Breakfast Fuel Bombs

These Raw Breakfast Protein Bombs are a fantastic addition to your meal prep, they tend to be filling, nutrient-dense, and incredibly easy to make.
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About This Breakfast Fuel Bombs Recipe

Who knew a snack could have so many synonyms? Fuel bombs, protein balls, energy bites, the list goes on and on. Whatever you decide to call them, one thing is for certain – these protein bombs filled with healthy fats are quick and easy bites to have for snacks or on the go.

When exercising, once your body has burned through all your carbohydrates stores, it needs fat. Healthy fat, that is. This recipe encompasses slow-releasing energy from carbs such as rolled oats, and healthy fats from the seeds and cashew butter. This nut butter is also a good source of magnesium and offers B vitamins, iron and potassium.

I understand store-bought protein bars are convenient, but these fresh, raw, protein bombs are so much better for you with no preservatives and made with your own bare hands. They’re very quick and low-effort to make (let the food processor do the work for you), and the yield can be increased or decreased if you want to add these into your weekly meal prep!

Breakfast Fuel Bombs

What You Need for This Breakfast Fuel Bombs Recipe

Breakfast Fuel Bombs ingredients

Ingredient Notes

  • Almond Flour – Also called almond meal or ground almond depending on where you are in the world. It is made by crushing, shredding or blending sweet almonds into a fine crumb that closely resembles cornmeal.
  • Rolled oats – What do we mean when we say ‘rolled’ oats? Well, in short, they are lightly processed oat groats that have been de-husked, steamed and flattened into flakes before being lightly toasted. Oats have tonnes of health benefits too, they can help with inflammation, soothe skin, and promote healthy bacteria in your gut!
  • Desiccated coconut – Coconut in this form has been shredded and dried. Aside from the synaesthesia feeling it gives and extra texture, coconut is also a fantastic source of healthy fat.
  • Chia seeds – The edible seeds from the Salvia Hispanica plant of which is a member of the mint family native to central and southern Mexico. Not only are they said to lower cholesterol, but when used in a dish like porridge they swell and absorb the liquid giving a hearty punch of flavour!
  • Mixed seeds – This recipe uses a mixture of sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, but you really can use any seeds in this recipe.
  • Raw cacao powder – Similar to cocoa powder, however, cacao powder is made from fermented beans and is not roasted or processed like cocoa powder.
  • Cashew butter – Made from roasted cashew nuts, this nut butter has a similar consistency to thick peanut butter and adds a wonderful depth of flavour to the recipe.
  • Vanilla extract – Most of us are familiar with vanilla extract. It’s made by macerating vanilla pods and soaking them in a solution of water and ethanol making it an easy solution to add into any recipe.
  • Honey – Nature’s nectar. Honey is made from honey bees, and is a wonderful natural sweetener. Due to its viscous nature, it also helps bind the mixture together.
  • Oat milk – Milk made from Oats. Of course, you can use other plant-based milk for this recipe, but naturally, oat milk will marry the natural toastie flavours of the rolled oats.
  • Raw dark chocolate – Raw chocolate is often made by blending cocoa butter and powder together with natural sweeteners such as agave syrup or coconut butter in order to yield a creamy texture. It’s not as processed as commercial milk chocolate you would find in the supermarket.

Breakfast Fuel Bombs

Ingredient Substitutions

  • Rolled oats – You can of course use regular porridge oats or fine oatmeal if this is all you have available. Substitute the rolled oats with the same amount as your chosen oats.
  • Cashew butter – Naturally, you can substitute the nut butter for any other type. Peanut butter is often in the back of a kitchen cupboard or pantry. Almond butter would also marry the other flavours of the ingredients beautifully.
  • Vanilla extract – This recipe allows for you to use any flavour extract, almond or lemon extract would also work fantastically in this recipe.
  • Honey – Any natural sweetener will work in this recipe by substituting the honey for the same amount of maple syrup or agave syrup.
  • Oat milk – Any plant-based milk will go well with this recipe. Substitute the same amount of your oat milk with your chosen milk. Almond milk would work brilliantly.


My cashew butter has separated in the jar, is that normal?

Absolutely. The oil in the nut butter often splits, simply give it a stir and proceed with the recipe!

I don’t have raw cacao powder, can I use cocoa powder instead?

Yes! It’ll work exactly the same in terms of consistency if you substitute cocoa powder for raw cacao powder in equal amounts.

Does this recipe need the seeds?

Yes. The seeds add a lot of fibre to the recipe helping it bind together. Without the seeds, the mixture may be a little sloppy.

Breakfast Fuel Bombs

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 5 min Rest Time 45 min Total Time 1 hr


These protein bombs filled with healthy fats are quick and easy bites to have for snacks or on-the-go. Filled with nutrients, healthy carbs and fats, these are the perfect pre-workout snack or for a boost in energy!

Yield: 12 balls


How To Make Breakfast Fuel Bombs Step By Step

  1. Combine all the ingredients in a food processor or blender and pulse until the mixture comes together. If you prefer less firm balls, you can add oat milk along with the other ingredients.

    Breakfast Fuel Bombs step1

    Breakfast Fuel Bombs step1

  2. Empty the paste into a small container and refrigerate until firm (20-30 minutes).

    Breakfast Fuel Bombs step 2
  3. Remove from the fridge and divide into 12 equal pieces, roll into balls using the palms of your hand and place on a baking sheet lined with parchment.

    Breakfast Fuel Bombs step 3
  4. Meanwhile, melt your chocolate in the microwave in short bursts, stirring in between.

  5. Dip each protein ball into the chocolate and place back on the parchment with the chocolate side facing upwards.

  6. Sprinkle with sea salt flakes and place them back into the refrigerator until the chocolate has set.

    Breakfast Fuel Bombs step 6


  • It’s best to store these in an air-tight container within the fridge. However, they will hold up in packed lunches or on the move while you’re out and about.
  • If your protein balls are too crumbly, you can add more honey, plant-based milk, or even a dash of water.
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