Midea Closes the Kitchen Door
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Midea Closes the Kitchen Door on Doubly Delightful Debut at Inspired Home Show 2024

As the doors close on this year’s Inspired Home Show 2024, one name stands out among the 100’s of conveners for its innovative spirit and delectable offerings: Midea. This global leader in home appliances took center stage at the event, captivating attendees with its cutting-edge Double Decker Air Fryer.

From March 17th to 19th, Midea transformed Booth Number N7738 into a food lover’s wonderland, showcasing the power and versatility of its awesome new air fryer. Attendees were treated to live demonstrations, witnessing firsthand the magic of cooking two different foods simultaneously, thanks to the unique 2-zone cavity design.

Throughout the event, Midea’s booth buzzed with activity as attendees indulged in delicious and healthy snacks prepared using the air fryer. From crispy chicken wings to perfectly golden fries, the Double Decker Air Fryer showcased its ability to create mouthwatering dishes with less oil and fat, aligning perfectly with the trend of modern, health-conscious living. Each dish, expertly prepared using Midea’s innovative appliance, showcased the endless possibilities of air frying technology.

From healthy and wholesome meals to indulgent treats, the cooking influencers in the smart home space left a lasting impression on attendees, inspiring them to reimagine their approach to home cooking.

Midea now is looking ahead to a future filled with endless possibilities. With its unwavering commitment to excellence and a passion for innovation, Midea remains dedicated to shaping the future of the smart home and kitchen industry. 

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