Keep Your Cat Happy

How to Keep Your Cat Happy When You Are a Student

Cats have their personality; thus, they may require specific attention, and tending to these needs can be satisfying. Despite your busy school schedule, you will make some time to bond and care for your pet. However, most of the activities you will get up to with your cat are often simple.

Having something to care for while in school, whether a plant or animal, keeps you disciplined since it instills a sense of responsibility. When your feline friend is happy, you will also be satisfied. Here’s how to keep it happy.

Create a Regular Feeding Schedule

Schedules are important not only for cats but also for humans. For instance, a study timetable helps you get every assignment done on time so you don’t get penalized or have to look for an essay writing service at the last minute.

For cats, an important schedule is the feeding timetable. When choosing what to include in your cat’s meal plan, you should pay closer attention to their feeding habits. Most cats have two meals a day within 12 hours in between. However, you can also give your cat multiple small meals a day.

Remember, you must track what your cat eats to reduce the risk of obesity. If you overfeed your cat, it may become inactive and develop obesity. Additionally, a regular feeding schedule guarantees your cat gets enough nutrition and reduces the stress brought on by irregular feeding times. If your cat struggles to eat, you must make meal times enjoyable using food toys. Noteworthy, you can ask for nutritional advice from your veterinary doctor for the best nutritional plan.

Keep It Hydrated

Cats tend to drink a lot of water when it is readily available; therefore, you must ensure you always put clean water in its presence. Just like humans, hydration is essential for a cat’s wellness since it helps prevent issues such as kidney stones that may result from the accumulation of toxins that can be flushed by drinking enough water.

When your cat is sick, it can frustrate the owner since they will be fussy, and one may feel helpless. All cats have different water intake levels; therefore, you need to monitor your cat to identify how much water they take so that you can avail the right level.

Provide Interactive Playtime

You can incorporate puzzle feeders, laser pointers, and feather wands to spice up your playtime. Playtime keeps cats stimulated both physically and mentally. You can play several games, such as hide and seek, fetch, and tag. Playtime with your cat strengthens your bond even more and can be therapeutic.

After a long day of classes and going back and forth in school, seeing your cat happy and active helps you relieve some stress. Some of the activities to ensure your playtime include:

• Rush your cat.
• Watch cat TV, which often includes watching cat videos.
• Set up a cardboard playground.
• Blow bubbles.
• Snuggle with your cat.

Making a cardboard playground for them will keep them busy, and you can proceed with other activities so they have more fun after your interactive session. Playing and gentle cuddling with your cat assures them of your presence and makes them feel at home.

Provide a Designated Rest Area

Cats can sleep up to 16 hours a day; therefore, you need to set up a rest area for them to snuggle up and enjoy a good nap. The best-designated rest areas can be a comfortable cushion or bed in a quiet spot in your house. These designated areas provide an escape for cats where they can enjoy a silent moment away from everybody. While cats can be social and in everyone’s space all the time, they also enjoy having some alone time.

Also, cats are the most vulnerable when asleep, so they prefer to take a nap where they feel safe and protected. Cats don’t like being disturbed when sleeping; therefore, aside from buying them a cat bed, you will also need to avoid disturbing them when resting.

Provide Scratching Posts

Cats love to scratch; it is a way of grooming their claws and expressing their emotions, from excitement to stress. Therefore, you will need to invest in a sturdy scratching post so that they do not damage your furniture or mats. It is essential to note that cats do not understand what is wrong or right. They only do what satisfies them at that particular moment. They may not know if they are damaging your furniture by scratching it.

You need to help them get used to the scratching post so they can head to the relevant spot when they feel the urge to scratch. Cats prefer scratching on a steady 32” scratching post that does not wobble when they scratch, even if it gets aggressive.

Have Regular Veterinary Visits

Vet visits shouldn’t be reserved for when your cat is sick; it is best to take them for regular checkups. Regular veterinary checks will help you pick out and solve any issues early before they become painful or expensive to treat. Keeping your cat healthy also guarantees peace of mind since you will not have to deal with a grumpy cat. Also, ensure your cat gets relevant vaccines and deworming medication on time for overall wellness.

Get It a Companion

If you have space for more than one cat, you can consider getting them a playmate. When you are off to school, your cat may feel lonely at home. They can play and hang out with a companion while waiting for you to arrive home from school. However, you need to consider various things before bringing in another cat, from your living conditions to whether your apartment permits more than one pet.

Final Thoughts

Before coming up with a routine for your cat, you will first have to consider their habits and preferences, and then you can adjust their routine accordingly. From walking your cat to pampering them and getting them into a regular feeding routine, all these make a cat comfortable and happy. Cats love affection and care; despite a busy school schedule, you should make time to bond and give your some tender loving and care.

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