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12 Keto Butter Chicken Recipes to Indulge Your Taste Buds

Butter chicken, also known as murgh makhani, is a famous curry in Indian cuisine. It has chunks of chicken (often boneless) simmering in a rich, creamy curry made with butter, cream, tomato sauce, and a whole bunch of spices. This slightly sweet and savory dish is an iconic part of Indian cuisine, so much so that those on a diet would find it hard to resist it.

The good news is you don’t have to! Butter chicken is rich high in protein and fats and low in carbs, so a safe and delicious option for those on the keto diet. To save you the trouble of scouring the internet for inspiration, we’ve listed some fantastic keto butter chicken recipes that’ll allow you to make the same dish in 12 different ways!

1. Butter Chicken

Staying authentic to the North Indian dish, this recipe uses lots of spices and aromatics to produce intense, complex flavors. You also get the richness in the curry from the butter, heavy cream, and tomato paste. Serve it over cauliflower rice to soak up the yummy flavors or pair it with keto-friendly naan.

2. Easy Keto Butter Chicken

At only 6 g carbs per serving, this butter chicken recipe is an absolute dream for keto dieters. The show-stopping dish is made with all the classic ingredients, including cardamom pods, fenugreek leaves, and Kashmiri chili powder (take a trip to your local Asian supermarket for these) to make it taste restaurant-quality good. You can even prepare it in three different ways — bonus points for convenience!

3. Easy Keto Butter Chicken with a Simple Marinade

The secret to tender and juicy chicken in your butter chicken recipe is the marinade. Butter chicken traditionally uses a yogurt-based marinade to help tenderize the meat and infuse it with delicious flavors. You then just have to cook the chicken and add it to the tomato-based sauce to create the ultimate curry!

4. Creamy Butter Chicken

Can’t get enough of the creaminess? This recipe boosts the decadence of this dish while also providing paleo-friendly and dairy-free options! Marinated chicken cooked to perfection and simmered in a savory curry — it has all the makings of a perfect butter chicken! Pair it with keto naan, and you’re all set to impress your guests.

5. Keto Low-carb Butter Chicken

The recipe is a healthy variation of the original and uses ghee instead of butter to give it that rich flavor we all love. Using ghee also adds a lot of flavor to this dish, resulting in a creamier, decadent, and more buttery version of butter chicken! You can serve it with sliced jalapeños, sliced cucumber, raita, or keto naan to round up your meal.

6. Fragrant and Flavorful Keto Butter Chicken

This recipe is made with six essential components — chicken, full-fat yogurt, crushed tomatoes, heavy cream, spices, and aromatics. It stays true to the traditional butter chicken recipe but also includes information on substitutes, so you can easily adapt it to your taste preferences and dietary requirements!

7. Keto Butter Chicken with the Minimal Seasonings

No time to marinate the chicken? No problem! This recipe will help you put together equally delicious butter chicken in just 20 minutes! It uses traditional ingredients like butter, heavy whipping cream, and tomato paste but requires minimal spices. Serve it the traditional way, with keto naan, to soak up the yummy flavors of the sauce!

8. Keto Butter Chicken – Quick and Easy

This 30-minute butter chicken makes it very easy to enjoy this popular curry while using just a handful of spices. While few, the spices this recipe includes — cayenne pepper, cumin, garam masala, and turmeric — will still help produce a dish with authentic flavors!

9. Keto Butter Chicken (3g Carbs)

This recipe, which comes at just 3 g net carbs per serving, will be an asset to your keto menu. Both the marinade and curry are perfectly seasoned to deliver exquisite flavors in every mouthful. You can also store leftovers in the fridge for up to four days, making it ideal for cooking over the weekend so you can enjoy it on weekdays!

10. Keto Butter Chicken in the Instant Pot

Butter chicken is not very complicated to make, and this recipe makes it even easier by using an instant pot! The recipe also swaps out the heavy cream for full-fat coconut milk, which makes the curry even smoother and richer. It’s a healthy version that stays true to the authentic flavors and delivers a lip-smacking meal!

11. Keto Indian Butter Chicken in the Slow Cooker

This amazing recipe calls for marinating the chicken for at least 20 minutes, but we suggest doing it overnight to produce layers of irresistible flavors. Cook it with the reserved marinade, butter, and a splash of cream, and serve it with oven-roasted cauliflower for a wholesome dish.

12. 30-Minute Indian Butter Chicken Recipe

With this recipe, you can have a rich, smooth, buttery dish on your dinner table in just 30 minutes! The recipe cuts down all the frills and presents a super simple and easy-to-follow method of cooking incredibly delicious butter chicken. You’ll also have a lot of the creamy sauce left over that you can use for another dish!

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