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Get Inspired with These 10 Keto Leftover Chicken Recipes

Making a roast chicken or even buying rotisserie chicken often leads to having a ton of leftovers in the fridge. But it also means you have to put in less effort for the next day’s meals!

So, if you have — like the rest of us — cooked a big chicken at your family dinner, here are some keto leftover chicken recipes that can help you put the leftovers to good use. From casseroles to soups, you’ll have plenty of ways to get creative with last night’s dinner!

1. Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole

Make this cheesy, creamy casserole with leftover chicken in just 20 minutes! Chicken breasts, garlic, bacon, ranch dressing, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese — it’s a winning combination for your taste buds. You can also add broccoli or spinach to get your greens in! It’s a mouthwatering dish that will please every palate!

2. Cream Cheese Chicken Stuffed Peppers

This Mexican-inspired dish is made by filling halved peppers with a mixture of shredded chicken, different types of cheese (Monterey, cheddar, and cream cheese), and seasonings like minced jalapeño and cumin. It’s deliciously creamy and packs just enough heat to fire you up!

3. Easy Low Carb Butter Chicken

A creative keto twist on the popular Indian dish, this recipe uses leftover chicken, tomato paste, heavy whipping cream, and a homemade spice mix to produce a crowd-pleasing dish with layers of delicious flavors. It’s irresistibly delicious with some keto bread or cauliflower rice!

4. Keto Chicken Enchilada Casserole

You can make this ketogenic recipe with only five ingredients — perfect for weeknight cooking. It calls for cooking leftover chicken with enchilada sauce, shredded cheese, chiles, and spices, producing a mouthwatering dish that will be an asset to your menu. Serve it with keto-friendly toppings like green onions, salsa, shredded lettuce, and sour cream.

5. Keto Chicken Fajita Taquitos

These taquitos come at just 1.3g net carbs per serving and are an ideal keto meal for taco lovers. The recipe calls for using slices of Colby cheese to produce crispy cheese shells, which you can fill with a mixture of leftover chicken and veggies. With the addition of hot sauce and lime juice, it will create a healthy dish that doesn’t compromise on flavor!

6. Keto Chicken Patties

Simple but full of flavor, these crispy keto chicken patties are made by combining leftover chicken with eggs, parmesan cheese, and seasonings. Enjoy them as an appetizer or slide them into your keto-friendly burger buns alongside veggies to transform them into a satisfying meal!

7. Keto Chicken Salad with Avocado and Bacon

This healthy recipe swaps out mayo with olive oil, adding to the richness of the classic salad without all the extra fat. And with creamy, buttery avocado and crispy bacon, you can produce a marriage of complementary and contrasting flavors that will last a lifetime on your tongue. It’s terrific on its own, but you can also enjoy it in a low-carb tortilla!

8. Keto Chicken Soup

This comfort food is packed with tender shredded roasted chicken, mirepoix, leek, and kale — keeping it low on carbs and high on flavor. Add these nutritious ingredients to a chicken broth flavored with fresh herbs and spices, swirl in butter, and garnish with parsley to enjoy a heartwarming meal.

9. Keto Cranberry Chicken Salad

You’ll want to eat second servings of this salad — which trumps the purpose of your keto diet, but at just 4g net carbs per serving, you can do so guilt-free! The recipe combines leftover chicken, dried cranberries, and various nuts with a creamy salad dressing. Topped with crumbled goat cheese, it’s a refreshing meal that packs a big flavor in every spoonful!

10. Mexican Chicken Casserole

This casserole is brimming with Mexican flavors and is sure to be a hit with everyone at your dinner table! It only takes 25 minutes to put together this creamy, savory meal with leftover chicken, salsa, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and chipotle powder. Top it off with some sour cream and parsley to garnish, and serve!

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