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Keto Substitutes for Bread: 7 Alternatives for a Low-Carb Diet

Bread has been a staple in our diets for decades. It’s light, fluffy, tasty, and so full of carbs and sugar. Unfortunately, the high carb, sugar, as well as gluten content of bread makes it unsuitable for those on a keto diet or allergic to gluten.

But that doesn’t mean you’ll have to let go of your favorite foods! If you’re avoiding bread, there are many alternatives you can use instead. We’ve listed some of our preferred keto substitutes for bread below that’ll allow you to enjoy your favorite sandwiches and pizzas without jeopardizing your diet.

1. Almond Flour Bread

Almond Flour Bread

Nutritional profile of one slice of almond flour bread:

  • 100 calories approx.
  • 6 grams of protein approx.

Almond flour bread is an easy-to-make alternative to regular bread. You just need almond flour, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, eggs, kosher salt, and refined coconut oil to make this gluten-free bread. It has a thick and dense texture — somewhere between bread and cake — and a lower carb content than regular bread.

Almond flour bread is an excellent source of nutrients and healthy fat, making it a great replacement for regular bread for making everything from sandwiches and grilled cheese to French toast. However, remember that almond flour bread can be a little crumbly, so if you’re making it at home, don’t forget to add a little xanthan gum to the mix to get the desired outcome.

(*Nutritional values may differ depending on the brand.)

2. Cauliflower Bread

Cauliflower Bread

Nutritional profile of one serving of cauliflower bread (Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Thins)

  • 120 calories
  • 10 grams of protein

Cauliflower bread is low in carbs and calories and packed with essential nutrients like vitamins A, C, and K and antioxidants. It is also high in fiber, meaning it aids in digestion and keeps you feeling satiated for longer, making it the perfect option for those on a diet.

Cauliflower bread is the king of versatility, so you can use it in any recipe that calls for traditional bread — think sandwiches, pizzas, toast, and more! If you’re making it at home, remember to dry out the vegetable first, as cauliflower retains a lot of moisture.

(*Nutritional values may differ depending on the brand.)

3. Cloud Bread

Cloud Bread

Nutritional profile of one slice of cloud bread:

  • 36 calories approx.
  • 2.24 grams of protein approx.

Cloud bread, also called oopsie bread, is a soft, spongy bread. It uses whole eggs and cream cheese to rise, which gives it lots of nutrients and saturated fat. Given the limited ingredient list, cloud bread has a strong taste of eggs and a light and airy texture. It is also low in carbs, high in protein, and gluten-free.

You can use cloud bread as a fluffy alternative to regular bread in almost anything from burger buns to sandwich bread. The delicate taste of this protein-rich substitute pairs well with spreads, dips, and soups, and you can also use it in place of tortillas, English muffins, and pizza crusts.

4. Coconut Flour Bread

Coconut Flour Bread

Nutritional profile of one slice of coconut flour bread:

  • 60 calories approx.
  • 2 grams of protein approx.

Coconut flour is dense in healthy fats and low in carbs, making it an ideal ingredient for making healthy and delicious keto bread. In addition, it is naturally gluten-free, has a superb multi-grain taste, a fluffy and buttery texture, and loads of fiber.

You can use coconut flour bread to make a grilled cheese sandwich or toast it and enjoy it with avocado and eggs. It’ll work amazingly in any recipe that calls for regular bread. Just remember that coconut flour is highly absorbent, so you will need to add more liquid to get a satisfactory outcome in your baked bread.

(*Nutritional values may differ depending on the brand.)

5. Eggplant Slices

Eggplant Slices

Nutritional profile of one cup of eggplant:

  • 20 calories
  • 0.8 gram of protein

Eggplant, also known as aubergine, has a subtly sweet flavor with bitter undertones. It has a firm and spongy texture that will soak up the flavor of anything it’s cooked with. It is also nutritionally dense and is a great source of folate, manganese, and potassium. When grilled, eggplant gets a tender texture that can work as a unique bread substitute.

To use, cut the eggplant into 1-inch thick discs (or as thin or thick as you’d like), season them with your favorite spices, then grill them for a bit. This will give your bread replacement a smoky, meaty flavor. Once it’s cooled, you can nestle any of your favorite meats, such as beef, lamb, and chicken, inside and layer it with toppings of your choice to create a delicious sandwich.

6. Lettuce


Nutritional profile of one lettuce:

  • 15 calories
  • 1.4 grams of protein

Lettuce leaves have a sweet, mild, peppery flavor and a crisp and ruffled texture. They’re a rich source of vitamins C and K, folate, iron, manganese, and potassium, and they’re low in carbs and calories.

Lettuce leaves have a taste or texture that’s very different from bread, but it’s a wonderful low-carb alternative for making sandwiches and wraps. Make sure you use the big leaves on the outside to make your wraps or burgers. Otherwise, its surface area won’t be large enough to hold the veggie and meat filling.

7. Portobello Mushroom Buns

Portobello Mushroom Buns

Nutritional profile of one whole portobello mushroom:

  • 22 calories
  • 2 grams of protein

Portobello mushrooms are large mushrooms that are almost the size of a regular bread slice. They have a buttery, earthy, and meaty flavor — quite the opposite of bread — but can be an excellent low-carb option. These mushrooms are also packed with B vitamins, selenium, protein, potassium, and copper, making it easier for you to meet your daily nutritional needs.

You can eat portobello mushrooms just as you would use burger buns — grilled, baked, or raw. To add flavor and texture to your burger, we recommend you grill the mushrooms to give them a meaty flavor, then load them with crunchy veggies, cheese, and tomatoes. Add a garnish of sesame seeds for a next-level appeal.

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