fried squash recipes
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10 Scrumptious Fried Squash Recipes

Summers are incomplete without eating the good ol’ squash. These veggies are delicious, whether it’s butternut, honeynut, or summer squash. Frying them brings out their flavor and turns them into a munch-worthy tasty treat, which can make for a scrumptious …

steamed shrimp recipes
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10 Savory Steamed Shrimp Recipes

It’s no secret that the best way to cook your shrimp is to steam it. Steaming brings out the flavors of the shrimp and requires less time than boiling it. It is also a more gentle approach to cooking your …

sauteed zucchini recipes
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12 Delicious Sauteed Zucchini Recipes

Zucchini is incredibly versatile and absolutely delicious, provided you know how to cook them. These tasty veggies are loaded with nutrients and stock up on health benefits.  In these recipes, zucchini is prepared in a variety of unique ways that …

penne pasta recipes
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16 Flavorful Penne Pasta Recipes

Pasta is a comfort food for adults and children alike. And penne pasta is the ultimate crowd-favorite. When a delicious penne pasta dish is served, none can resist the temptation. Whether made in creamy Alfredo sauce or tossed with a …

air fryer zucchini recipes
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11 Healthy Air Fried Zucchini Recipes

There’s no denying that zucchinis make for an incredibly healthy side dish or a midday snack. These air fryer zucchini recipes are the perfect way to enjoy this incredibly versatile veggie. From being keto-friendly and low-carb to being delicious and …

honeynut squash recipes
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11 Mouthwatering Honeynut Squash Recipes

Honeynut squash is a crowd-favorite vegetable in fall. It’s actually a fruit but is prepared like a veggie. Some people often confuse it with butternut squash, but these delightful little treats are sweeter and smaller. When roasted, they taste absolutely …

recipes with egg noodles
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12 Wholesome Recipes With Egg Noodles

Egg noodles are one of those kitchen staples that everyone has in their pantry. If you’re looking for unique ways to transform your boring noodles into magical dishes that your kids won’t fuss about, make sure to try these 12 wholesome …

chuck roast recipes
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12 Delicious Chuck Roast Recipes

Chuck roast is a delicious and nutritious cut of boneless meat from the area between the ribs and the backbone. You can make many dishes, like pot roasts or stews, or it can be used as stuffing for your favorite …