keto mexican recipes with chicken

10 Tempting Keto Mexican Recipes with Chicken

Mexican food is all about bold and spicy flavors. And given the diverse ingredients you can use in this cuisine, Mexican dishes offer lots of options for keto dieters! So, in this article, we’ve got some flavorful keto Mexican recipes with chicken that are sure to become permanent fixtures on your keto diet.

From a low-carb take on classic chicken tacos to keto enchiladas, our lineup of keto Mexican recipes with chicken is the fiesta your taste buds have been waiting for. So, put on your sombrero, grab a margarita (or a keto-friendly drink), and get ready for a culinary adventure south of the border.

1. Keto Mexican Cheesy Chicken Skillet

This one’s a cheesy, saucy, and spicy chicken recipe that will have you doing the salsa in your kitchen. With juicy chicken, melted cheese, and fiery Mexican flavors, this chicken skillet recipe is a no-brainer for people on a keto diet. It’s so indulgent and filling that you won’t even miss the carbs!

2. Easy Keto Mexican Chicken Casserole

When you want a Mexican fiesta but don’t want to gorge on carbs, this Mexican chicken casserole is the answer to your low-carb prayers! This casserole is packed with all of the fiery flavors of Mexico but with a keto twist. Chicken, cheese, salsa, and a variety of seasonings come together to create a gratifying and healthy dinner for any night of the week.

3. Keto Mexican Chicken Traybake

This keto Mexican chicken traybake is like a fiesta in a pan! With juicy chicken thighs, zesty salsa, and creamy avocado, it’s a one-pan meal that’s sure to satisfy. So grab a fork and get ready for a Mexican-inspired feast!

4. One-Pan Keto Pollo con Queso (Chicken with Cheese)

Loaded with succulent chicken, melting cheese, and aromatic spices, this recipe is a mouthwatering feast. And the best part? It’s all cooked in one pan for easy clean-up! Plus, you can put it on the table in just 20 minutes! So, grab a fork, and dig in!

5. Keto Mexican Shredded Chicken

In this recipe, juicy and tender shredded chicken is marinated with bold flavors and slow-cooked to perfection. Pair it with cauliflower rice or load it up in zucchini boats or use them to make stuffed peppers for a fiesta of flavor in every bite. This is one keto-friendly dish you won’t be able to resist!

6. Keto Creamy Poblano Chicken

This creamy poblano chicken recipe will create a fiesta in your mouth! If you love bold Mexican flavors in a low-carb meal, you’ll become a quick fan of this dish. It’s the ideal balance of spicy and creamy, perfect for enjoying a guilt-free feast!

7. Mexican Roasted Chicken

A perfect match for those who love their chicken with a kick of heat, this keto-friendly recipe brings all the bold and spicy flavors of Mexico to your table. Plus, it’s so simple to make that you’ll keep coming back to it every time you crave tender, juicy, and delicious chicken roasted to perfection!

8. Quick Mexican Chicken Soup

This creamy and hearty chicken soup not only delivers on flavor but also nutrition! It’s a delicious, keto-friendly treat that packs a punch with its bold Mexican flavors while keeping your carb count in check. Enjoy a delicious balance of tender chicken, creamy cheese, and the perfect kick of spice in one bowl!

9. Keto Mexican Chicken Drumsticks

These Mexican chicken drumsticks are the ideal party appetizers. They’re crispy, juicy, and seasoned with a mixture of Mexican flavors from Chipotle powder, cumin, paprika, and chili powder. It’s a lip-smackingly delicious starter or main dish for a Mexican feast.

10. Mexican Chicken Patties

Perfect for a keto diet, these patties are packed with flavor and are super simple to make. Make the patties with ground chicken, salsa, taco seasoning, zucchini, and cilantro, and fry them to crispy golden perfection. Serve with a side of guacamole, and let the party begin!

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