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Soup’s Up! 11 Flavor-Packed Keto Recipes with Chicken Broth

Spice up your keto diet with these delectable dishes that make use of the versatile liquid gold — chicken broth! Not only is chicken broth a kitchen staple, but it’s also a low-carb and keto-friendly item that adds flavor and richness to your recipes.

From soups and stews to sauces and stir-fries, we’ve gathered some incredible, mouthwatering keto recipes with chicken broth. Get ready to slurp, sauté, and relish chicken broth like you’ve never done before!

1. Creamy Broccoli Soup with Crispy Sage (Dairy Free)

Whether you’re a fan of creamy soups or just searching for a cozy dinner, this creamy broccoli soup is not your average bowl of green! This keto recipe is packed with flavor owing to a secret ingredient — a hearty splash of chicken broth. And the crispy sage leaves give a satisfying crunch to every mouthful.

2. Instant Pot Keto Broccoli Chicken Bacon Cheese Soup

Bringing the heat, the bacon, and the cheese to the keto soup game, this instant pot keto broccoli chicken bacon cheese soup is the MVP of comfort food. Perfect for those chilly nights when you want something hearty and satisfying, this soup is sure to score big points with your taste buds.

3. Keto Buffalo Chicken Soup

Cozy up with a steaming bowl of this soup made with wholesome ingredients like chicken broth and tender chicken, along with a kick of hot sauce. This keto powerhouse offers a delicious and nutritious way to warm your soul on chilly days.

4. Slow Cooker Chicken Kale Soup

Say goodbye to boring and bland soup recipes, and hello to this light, refreshing, and super flavorful chicken and kale soup! This chicken broth-based recipe adds a healthy twist by swapping out the noodles for chunks of carrots and a generous serving of kale. It’s a warm and hearty bowl of goodness that won’t sabotage your keto diet.

5. Creamy Crack Chicken Soup

This creamy crack chicken soup features chicken broth as a not-so-secret ingredient and a splash of homemade ranch spice mix for a flavor explosion in every spoonful. Add this to your low-carb meal plan, and you’ll have a creamy, delectable bowl of keto heaven!

6. Cauliflower Purée with Thyme

Ditch those carb-filled mashed potatoes and embrace the magic of this healthy, smooth, and delicious cauliflower purée! This dish is a creamy, dreamy, low-carb masterpiece, brought to life with a splash of savory chicken broth. It’s like mashed potatoes and soup had a delicious baby! One taste will make you fall in love with this easy yet elegant keto recipe!

7. Watercress and Chicken Soup

This keto-friendly delight packs a punch of flavor using nourishing chicken broth as its base. Not only is it a warm and comforting soup, but it’s also a great way to get your daily dose of greens. So, go ahead and ladle yourself a bowl to enjoy the bright and fresh flavors of watercress in every spoonful!

8. Thai Coconut Soup with Shrimp or Chicken

With the addition of a good quality chicken broth to boost the flavor and nutrients, this dish packs a nutritious punch with a creamy, spicy kick. And if you’re a seafood fan, you can use the same recipe for shrimp soup! It’s perfect for any keto loyalist who craves some spice in their meals.

9. Zesty Queso Keto Chicken Soup

With its delectable combination of cheesy, tangy flavors and warming chicken broth, this zesty queso keto chicken soup is sure to make your taste buds dance. It’s not only ideal for a low-carb diet but also a great option for anybody looking to quench their hunger with a nutritious and filling bowl of soup.

10. Chicken Avocado Soup

This luscious chicken avocado soup recipe will have you slurping up some real flavor! The perfect comfort food with a keto twist, make this soup with velvety chicken broth, nutritious avocados, and a pinch of seasoning. It’s like a warm hug in a bowl but without the added carbs!

11. Keto Lemongrass Chicken Soup

Soup-ercharge your keto game with this tangy and aromatic bowl of lemongrass chicken soup! This recipe is a surefire way to warm up your soul, soothe your taste buds, and fulfill your keto cravings. Who knew a bowl of comfort could also be a source of lean protein?

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