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13 Microwave Cauliflower Recipes That Are Healthy And Tasty

Rich in vitamin B6, C, and K as well as fiber, calcium, and folate, cauliflower is a nutritious vegetable known for increasing bone density and improving cardiovascular health. Cauliflower is a mild-tasting vegetable with a hint of sweetness to it.

And its quality to absorb flavors makes it a versatile item that can be cooked in countless ways. A microwave is a super convenient tool that you can use to reheat, boil, or steam your food. Here are 13 microwave cauliflower recipes to help you make delicious, quick, and easy dishes using this versatile vegetable.

#1. Easy Microwave Cauliflower

This is the easiest microwave cauliflower side dish you’ll ever make. Just microwave the cauliflower florets for 10 minutes, season it, and you’ll have perfectly cooked, crisp, and buttery cauliflower that goes with almost every course. You can even store this in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. It tastes amazing even when cold. Not a big fan of cold veggies? Microwave it for a minute and you should be good.

#2. Cheesy Cauliflower in Microwave

Cheese lovers love anything cheesy. And when it comes to making vegetables a little more appetizing to eat, cheese is the best option. This 20-minute cheesy cauliflower recipe tastes absolutely amazing, seasoned simply with pepper, garlic, and red pepper flakes. The bread crumbs and Parmesan create a wonderful combination of texture and deliver a stunningly delicious dish.

#3. Tangy Mustard Cauliflower

No matter how much you dislike cauliflower, you’ll definitely fall in love with this cheesy tangy recipe. Steam your cauliflower in the microwave till it turns tender, add mayonnaise and mustard sauce on top, cover the cauliflower with cheese slices and microwave it until the cheese melts. Tangy, creamy, and cheesy, this recipe is an explosion of flavors!

#4. Microwave Steam Cauliflower

The texture of cauliflower is one of the highlights of this vegetable, but overcook it and the crunchy florets turn into a soggy mess. The best way to retain the flavor and texture of cauliflower? Steam it gently. This recipe will guide you to cook cauliflower in the microwave without losing its texture and flavors. Season the steamed florets with your favorite condiments and enjoy!

#5. Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower

Steamed or Baked? Why not both? Steam your cauliflower florets in the microwave till they are perfectly cooked. Then, top it up with a mixture of mayonnaise, parmesan cheese, and garlic spread, and bake the cauliflower for 15-20 minutes. These baked cauliflower florets will turn perfectly crispy on the outside and super tender on the inside — a treat to your taste buds.

#6. Microwave Mashed Cauliflower

Mashed cauliflower is a healthier alternative to the all-time favorite mashed potatoes. This recipe delivers a wonderfully tasty dish without making the vegetable soggy or bland. This microwave mashed cauliflower recipe has all the makings of the perfect side dish. Serve hot with gravy on top for a scrumptious dish!

#7. Microwave Cauliflower Cheese

Topped with a creamy white sauce, this recipe for microwave cauliflower cheese will become your favorite! The sauce is made with just butter, flour, milk, and cheese and comes together in less than 5 minutes. Pour it all over microwaved cauliflower, sprinkle some paprika, and dig in!

#8. Tandoori Gobhi (Grilled Cauliflower) in Microwave

If you love Indian food for its flavorful punch, this Indian version of grilled cauliflower is a must-try. Tandoor is a special way of cooking dishes in a clay pot and using charcoal to add a smokey flavor. This recipe helps you get that same flavor using a microwave. This is a lip-smackingly flavorful Indian appetizer. A bite of this delicious goodness and you’ll keep coming back for more.

#9. Microwave Cauliflower Rice

A low-carb alternative for rice, this microwave cauliflower rice recipe helps you make light and puffy “rice” from scratch. The cauliflower rice is combined with a variety of veggies and eggs to make a hearty and healthy meal. Serve this steaming bowl of cauliflower “rice” with some sesame oil on top and a garnish of chopped green onions.

#10. Microwave Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice

A tasty twist to the cauliflower “rice,” this cilantro and lime-flavored cauliflower rice recipe is both low-carb and keto-friendly. This simple recipe also serves as an excellent side dish for dinners. Coat the cauliflower rice with lime juice and other condiments before microwaving it. This cilantro lime cauliflower rice tastes amazing with spicy kabobs.

#11. Microwave Spiced Cauliflower Couscous With Raisins And Coconut

Turn your regular cauliflower rice into an exotic side dish using this recipe. With an amazing mix of spices, this couscous dish is heaven for our tastebuds. Start with toasting the coconut on a baking dish in a microwave till it’s golden brown. Transfer it to a dish and cook the cauliflower with all the other ingredients. Top it off with some raisins and the toasted coconut, and serve!

#12. Microwave Cauliflower And Lentil Curry

Make a filling and delicious meal in a microwave with this cauliflower and lentil curry recipe. It’s a simple recipe that uses minimal ingredients and just needs 15 minutes to prepare. Microwave some cauliflower florets with curry mix, and garnish with coriander leaves. Serve this tasty curry with some basmati rice and bask in the richness of this buttery heaven.

#13. Easy Cheesy Cauliflower Recipe

This creamy, cheesy recipe is the definition of indulgence. Make it by cooking your cauliflower in the microwave until tender. Then, add a mixture of mustard, onion powder, garlic powder, mayonnaise, and salt on top. Add some shredded Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese on top, and microwave again until the cheese melts. Dig in!

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