keto boneless skinless chicken thigh recipes

12 Keto Boneless Skinless Chicken Thigh Recipes

Chicken thighs are a fattier cut of meat that deliver rich, tender, and juicy meals. They’re also easily accessible and affordable and allow for a lot of versatility in the kitchen as you can use them in various cuisines. Plus, they fit right into a ketogenic diet!

So, if you’re looking for inspiration on how to put some chicken thighs to good use, here are some nutritious keto boneless skinless chicken thigh recipes you should try. They’re brimming with flavor and are sure to have you going back for more!

1. Air Fryer Chicken Thighs

This 20-minute recipe yields the juiciest chicken thighs with deliciously crisp edges — without using oil! It’s brimming with bold flavors from paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, and pepper, and you can serve it garnished with fresh lemon juice and chopped parsley to add a burst of brightness.

2. Baked Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs

Chicken thighs coated with an irresistible spice mix and baked until golden brown — you won’t be able to resist this meal! They are best served with broccoli rice casserole or keto mac and cheese but feel free to pair them with your favorite keto sides to personalize your meal.

3. Chicken Shawarma

If you’re craving Middle Eastern flavors, this recipe will be a perfect choice at only 3g net carbs. In it, chicken thighs get loads of yummy flavors from the marinade, although you can also add a dash of cayenne pepper for some tongue-tingling heat. Serve it in low-carb tortillas with fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, and some yogurt!

4. Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato Chicken

Creamy, hearty, and ready in 30 minutes, this one-pan meal is perfect for when you’re busy. It calls for searing well-seasoned chicken thighs until brown, then adding it to a creamy sauce prepared with butter, chicken broth, garlic, heavy cream, Italian seasoning, parmesan, and sun-dried tomatoes. It’s infused with rich flavors that make for an exciting weeknight meal!

5. Filipino Chicken Adobo

Learn how to make a low-carb, healthier version of the popular Filipino dish in just half an hour! In this chicken adobo recipe, the marinade used to coat the chicken is the highlight. It is cooked along with chicken until it’s reduced to a thick consistency, creating a tangy, savory dish you’ll fall in love with!

6. Grilled Lemon Herb Mediterranean Chicken Salad

Don’t be fooled by the name; this salad is a whole meal in a bowl! It’s full of traditional Mediterranean ingredients from olives, tomatoes, and cucumber, alongside a delicious dressing and chicken thighs. The result is a perfect marriage of contrasting flavors. You can also add some crumbled feta on top if you like!

7. Harissa Roasted Chicken Thighs with Greek Yogurt and Feta Cheese

Chicken soaks up the flavor of anything it’s cooked with. And in this recipe, it’s cooked with aromatic ingredients like dill, peppery and smoky harissa paste, onions, red bell peppers, as well as feta cheese and spicy yogurt to create an otherwordly dish! Plus, it keeps in the fridge for about five days, so you can enjoy a tasty meal throughout the week!

8. Keto Cashew Chicken

Get all the flavors of your favorite Chinese meal without compromising your health. Make this iconic dish by combining chicken with a delicious sauce made of apple cider vinegar, five spice powder, liquid aminos, red pepper chili flakes, sesame oil, and xanthan gum. It’s the perfect Chinese stir-fry with complex flavors that you can make in just 30 minutes!

9. Keto Chicken Enchilada Bowl

If you’re craving Mexican food, this filling enchilada bowl is a treat for the senses! The recipe features chicken, chiles, enchilada sauce, and onion. You can add this mixture into a bowl of cauliflower rice, then load it with avocado, pickled jalapeños, shredded cheese, sour cream, tomatoes, or your favorite toppings to make it more enticing.

10. Keto Chicken Soup

This ultra-comforting soup recipe is a must-have in your arsenal. Bring this grain-free delicacy to life with tender chicken thighs, diced cauliflower, celery, and onions. Cook them in chicken stock flavored with paprika, salt, pepper, thyme leaves, and garlic. If you want to meal prep, add cauliflower when you reheat it; otherwise, it’ll get mushy.

11. Keto Chicken Thighs with Creamy Mushrooms Sauce

This quick and easy recipe calls for searing well-seasoned chicken thighs until they develop a nice crust, then adding them to a rich and creamy mushroom sauce to give it layers of delicious flavors. You can serve it alongside mashed cauliflower, roasted veggies, or even zucchini noodles to satiate your hunger.

12. Keto Chicken Tortilla Soup

In this recipe, shredded chicken is swimming in a hearty soup made with canned tomatoes and yellow onions, producing a dish brimming with bold Mexican flavors. You can top this flavorful soup with crispy fried strips to get that authentic tortilla experience without all the extra carbs!

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