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Get Your Wok On for 12 Sizzling Keto Asian Chicken Recipes

Few cuisines come close to the bold flavors of Asian cuisine. It’s time you ditch the takeout menu and whip up some savory, low-carb delights that’ll have you feeling like a culinary ninja!

From the exotic taste of Thai green curry chicken to the mouthwatering savory flavors of Chinese orange chicken, these keto Asian chicken recipes are sure to satisfy those cravings without piling on the carbs. Fire up the wok and let’s get cooking!

1. Keto Thai Green Curry with Chicken

A low-carb spin on a classic dish, this recipe is the perfect blend of tangy, spicy, and savory — just like a good Thai curry should be! And with succulent chicken as the star of the show, this dish is sure to leave you feeling satiated and satisfied, all while keeping you on track with your keto diet goals.

2. Keto Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps

This recipe is a tasty takeout! These chicken lettuce wraps bring the flavors of your favorite Asian restaurant right to your kitchen with juicy chicken combined with a flavorful Asian-style sauce, wrapped in crispy lettuce leaves. Say goodbye to boring salads and hello to this delicious and healthy Asian-inspired treat!

3. Keto Chicken Stir Fry

If you’re craving a stir-fry but don’t want the carb overload, this recipe is right up your alley! Ditch the starchy noodles and opt for low-carb veggies instead, all tossed in a scrumptious, sugar-free, and starch-free sauce. It’s a fun, flavorful, and guilt-free way to enjoy your favorite Asian flavors.

4. Keto Chinese Chicken Salad

Bring intense Asian flavors to your kitchen with this delightful Chinese chicken salad! Packed with crunchy coleslaw, juicy bell peppers, and a generous helping of chopped almonds, this dish will transport your taste buds to a far-off land without derailing your keto diet. Perfect for a light and healthy lunch!

5. Keto Asian Chicken Meatballs

Succulent chicken meatballs infused with delicious Asian flavors, these sweet and savory meatballs will thrill your palate! The recipe’s perfect blend of ginger, garlic, soy, cilantro, green onion, sesame, and sriracha will most assuredly satisfy your appetite for spice and tang.

6. Keto Asian Chicken Wings Recipe

Wings, drumettes, and all things YUM! Get your taste buds ready for some sizzling Asian flavor with these keto-friendly chicken wings. Drizzled with sesame oil and bathed in tamari sauce, these wings will take you on a trip to flavor town without taking you off the keto track!

7. Easy Keto Tsukune (Japanese Chicken Meatballs)

Embrace the culinary magic from the land of the rising sun with these mouth-watering, keto-friendly Tsukune meatballs! Juicy chicken seasoned to perfection with ginger and garlic, these Japanese-style meatballs are the perfect addition to any keto-grilled chicken lineup.

8. Keto Filipino Chicken Adobo

This Filipino chicken adobo recipe is a traditional meal that you can now enjoy while sticking to your keto diet! Ideal for grilling and ready in just 30 minutes, this tangy dish might be the missing recipe in your keto grilled chicken menu!

9. Keto Sesame Chicken

Deliciously sweet and tangy, this quick and easy sesame chicken recipe will be your go-to for hectic weeknights! Tender chicken coated with a soy-based sauce and topped with toasted sesame oil, sesame seeds, and sliced green onions, it’s a fantastic meal to enjoy classic Asian flavors.

10. Keto Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken

This is a must-try recipe for any keto enthusiast, whether for a backyard BBQ or a weeknight dinner. The addition of lemongrass, fish sauce, and hot chilies produces a flavorful and satisfying combo that will make you feel like a culinary pro without deviating from your diet!

11. Keto Indonesian Chicken Salad with Cucumber Noodles

Take a culinary vacation to the islands of Indonesia with this delectable Indonesian chicken salad with cucumber noodles. But don’t be put off by the lengthy ingredient list — this recipe delivers a punch of sour, spicy, and sweet flavors all in one! Perfect for a summery low-carb meal!

12. Keto Chinese Orange Chicken

Zest up your taste buds with this Panda Express copycat orange chicken recipe! A citrus-packed twist on the classic, this dish will have you tossing away all the takeout menus in favor of this healthy, low-carb version. You’ll keep coming back for this zesty, savory, and sweet masterpiece!

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