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10 Low Carb Ground Turkey Recipes to Add to Your Weekly Meal Plan

Low carb and Keto-style eating plans are increasingly popular and with good reason! But finding new and exciting meals that fit into the low-carb lifestyle can be difficult. Here is a collection of recipes that are anything but boring! From comfort foods to fresh, healthy vegetable-laden buddha bowls, you’ll find plenty of options that will keep your meal plan fresh and exciting.

Move aside ground beef, ground turkey is the best meat option for those on a low-carb eating plan! Whether you’re eating on a keto plan, training or just watching your waistline, these low-carb ground turkey recipes will offer you a dinner that is not only lower in calories than beef and chicken, it has a neutral taste that matches well with so many flavors. But low-carb doesn’t mean boring! Find everything from meatloaf to zucchini boats in this collection to add to your low carb meal plan.

1. Easy Keto Chili

This chili recipe takes ground turkey and turns it into a delectable and hearty meal full of meat, vegetables and traditional Mexican flavors. It’s under 9 net carbs per bowl so it’s the perfect meal for chilly evenings when the whole family needs something delicious to warm them up! There are no beans in this version, but the jalapeno and bell pepper ensure the rich, thick and authentic chili will surely hit the spot.

2. Bacon Wrapped Low Carb Keto Turkey Meatloaf

If it’s not enough to have a low carb, keto-friendly, low-effort meatloaf recipe, this one is also covered in bacon! Then it is slathered with BBQ sauce, making it tangy, tender, delicious and an absolute must-try. Meatloaf has long been a homely, family meal and many consider it comfort food at its finest. This recipe offers a healthier alternative by using ground turkey in place of beef and using a sugar-free glaze to keep you on track with your health goals while keeping the family happy and fed.

3. Keto Ground Turkey Crust Pizza Meatza

For a tasty dinner that will impress everyone, this turkey pizza is a little different than your usual. Instead of adding turkey to a pizza base, this recipe uses ground turkey to make the pizza base itself! Top it with pizza toppings and cheese and before you know it you’ll have a delicious, high-protein dinner that can be altered to suit any taste. Let the kids choose their favorite toppings and everyone can make their own personal pan pizzas for a fun pizza night activity!

4. 25-Minute Turkey Meatballs

Protein-heavy, low-carb, tasty, easy and ready in under 30 minutes? These meatballs tick all the boxes, so you can enjoy the tender and juicy ground turkey meatballs without worrying about the carbs. Serve with spaghetti squash or zoodles and complete your low-carb dinner with an extra sprinkle of cheese. Plus they are baked in the oven so there is no messy frying involved. The recipe also involves an ‘optional’ sauce but you really should try it, it takes these to another level!

5. Ground Turkey Cauliflower Rice Veggie Bowls

A perfect meal-prep recipe, this is also a great one to keep in the back pocket for weeknights where energy and time are running low. Quick, healthy, tasty and packed with protein and veggies, the entire meal contains less than 15g carbs. Make an entire batch for lunches or easy dinner options in less than half an hour, less if you use precooked rice! Another one that’s perfect to adapt to suit your taste or what vegetables you have available seasonally. Add in any grilled or roast vegetables you have in your fridge to boost the nutritional value even further.

6. Chinese Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Just like the wraps from the Chinese restaurant down the road, these lettuce wraps are saucy, savory and incredibly flavored. Not only that, but they are ready in less than 20 minutes and have less than 3 net carbs. Stir-frying meat is a great way to lock in the flavor of the meat and it is a quick way to cook, making these a fab weeknight option that can be made in a double batch because you’re 100% going to want leftovers for lunch!

7. Stuffed Zucchini Boats

Only 320 calories per serving, these low-carb zucchini boats are packed with Italian flavor and are super easy despite how impressive the final result looks. Kids and adults alike will love these and they are also really good to take for lunches either cold or reheated. So next time you have a bunch of zucchini (or courgette) whip up a batch of these and watch them disappear.

8. Ground Turkey Egg Roll Bowls

Love egg rolls but not the carbs? These ground turkey egg roll bowls contain cabbage, onion, toasted cashews and plenty of authentic egg roll flavor. Serve on cauliflower rice for a low-carb option to complete the meal.

9. Deconstructed Stuffed Peppers

Traditional stuffed peppers are a delicious lunch or dinner option and are packed with flavor. This version has all the best bits but it is ready in a fraction of the time. By baking everything together in a skillet, you can skip all the fiddly steps that usually come with stuffing peppers. Not only that, but this version only has 7g net carbs!

10. Paleo Ground Turkey Hash with Squash and Peppers

Top this with an egg for an easy, quick breakfast or serve family-style for lunch or dinner. Only a handful of ingredients, this version replaces the usual high-carb potato and beef with squash and peppers but still retains the texture and flavor of classic hash. While you can really use any combination of vegetables you have, the ground turkey really makes this recipe tasty and it’s extra impressive considering it’s on your plate in less than 30 minutes.

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