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20 Persimmon Recipes You Have to Try This Summer

The persimmon is a bright orange fruit that has a texture similar to apricot and a honey-like flavor. It is a very unique fruit that goes great in any number of dishes and makes a delicious summer dessert option.

Persimmon recipes can be adapted in all kinds of ways if you prefer very sweet or mild desserts. This is the perfect way to incorporate brighter dishes into your routine and enjoy this tasty variety of fruit.

#1. Persimmon Bread

This persimmon bread is a delicious recipe to help you use up those persimmons that you may have in your kitchen. This is a very simple sweet bread recipe that can be whipped up in one bowl and ready to serve in less than two hours. The finished result is a slightly dense bread that is still light and fruity, perfect for a light after-dinner dessert or sweet snack. It can be served on its own, toasted with jam, or served with ice cream and fresh persimmons.

#2. Persimmon Jam

Persimmon jam is one of the best ways to really take advantage of these delicious and glowing fruits. You can create a beautiful persimmon jam out of persimmons, sugar, and lemon juice that is very versatile. A bit of prep work is involved as well as time to cook down the jam until it becomes condensed enough to set. The finished jam can be saved for later or used for toast, topping ice cream, or as a flavoring for all kinds of desserts.

#3. Persimmon Pudding

Persimmon pudding is not necessarily what you would expect, as it is not a light and delicate pudding. This is a sturdy baked pudding with eggs, flour, persimmons, and plenty of butter and sugar. Everything is mixed together and baked, coming out of the oven as a firm and decadent pudding that still has that rich persimmon flavor. This is the perfect dessert to top with whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

#4. Healthy Persimmon Dessert

This healthy persimmon dessert is light and refreshing, perfect for a summer treat. It is made by layering persimmon puree with vanilla-flavored and sweetened ricotta. This creates a delicious and creamy dessert that really captures the flavor and beautiful color of persimmon. This can be layered beautifully in small glasses or in a large container to serve to a crowd.

#5. Persimmon Cookies

These persimmon cookies are a unique take on persimmon desserts and can help you to get more creative with baking with persimmons. These cookies are thick and can be topped with an orange glaze to add flavor and sweetness. This is a pretty standard cookie recipe with the addition of persimmons and a variety of spices to make these cookies really stand out. They are easy to make and are perfect for dessert or taking to a family gathering.

#6. Spiced Persimmon Muffins

These spiced persimmon muffins are simple to make and turn out beautifully every time. They are flavored with persimmon puree as well as cinnamon and ginger to give them a warm and spicy flavor. These are simple to whip up and only take about 15 minutes to cook before they can be served. This makes the perfect light breakfast option or a snack for when you are craving something sweet.

#7. Holiday Persimmon Pudding

This persimmon pudding recipe is a holiday take on this tasty fruit, as this pudding has all of the comforting flavors of Christmas. This is a hearty recipe as it includes persimmons, flour, eggs, carrots, and walnuts. A blend of holiday spices as well as raisins elevate this pudding and help it to taste extra rich and comforting. It can also be served with a simple lemon sauce to bring out the brightness of the persimmons.

#8. Dark Rum Persimmon Pudding

This persimmon pudding is an actual pudding made from persimmon puree and heavy cream to create a decadently creamy pudding. Dark rum adds a rich flavor to this pudding and helps to add depth as well as an alcoholic kick. Sugar and vanilla help to pull this pudding together and the pudding is layered, with the heavy cream and persimmon puree being separate. No cooking is required, though this pudding should be chilled before eating for the best experience.

#9. Persimmon Risotto

Persimmon risotto is a unique recipe to try if you have a lot of fresh persimmons on hand. This recipe combines fresh persimmons, risotto, got cheese, and pancetta to create a sweet and savory meal. This is cooked down like any other risotto, allowing the persimmons to become very soft and mixed throughout the dish. The goat cheese and persimmons perfectly compliment one another, creating both a sweet and savory meal.

#10. Candied Persimmon

Candied persimmons are a delicious way to enjoy this bright orange fruit without having to actually bake a dessert. All you need are persimmons and sugar, which you will boil together to allow the persimmons to be candied. After being boiled, let the persimmon slices sit out and dry before coating them in more sugar. This creates beautiful orange slices that are chewy and sweet, perfect for eating on their own or adding to other desserts.

#11. Persimmon Crumble

Persimmon crumble is a great way to enjoy this delicious fruit without spending too much time in the kitchen. A crumble is easy to throw together and only requires basic ingredients, such as persimmons, sugar, spices, flour, butter, and oats. The persimmon mixture goes into your baking dish while you prepare the crumb mixture to go on the top. Once assembled, the crumble bakes for 20 to 30 minutes and can be served immediately with ice cream or whipped cream.

#12. Persimmon Crumb Pie

This persimmon crumb pie is a show-stopping dessert that deserves a place at any gathering where you bring food to. Persimmons and green apples make up the heart of this pie and are topped with a crumb made of oats, sugar, flour, and butter. This is a simple pie to construct and only takes about 20 to 30 minutes in the oven to cook. The finished result is a golden pie that has a sweet and luscious fruit inside with a crunchy and crumbly crumb on the outside.

#13. Persimmon Cake

This persimmon cake is a deliciously moist dessert cake that is simple to make and is always a crowd pleaser. You will need plenty of fresh persimmons, as well as the basic ingredients to make a cake. It will take about an hour to cook through and will need to be left to set before you slice it up and serve it. You could also make a thick glaze to go over the top of this cake as a decorative effect as well as to add more flavor.

#14. Persimmon Candy

Persimmon candy is a great way of utilizing this fresh fruit and creating something completely new. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of making candy, as this recipe is simple, requiring only persimmons, milk, sugar, and butter. You will need to create a syrup before adding in the persimmons pulp and bringing the temperature back up. Once the desired temperature has been reached, you can let the candy set before unmolding or slicing it into pieces.

#15. Vegan Persimmon Chocolate Pudding

This vegan dessert transforms fresh persimmons into a rich and chocolatey dessert that anyone could enjoy eating. It is incredibly simple to make, only requiring persimmons, cocoa powder, and vanilla extract. You blend everything together until smooth and chill in the fridge for at least one hour. You can top this pudding with whipped cream, fresh persimmons, or other kinds of complimentary fruit.

#16. Honey-Baked Persimmons

Honey-baked persimmon is a simple dessert that creates a delicious option if you have a sweet tooth. You will need fresh persimmons, honey, spices, and lime juice to make these baked persimmons taste just right. You coat all of the sliced persimmons in the other ingredients before baking for about 45 minutes or until they are tender and caramelized. You can top these persimmons with yogurt, ice cream, or a dollop of whipped cream.

#17. Spicy Persimmon Preserves

Making spicy persimmon preserves is a unique way of preserving these fresh persimmons so that you can enjoy them later. This recipe requires fresh persimmons, sugar, lime juice, chili paste, and salt. You will need to cook all of the ingredients together on the stove until the persimmons are tender, this takes about 40 minutes. Then they can be sealed in containers and used on crackers, bread, sandwiches, or other foods.

#18. Persimmon Ice Cream

This persimmon ice cream recipe is the perfect light and refreshing dessert that doesn’t require many ingredients to make. All you need are persimmons, heavy cream, and vanilla to create this creamy dessert. You will want to freeze the chopped persimmons before blending them up with the rest of the ingredients. Blend until smooth and serve immediately for a persimmon ice cream that doesn’t require an ice cream maker or a lot of time to prepare.

#19. Chocolate Persimmon Bars

These chocolate persimmon bars are an impressive dessert that you can take to any kind of gathering to impress your friends and family. These bars are made up of a chocolate and coconut crust that adds texture and stability to these bars. The persimmon layer is made by turning fresh persimmons and eggs into a thick and creamy custard filling. Everything is layered and baked before another chocolatey layer is added to the top to fish off these bars.

#20. Vegan Persimmon Custard

This persimmon custard isn’t only vegan, it is also a raw custard, making it very light and refreshing as well as healthy. All you need is ripe persimmons, maple syrup, non-dairy milk, and vanilla. Blend everything up and chill in the fridge until the custard is cold and has thickened up a bit before saving it. You could also add some spices for additional flavor or even add in cocoa powder to make it a chocolate persimmon custard.

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