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chanterelle recipes
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7 Delicious Chanterelle Recipes For Easy Midweek Meals

Fruity with a hint of apricot, slightly peppery, and melt-in-your-mouth delicious, chanterelle mushrooms are incredibly versatile. They have a trumpet-like shape and taste just as good as they look. From a chanterelle mushroom omelet to a sandwich or soup, there’s …

seafood pizza recipes
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7 Ultimate Seafood Pizza Recipes Everyone Will Devour

Pizzas are a crowd favorite; there’s no denying that, especially if it’s a delicious homemade pizza. However, if you’re bored of eating your typical Margherita and pepperoni pizzas, now’s the time to shake things up. If you love seafood and …

shrimp and scallop recipes
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8 Weeknight Shrimp And Scallop Scampi Recipes

Fresh lobster-like crustaceans paired with a garlicky, creamy sauce, typically served over a pasta of your choice — a scampi is the perfect indulgent meal. And when paired with juicy scallops, you have an absolutely scrumptious meal. From a garlic …