side dishes for gnocchi

13 Simple & Easy Side Dishes for Gnocchi

Gnocchi is the definition of simple yet classy. It’s made of basic ingredients and requires minimal effort to make. But even with all that simplicity, it tastes phenomenal. Each dumpling piece is like a heavenly pillow on your tongue, coated …

cuban side dishes

12 Classic Cuban Side Dishes You Must Try

Cuban cuisine is one of the most interesting and exciting cuisines because it is a melting pot of many flavors. Through centuries, Cuba was exposed to many cultures and foods, including those from Spain, France, Africa, and more. These influences …

what to serve with chicken casserole

What to Serve with Chicken Casserole: 12 Simple Side Dishes

Every chicken casserole recipe is unique – some are creamier, crunchier, or meatier than others. Some have veggies; some don’t. Others top with breadcrumbs, while a couple uses pretzels and crackers. But whichever you have, it’s sure to be as …

sides for lemon pepper chicken

12 Healthy & Tasty Veggie Sides for Lemon Pepper Chicken

An excellent way to prepare chicken is by flavoring it with lemon pepper seasoning. When it penetrates deep into the juicy meat, the chicken is imbibed with citrusy notes, subtle spice, and savory tastes. Lemon pepper chicken also has an …

what to serve with orange chicken

What to Serve with Orange Chicken: 12 Tasty Takeout Recipes

For many people, Chinese takeout is a go-to choice when they’re too busy to prepare dishes but want a heartwarming, delicious meal. Thus, while it isn’t an accurate reflection of Oriental cuisine, many have come to love it, including you! …

seafood boil sides

13 Simple & Perfect Seafood Boil Sides You Must Serve

A seafood boil is more than just a medley of seafood and veggies. It is a dish that brings together coastal communities, as the sea’s bounties are meant to be shared and enjoyed by many. Moreover, it’s a great recipe …

sides for philly cheesesteak

12 Simple Yet Classic Sides for Philly Cheesesteak

Philly cheesesteak is one of the most popular beef sandwiches. It’s made of thin, tender beef piled on toasted, buttery hoagie rolls, then topped with melted cheese or Cheez Whiz. But people don’t stop at that – they fill it …

what to serve with ham steak

What to Serve with Ham Steak: 13 Must-Try Side Dish Recipes

There’s greatness in simplicity, and that’s evident with ham steak. The tenderness and deliciousness of the meat come through better, and its plainness pairs well with a ton of glazes, sauces, and side dishes. Thus, you can have various glaze …