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11 Easy Keto Chicken Cutlet Recipes for Weeknight Dinners

Chicken cutlet is essentially chicken breast that’s cut horizontally in half and typically pounded down to make it thinner. This thinned slice of chicken works beautifully in many recipes, delivering exquisite meals that are also easy to make.

Whether you like your cutlets crispy and golden or doused in a creamy sauce, these keto chicken cutlet recipes will help you put together some incredible dishes that are low-carb and don’t hold back on flavor!

1. Chicken Cutlet Caprese Salad

Pair pan-fried chicken cutlets coated with gluten-free crumbs and grated Parmesan cheese and paired with Italian salad essentials, including heirloom tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, baby greens, and sweet basil — this is a salad you’ll keep making again and again! Drizzle a simple balsamic dressing on top, and you’re all set to enjoy a healthy, tasty meal in just 35 minutes!

2. Chicken Cutlets with Mustard Sauce

This quick and easy low-carb meal calls for coating chicken cutlets with a dusting of seasoned almond flour, then pan-frying them with butter until they’re golden brown and crispy. Smother them with a savory sauce made with mayo and mustard to add a creamy and spicy element to the meal.

3. Chimichurri Chicken Cutlets (High-Protein / Keto)

The vibrant chimichurri, made with fresh parsley, garlic, olive oil, oregano, red pepper flakes, and red wine vinegar, packs an insane flavor punch to the seared chicken cutlets. Each cutlet comes at 1.4 g net carbs, which is ideal for a keto diet! Pair them with a simple spring mix salad or roasted broccoli!

4. Keto Chicken Crust Pizza (Cutlets!)

Pizza with a high-protein, keto twist? Yes, please! With chicken cutlet forming the base for this “pizza,” you get to enjoy the flavors of carb-loaded pizza in a low-carb form! Serve it with pizza sauce and any keto-friendly toppings you like!

5. Keto Chicken Cutlets – Low Carb Chicken Cutlets Parmesan (Baked+Fried)

Make perfectly fried crispy and golden chicken cutlets in just 20 minutes! They’re deliciously seasoned with Italian seasoning, garlic powder, salt, and pepper and then coated with almond flour, eggs, and grated parmesan cheese. Serve these crispy treats with your favorite dipping sauce or a fresh green salad!

6. Keto Chicken Milanese

This keto chicken Milanese features pork rind breading batter, which has a light and perfectly crispy texture that tastes quite similar to chicken skin. Pair it with savory Italian seasoning, and you have a surefire crowd-pleaser on hand! You can serve this delicious meal simply with lemon wedges or with an arugula salad!

7. Keto Chicken Parmesan

Ditch the flour and bread crumb coating of the traditional Chicken Parmesan in favor of a healthier keto-friendly variation. Use almond flour, garlic and onion powder, Parmesan cheese, salt, and oil to produce crisp-tender chicken, then bake them topped with marinara sauce and two types of cheese to produce an irresistible dish!

8. Keto Parmesan Crusted Chicken Cutlets

To make these cheesy, savory chicken cutlets, coat chicken cutlets in beaten eggs followed by a seasoned almond flour-parmesan mixture, then bake them in the oven until they develop a lovely golden color. You can serve them as-is, and they also go well with roasted veggies, cauliflower mash, and zoodles!

9. One-Pan Chicken Cutlets In Creamy Pesto Sauce

This quick and easy 30-minute recipe creates a hearty, comforting meal that’ll have you singing its praises! All you have to do is add browned chicken cutlets to chicken broth with sautéed red onion, garlic, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, and pesto. Garnish with fresh parsley, and serve!

10. Skillet Keto Chicken Parmesan with Zucchini Noodles

Parmesan-crusted chicken breast rests on a bed of zucchini noodles covered with a velvety pasta sauce that will have you licking your fingers! Serve it garnished with extra Parmesan and parsley to take them to the next level. And with just 6.8 g net carbs, you can’t resist going for another serving!

11. Super Crispy Keto Chicken Cutlets

Whip up a simple yet highly flavorsome dish in just 20 minutes! To make, dip chicken cutlets into an egg mixture followed by a low-carb breading made of four ingredients — dried oregano, Parmesan, pork rinds, and psyllium husk. Fry until golden brown and serve with some chipotle mayo!

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