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Your Kid’s First Paycheck: 30 Jobs for 10 Year Olds to Make Money

As they grow, children naturally yearn for independence. One pivotal way 10-year-olds can embrace this is through earning their own money. From fun neighborhood tasks to creative at-home jobs, the possibilities are both engaging and educational.

Legal and Safety Considerations

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Earning money at a young age is an exciting prospect for children, but it comes with important considerations about their safety, health, and well-being. Adults must ensure that these ventures adhere to legal standards and safety guidelines to protect children from exploitation and harm.

Understanding Child Labor Laws

Before children begin any money-earning activities, it’s crucial to be aware of local and federal child labor laws and regulations. These rules are designed to protect children from hazardous labor and exploitation, ensuring their work does not interfere with their education, health, and personal development. Parents need to thoroughly research these laws to ensure the jobs their children are undertaking are legally and ethically appropriate.

Emphasizing Safety

Safety is a priority when children are involved in work activities. All jobs for children should be safe and age-appropriate. Parents and guardians must monitor their children’s work environments to prevent any accidents or harm. This might involve direct supervision, especially for jobs like dog walking, car washing, or gardening, where there might be slight risks.

Parental Guidance and Supervision

Children may require help understanding their tasks and managing their money. Parents or guardians should guide their children throughout this process, providing advice and helping them navigate challenges. The role of an adult is not just to supervise, but also to teach and enable the child to perform their jobs effectively and responsibly.

Remember, the primary goal of allowing children to earn their own money should always be to encourage learning, development, and an understanding of the value of money, rather than merely financial gain. As such, all jobs and activities should be designed with this goal in mind, alongside strict adherence to safety protocols and legal guidelines.

Good Jobs for 10 Year Olds to Make Money

1. Extra Chores

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Expanding a child’s chore list can be an excellent way for them to earn some extra money. Tasks could include cleaning windows, washing the car, organizing the garage, or even helping with meal preparation. They could also help with bigger projects like decluttering a specific area of the house or assisting with a yard sale.

This not only provides a financial incentive but also instills valuable lessons on responsibility, diligence, and the satisfaction of completing a job well done.

2. Home Business Assistant

If parents run a home-based business, children can get involved in numerous ways. They could help with product packaging, which could include wrapping items, sticking labels, and preparing parcels for shipping. Basic administrative tasks such as sorting mails, filing, or data entry could also be part of their job.

If the business has a social media presence, they can help create content or assist in maintaining the page. This provides a glimpse into entrepreneurship and the dedication required to run a business.

3. Pet Sitting or Dog Walking

For kids who love animals, pet sitting or dog walking can be an enjoyable and rewarding job. Tasks might include feeding pets, taking them for walks, or playing with them. For pet sitting, they could be responsible for providing food and water, cleaning pet areas, and ensuring the pet is safe and comfortable. This job not only earns them some money but also teaches them about responsibility and the basics of pet care.

4. Plant Care and Gardening Assistance

Helping out in a garden is a great job for kids who enjoy being outdoors. They can assist in watering plants, weeding, planting new seeds, or even harvesting fruits and vegetables. If the neighbor has a greenhouse, they could help with cleaning or arranging pots. This not only gives them a chance to make some money but also fosters an appreciation for nature, patience, and the rewards of nurturing growth.

5. Car Wash Services

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Helping out in a garden is a great job for kids who enjoy being outdoors. They can assist in watering plants, weeding, planting new seeds, or even harvesting fruits and vegetables. If the neighbor has a greenhouse, they could help with cleaning or arranging pots. This not only gives them a chance to make some money but also fosters an appreciation for nature, patience, and the rewards of nurturing growth.

6. Yard Cleaning

Offering yard cleaning services depending on the season can be a productive way for kids to make money. In the fall, their tasks could include raking leaves and bagging them up for disposal. In winter, they could offer snow-shoveling services, helping neighbors clear their driveways and sidewalks.

In spring and summer, they can assist with lawn mowing, trimming hedges, or removing weeds. This kind of work imparts valuable lessons on hard work, commitment, and the value of providing a service to others.

7. Craft Selling

If a child is creatively inclined, making and selling crafts can be a wonderful venture. They could produce items like handmade bracelets, painted stones, or holiday-themed crafts. They can even explore upcycling, turning old or discarded items into something new and creative.

Tasks might include creating the items, pricing them, setting up a selling platform (like a physical stall or an online store with adult supervision), and handling transactions. This not only allows them to earn money but also fosters creativity, business skills, and sustainability practices.

8. Personalized Story Booklets

For children who love storytelling or drawing, creating and selling personalized story booklets can be a great job. Tasks can include writing stories, drawing illustrations, assembling the booklets, and selling them to friends, family, or at local events.

If they’re tech-savvy, they could even create digital versions of their stories and sell them online with parental guidance. This encourages their creativity, narrative skills, and introduces them to the world of publishing and sales.

9. Homework Assistance

If a child excels in a particular subject, they can offer their services to assist younger kids with their homework. Tasks could include reviewing and explaining homework assignments, guiding them through problem-solving, or helping them prepare for tests. Apart from earning money, this job can reinforce their own academic knowledge, enhance their communication skills, and boost their confidence.

10. Lemonade Stand

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Operating a lemonade stand can teach children the basics of running a small business. Besides making lemonade, they can also be responsible for setting up the stand, creating posters or signs for promotion, and handling money transactions. They might also try their hand at product diversification by adding homemade snacks or selling other refreshments.

This job helps children learn essential entrepreneurial skills, such as money management, product creation, customer service, and basic marketing.

11. Skill Teaching

If a child has a special skill, such as playing a musical instrument, dancing, or a sport, they can offer to teach other kids. They can structure basic lessons, provide hands-on guidance, and help others improve their skills. This can not only provide a source of income but also enhance their own skills, develop their teaching abilities, and instill a sense of responsibility.

12. Baking Sale

If your child loves baking and is good at making cookies, cupcakes, or any other type of baked goods, they could start their own small baking sale. They can create a menu, price items, and sell to friends, family, or neighbors. It’s not only a great way to make money, but it also helps enhance their baking skills, learn about cost calculation, and improve customer interaction.

13. Recycling Service

Children can provide a service to collect recyclable materials from neighbors and take them to a local recycling center. This job can teach kids about environmental responsibility and sustainability, while also providing a small income.

14. Game Tournament Organizer

For tech-savvy kids who love video games, organizing and hosting game tournaments can be a fun and profitable venture. They can arrange tournaments with their friends, manage scoring, and even provide commentary. Charging a small entry fee can help them earn money.

15. Photography Services

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If a child shows a talent for photography, they can create stunning photo collages and sell their unique creations on stock photo websites, covering subjects that span from nature, pets, and food to everyday objects. Parental oversight will be necessary to handle accounts on these platforms due to age restrictions.

They could also offer printed versions of their best shots or create themed photo collections. They can offer their services to friends and family, or sell their prints at local events or online with adult supervision.

16. Greeting Card Creation

A child with artistic talents can start creating and selling handmade greeting cards. This job could involve tasks such as brainstorming card designs for various occasions, gathering art supplies, creating the cards, and pricing them appropriately. They might make birthday cards, thank you cards, holiday cards, and more.

Selling can be done within their network of family and friends, at local events, or even online with parental guidance. This job helps develop creativity, enhance artistic skills, and gain experience in sales and marketing.

17. Garage Sale Helper

If a neighbor is planning a garage sale, your child can offer their services to assist. They can help in organizing items, pricing, sales during the event, or even in promotion. It’s a great way to understand the value of used items and gain skills in negotiation and sales.

18. Birdhouse Making and Selling

If your child is handy and interested in birds, making and selling birdhouses can be a creative and rewarding venture. Tasks may include designing birdhouses, gathering or purchasing materials, building the birdhouses, and then painting or decorating them. They could also learn about different types of local birds and customize the houses to fit specific species.

Once the birdhouses are ready, they can sell them in their neighborhood, at local events, or even online with adult supervision. This venture can cultivate carpentry skills, creativity, and an appreciation for nature, while also offering a way to earn money.

19. Jewelry Making and Selling

Children who enjoy crafting and have a keen eye for design can delve into the world of jewelry making. This could involve creating beaded necklaces, friendship bracelets, or even simple earrings if they have the right materials and tools. Tasks would include designing the pieces, sourcing the materials (beads, strings, clasps), creating the jewelry, and pricing each item.

The selling aspect can be facilitated at local craft fairs, to friends and family, or online with adult assistance. This job fosters creativity, improves fine motor skills, and introduces children to the basics of running a business.

20. Houseplant Caretaker

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Many people love houseplants but struggle to keep them thriving. If your child has a green thumb, they can offer services like watering, pruning, re-potting, and general plant care advice. This job can teach kids responsibility and plant biology, while also allowing them to earn some money.

Online Jobs for 10 Year Olds to Make Money

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Given the age and the legal restrictions, most formal online jobs are not available for 10-year-olds. However, there are still some online activities they can engage in to earn money, often with the guidance and supervision of their parents. Here are a few ideas:

1. Online Surveys

Some websites allow children to participate in online surveys or test games for money. However, parental consent is required, and it’s crucial to ensure the website is reputable and safe.

2. Selling Handmade Goods

If the child is crafty, they can create and sell handmade goods online. This could include handmade jewelry, crafts, greeting cards, or digital art. These can be sold on online platforms like Etsy or eBay, always with parental guidance.

3. YouTube Channel

If the child is comfortable and creative on camera (and with parental consent), they can start their own YouTube channel. This could be about a hobby they are passionate about, such as toy reviews, video gaming, or DIY crafts. While earning money directly from YouTube requires meeting certain criteria, they can earn from sponsorships or their own merchandise.

4. Online Tutoring

For kids who excel in a certain subject, they can offer their services as a tutor for other kids. This could be done through video calls or an online platform. Subjects could be school-related or extend to music lessons, drawing classes, etc.

5. Blog Writing

If a child enjoys writing, they can start their own blog with the help of their parents. They can write about their interests, experiences, or reviews. While they won’t directly earn money from blogging, they can, over time and with good traffic, start earning from ads, sponsored posts, or affiliate marketing.

6. Podcasting

If a child has a topic they’re passionate about and enjoys speaking, they could start a podcast. This could cover anything from discussing their favorite books, sharing interesting facts, or even hosting interviews. Monetization can come from sponsorships or listener donations.

7. Creating Online Courses or Tutorials

If a child excels at something or has a unique skill, they could create an online course or tutorial series. This could range from teaching simple magic tricks, origami, drawing techniques, to coding basics. These courses could be sold on platforms like Udemy or Skillshare.

8. Stock Photos

If a child has a knack for photography, they can take high-quality photos and sell them on stock photo websites. Subjects can range from nature, pets, food, to everyday objects. Parents will need to manage the accounts due to age restrictions on most platforms.

9. Voice Over Work

If a child has a clear speaking voice and can read well, they could do voice-over work for animated videos, audiobook narration, or commercial jingles. There are online platforms where voice artists can offer their services, but due to age restrictions, a parent or guardian will need to manage the account.

10. Digital Art Sales

If your child is talented in digital art, they could create and sell their artwork online. They can create custom avatars, digital portraits, or even designs for T-shirts and mugs. They could use platforms like Redbubble to sell their designs on a variety of products, or sites like DeviantArt to sell digital prints.

Parents will need to manage the accounts due to age restrictions. This activity not only encourages their artistic abilities but also introduces them to the business aspect of art. As always, any online activity should be monitored by an adult for safety.

Guidance for Parents

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1. Understand the Law

Parents should first familiarize themselves with local labor laws and age restrictions to ensure any job their child is undertaking is legal. This includes understanding the type of work a child is allowed to do, the hours they can work, and the necessary safety precautions.

2. Choose Age-Appropriate Jobs

When helping your child select a job, it’s crucial to ensure the tasks involved are appropriate for their age, skills, and maturity level. Not all jobs are suitable for a 10-year-old. Parents need to consider their child’s physical capabilities, mental development, and personal interests. A job that requires heavy lifting, complex problem-solving, or extensive interaction with strangers may not be suitable.

Choosing age-appropriate jobs ensures your child’s safety, boosts their confidence, and increases the likelihood of them enjoying and succeeding at their work. Age-appropriate jobs for a 10-year-old might involve simple, tangible tasks with clear goals, such as pet care, yard work, or selling crafts they’ve made themselves. Above all, the job should be a learning experience, not a source of undue stress or pressure.

3. Teach Them about Money Management

These early jobs are a great opportunity to teach children about money management. Parents can help their child understand the value of money, saving, spending wisely, and even basics of taxes. For instance, they might encourage their child to save a portion of their earnings or spend it on meaningful items.

4. Ensure Safety

Safety should be a top priority. Parents need to ensure that the work environment is safe, the people their child interacts with are trustworthy, and that the job does not expose the child to harmful situations. This extends to online jobs where parental control measures should be installed to protect the child from inappropriate content.

5. Balance Work and Play

While it’s beneficial for children to gain early work experience, it’s crucial to maintain a healthy balance between work, play, and study. Parents need to ensure their child’s job does not overshadow schoolwork, hobbies, or much-needed downtime.

Regular breaks and free time are crucial for a child’s physical and mental health, fostering creativity, social skills, and overall happiness. Parents should monitor their child’s schedule to ensure that work is not becoming stressful or overwhelming, interfering with their sleep, or hindering their ability to just be a kid.

6. Provide Supervision

Active parental supervision is key when a 10-year-old takes on a job. Parents should provide guidance, monitor work conditions, and handle any transactions or interactions with adults, particularly in person or online. Supervision should also extend to ensuring that the work remains age-appropriate and is not overly challenging or stressful for the child.

Parents should be present as a source of advice and support, helping their child understand tasks, navigate challenges, and make informed decisions. This support is crucial in cultivating a positive work experience and ensuring the child’s safety.

7. Encourage Entrepreneurship

Early work experiences can serve as a stepping stone to cultivating entrepreneurial skills in children. Parents can guide their child in recognizing opportunities, problem-solving, and understanding the basics of running a business. This might include discussions around customer satisfaction, marketing their services, pricing their work, and the importance of dedication and hard work.

Teaching children about entrepreneurship can foster creativity, resilience, and an understanding of the business world, skills that will be beneficial throughout their lives. It’s not just about earning money, but about building confidence, independence, and a sense of accomplishment.

Remember, the goal of your child working at this age is to learn new skills, understand the value of money, and have fun. It’s not about them becoming financially independent or taking on adult responsibilities.


With this range of 30 potential jobs for 10-year-olds, they can learn, earn, and grow. While these roles can be a gateway to financial independence, they also serve as a platform for life lessons and personal development.

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