questions about what constitutes justice and the moral responsibilities of those who enforce it. This allows readers to ponder the gray areas between right and wrong, both in the futuristic setting and in contemporary society.

2. Retribution and Redemption

Another powerful theme is that of retribution and redemption. Characters often grapple with the consequences of past actions, whether they seek revenge or aspire for some form of redemption. This theme is embodied not just in the criminal elements of the story but also in the personal histories and growth of main characters like Eve Dallas and Roarke.

3. The Transformative Power of Relationships

The series spends considerable time delving into various forms of relationships—be they romantic, platonic, or professional. Particularly notable is the transformative power of these relationships, as they serve as avenues for character growth, emotional healing, and personal discovery. The evolving relationship between Eve and Roarke serves as a testament to this theme.

4. Impact of Technology on Society

Given its futuristic setting, the series also explores the impact of advanced technology on society, law enforcement, and individual lives. From the use of ‘Autochefs’ to futuristic forensic tools, technology serves as both an enabler and a complicating factor in crime-solving. This theme prompts readers to consider the potential ethical and societal implications of technological advancements.

5. Human Nature and Vulnerability

Within the context of crime and law enforcement, the series delves into the complexities of human nature, including our vulnerabilities and flaws. Despite the advanced society depicted, human emotions like greed, love, and fear still drive actions, for better or worse. This theme adds depth to the narrative, making it relatable despite its futuristic setting.

6. Social Inequality and Class Division

The series doesn’t shy away from addressing social issues like inequality and class divisions. Characters come from diverse backgrounds and the stories often touch upon societal structures, revealing how these factors can influence individual choices and access to opportunities, even in a world of technological advancement.

Who Is J.D. Robb?

J.D. Robb

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J.D. Robb is the pseudonym used by Nora Roberts, a prominent American author, when writing the “In Death” series. This particular series distinguishes itself by blending elements of crime, science fiction, and romance, and is set in a futuristic version of New York City.

Nora Roberts has had an extensive and highly successful career, publishing more than 200 novels in multiple genres such as romance, fantasy, and suspense. She’s garnered the title of #1 New York Times bestselling author multiple times, proving her widespread appeal and literary prowess.

The “In Death” series under the J.D. Robb name has not only been commercially successful but has also received various awards and critical acclaim, further enhancing Roberts’ already impressive literary portfolio. She created the J.D. Robb pseudonym as a way to explore different storytelling techniques and genres without confusing her existing fan base who primarily associate her with romance novels.

Nora Roberts is known for her incredible work ethic, often publishing several books a year both under her real name and her pen name. She resides in Maryland, and although she maintains a level of privacy, she is known to be deeply committed to her craft. Her dedication to writing and her ability to engage readers in both romance and thrilling crime narratives make her a unique and enduring figure in modern American literature.

J.D. Robb’s Writing Style

Writing Style

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1. Fast-Paced Narrative

J.D. Robb’s writing style is notably fast-paced, drawing elements from the thriller genre to create a sense of urgency. This quick tempo serves to engage readers, making it difficult to put the book down as they become invested in the unfolding mysteries and high stakes.

2. Attention to Police Procedural Elements

One of the distinguishing features of Robb’s writing is her focus on detailed police procedures. From forensic analysis to the intricacies of interrogations, the writing delves into the mechanics of law enforcement. This level of detail appeals to readers who enjoy technical aspects and lends authenticity to the setting.

3. Emotional Depth and Range

Robb’s work is not merely plot-driven; it also delves into the emotional complexities of its characters. The tone of the series fluctuates between grim criminal investigations and moments of emotional intimacy, especially between the series’ main characters, Eve Dallas and Roarke. This emotional layering enriches the storytelling, offering a more immersive experience for readers.

4. Realistic and Nuanced Dialogue

Dialogue is another strength in Robb’s writing style. Conversations between characters are realistic, infused with wit and emotional nuance. This serves as both a mechanism to advance the plot and as a tool for character development, making the interactions relatable and impactful.

5. Use of Literary Devices

The series effectively employs a range of literary devices such as suspense, foreshadowing, and red herrings to keep the reader engaged. These tools are skillfully woven into the narrative to enhance intrigue, keeping readers guessing as they navigate through complex plots and character arcs.

6. Consistency Across the Series

Despite the extensive number of books in the series, Robb maintains a consistent writing style. This allows long-time fans to remain engaged while also providing new readers with a dependable quality of storytelling.

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