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10 Crispy and Tasty Keto Fried Chicken Recipes

Who said you have to say goodbye to crispy, golden fried chicken on a ketogenic diet? Not us! That’s why we’ve gathered some of the tastiest and most mouth-watering keto fried chicken recipes just for you!

From classic southern style to unique and flavorful twists, these keto fried chicken recipes are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings and keep you on track with your health goals. Ready to fire up that deep fryer or air fryer? Let’s get cooking!

1. KFC Keto Fried Chicken

If you crave the finger-licking goodness of KFC but don’t want to ruin your keto diet, don’t worry! This recipe for fried chicken blends the classic KFC flavor with the low-carb perks of the ketogenic diet, delivering a dish that’s so much better than the franchise version. So, skip the drive-through and enjoy this KFC-inspired dish guilt-free in the comfort of your home!

2. Keto Fried Chicken Tenders

Satisfy your cravings for classic comfort food with keto-friendly crispy chicken tenders. Juicy and tender chicken tenderloins are seasoned with a medley of spices and herbs before frying them to crispy golden perfection. Indulge without guilt for a satisfying meal that’ll please even the pickiest eaters.

3. Spicy Keto Fried Chicken

These spicy fried chicken wings are like a firecracker of flavor exploding in your mouth. It’s the perfect recipe for folks who enjoy their food with a fiery kick! This dish takes standard fried chicken and adds a spicy coating that will make your taste buds dance.

4. Keto Oven Fried Chicken

Oh boy, are we in for a treat with this recipe! Anyone who likes the flavor and texture of traditional fried chicken without all the carbs needs to have this recipe in their culinary arsenal. Instead of using store-bought breading, this healthy substitute utilizes a mixture of spices and almond flour to give the chicken a crispy coating, delivering a healthy and super tasty dish within minutes!

5. Pickle-Brined Keto Fried Chicken

Get ready to make the best decision of your life with this pickle-brined fried chicken recipe! Yes, you read that right, pickle-brined! Who knew that tart and tangy pickles could add such a flavorful punch to your fried chicken? This recipe is the perfect combination of salty, savory, and just the right amount of zing.

6. Coconut Cashew Keto Fried Chicken

Shake up your keto fried chicken game by adding a delightful coconut and cashew crust to the chicken! It’s like a tropical vacation in every bite, complete with a crunchy cashew coating that’s both low-carb and gluten-free. This recipe is perfect for those who crave a little sweetness with their savory meals!

7. Keto Fried Chicken Nuggets

Nuggets of happiness, coated in a crispy golden crust, with all the flavor and none of the guilt? Sign us up! This recipe features chicken breading made from coconut or almond flour and some simple but delicious seasonings to give each bite a crispy crunch, while the moist, flavorful chicken within ensures each nugget is juicy and satisfying!

8. Naked Fried Chicken

“Naked Fried Chicken” might sound like it’s going commando in the kitchen, but don’t worry, it’s still fully dressed in deliciousness! This recipe eliminates all of the fuss, so the natural flavors of chicken will shine through. There’s no need for breading or coating; simply pure, juicy chicken that’s been properly seasoned to perfection.

9. Cheese-Breaded Keto Fried Chicken with Hollandaise Sauce

This recipe is the epitome of decadence! In it, the hollandaise sauce just binds everything together like a love knot, while the cheese gives an additional depth of richness. It’s cheesy, creamy, juicy, and just so flavorful that you’ll forget it’s all low-carb and keto-friendly!

10. Keto Chicken Karaage (Japanese Fried Chicken)

One bite of this keto chicken karaage will transport you to the Land of the Rising Sun. You will love this dish’s crispiness, juicy texture, and delectable taste since it uses a breadcrumb-free breading made from pork rinds and almond flour. And let’s not forget the rich umami flavor of the ginger and soy sauce that takes this dish to its peak!

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