Apricot Truffles with Pistachio and Coconut

These decadent truffles are so simple to make and even more delicious to enjoy. Made from all-natural, sugar-free ingredients, these truffles not only make for delicious dessert but are also great energy balls when you want an afternoon pick-me-up.
Apricot Truffles with Pistachio and Coconut pinit

About This Apricot Truffles with Pistachio and Coconut Recipe

Truffles are the ultimate indulgent dessert.

Traditionally made from chocolate ganache, truffles are the perfect after-dinner dessert — one bite and your sweet tooth is sated.

These apricot truffles have all of the indulgences of traditional truffles with much less fat and calories and way more antioxidants and dietary fiber. Apricots are packed with nutrients, and combined with coconuts and pistachios, they’re so delicious you won’t even miss the chocolate part.

Dried apricots are the base for these treats that come together easily in a high-powered blender or food processor. The moisture and texture from the apricots provide you with the perfect soft, crumbly truffle texture, and they hold up well in the refrigerator for a few days . . . if they even last that long! I’ve been enjoying them as a mid-morning snack as well as an after-dinner dessert and have to keep making new batches every few days!

I love topping my truffles with desiccated coconut and crushed pistachios for a little bit of added texture and flavor. If you like white chocolate, a light drizzle would be lovely on top as well! You can also add a bit of cinnamon into the truffle mix for a bit of added flavor, but I love the way the apricots taste by themselves.

Apricot Truffles with Pistachio and Coconut

What You Need for This Apricot Truffles with Pistachio and Coconut Recipe

Apricot Truffles with Pistachio and Coconut Ingredients

Ingredient Notes

  • Apricots: Apricots are the base for this truffle recipe as they offer the perfect amount of moisture and texture for shaping truffles.
  • Lemon Juice: A bit of lemon juice goes a long way in helping preserve the flavor of the apricots as well as binding them together.
  • Pistachios: The flavor of pistachios pairs beautifully with the apricots.
  • Coconut: Rolling the truffles in desiccated coconut not only makes for the perfect finish but also adds a lovely crunch to your truffles.

Apricot Truffles with Pistachio and Coconut

Ingredient Substitutions

  • Apricots: Apricots are the perfect base for this truffle, but you can make a similar treat with dried, pitted dates.
  • Pistachios: Feel free to try other crushed nuts as a topping to your truffles — pistachios are tasty, but so are pine nuts and almonds!
  • Coconut: Desiccated coconut is totally optional. If you’re allergic, you can try rolling your truffles in a cinnamon-sugar mixture too.

Apricot Truffles with Pistachio and Coconut


Are apricots good for you?

YES! Apricots are a true superfood. They are high in vitamin A, iron, dietary fiber, and LDL cholesterol, among other things. These truffles are delicious as well as healthy!

How much does this cost to make?

If you are able to find apricots in bulk to make this recipe, it is fairly cheap to make. Dates are also a cheaper alternative! The toppings, which are optional, can be the most expensive part of the recipe, but you won’t need too much of it, which makes it an inexpensive, delicious dessert!

How long do these truffles last?

Kept in an airtight container in the refrigerator, these truffles will last for about a week.

Where can I find these ingredients?

Most grocery stores will have apricots. Like I mentioned, try to find a store that sells them in bulk so you can stock up. They keep for quite some time since they are dried, and you won’t need to keep buying a bunch of expensive little bags of ingredients to make amazing recipes like this!

Apricot Truffles with Pistachio and Coconut

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 5 min Total Time 5 mins


Decadently sweet without being too heavy and overpowering, these apricots truffles provide tons of antioxidants and dietary fiber while being a simple, delicious treat.

Yield: 12 truffles


How To Make Apricot Truffles with Pistachio and Coconut Step By Step

  1. Chop the apricots.

    Chopping the apricots will make it easier for the food processor to do its job and blend the apricots well. Starting with your apricots cut into smaller pieces will get you a nice, even texture in your truffles.

    Apricot Truffles with Pistachio and Coconut Step 1
  2. Blend the apricots and the lemon juice until smooth.

    If you need to, you can add a little water to the mixture. But add only a teaspoon at a time to avoid making the truffles too watery.

    Apricot Truffles with Pistachio and Coconut Step 2
  3. Shape the truffles.

    I used a teaspoon and then rolled the truffles into balls using my hands.

    Apricot Truffles with Pistachio and Coconut Step 3
  4. Roll the truffles in the pistachio and coconut toppings.

    You don’t need to add these toppings, but I do love the way the flavors and textures complement the apricot!

    Apricot Truffles with Pistachio and Coconut Step 4


  • When adding water and lemon juice into the apricot mixture, be sure to not overdo it. Too much moisture will make the truffles hard to shape and watery in taste.
  • Keep these truffles in the refrigerator once you’ve shaped them. The moisture and warmth of your kitchen will cause them to go bad.
  • If you have a cookie scooper, you can easily use that to shape your truffles, too!