Oven-Roasted Rack of Pork with Rosemary

This oven-roasted rack of pork with rosemary is a super easy, incredibly delicious recipe that goes well with any side dish. Made with just a few simple condiments and fresh rosemary, this perfectly seasoned, juicy pork roast is the perfect meal for holidays, special occasions, or even easy weeknight meals!
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About This Oven-Roasted Rack of Pork Recipe

When you want to cook something delicious but don’t have too much time to prep, this oven-roasted rack of pork is the perfect recipe. You only need a couple of minutes to season the meat, and the oven does all the work for you!

Despite being the world’s most popular type of meat, pork is still vastly underrated. While pork may not be the healthiest, it still offers several benefits. It is a rich source of high-quality proteins, including the nine essential amino acids, making it useful for muscle growth and maintenance.

It is also an excellent source of various vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B12, zinc, iron, and phosphorus. Lean pork, when cooked right, can be an excellent addition to a healthy diet when consumed in moderation.

The rack of pork, also called pork rib roast, is the center cut pork loin and comes from the loin’s rib area. As it has a little more fat content, this cut also cooks to a flavorsome perfection. It’s the type of cut where convenience meets elegance.

The meat is perfect for a weekday meal, or it can be dressed up as an elegant main dish for a special occasion.

Roasted with just a handful of herbs and seasonings, this recipe delivers a tender, juicy cut of meat that will make your taste buds come alive!

Oven Rosemary Roasted Rack of Pork

What You Need for This Rack of Pork Recipe

Roasted Rack of Pork Recipe Ingredients

Ingredient Notes

  • Rack of Pork: It is the cut that comes from the rib area of the loin and is the highlight of this recipe.
  • Seasonings: I like to keep it simple and season the meat with just salt, pepper, garlic, and extra virgin olive oil.
  • Rosemary: I love rosemary because it is one of the most aromatic herbs, and it gives a wonderful pine-like aroma to the meat.
  • White Wine: A little bit of wine helps tenderize the meat and gives a wonderful aromatic hint of floral notes.

Oven Rosemary Roasted Rack of Pork

Ingredient Substitutions

  • Meat: The star of this recipe is the rack of pork, but you may also use other types of cuts such as the loin or the shoulder.
  • White Wine: It adds a lovely floral hint but it can be substituted with broth or water.
  • Rosemary: I have used fresh rosemary, but you can use any type of herbs you prefer.

Oven Rosemary Roasted Rack of Pork


What side dishes can I serve with this roasted rack of pork?

Roasted or mashed potatoes are the perfect side dish for this rack of pork. You can also serve steamed or roasted veggies or a simple salad.

Can I store this roasted rack of pork?

Yes. You can store the cooled meat in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 4 days.

How do I know when the rack of pork is cooked?

Using a meat thermometer, check the internal temperature. When it reaches 72℃ (162℉), the pork is cooked. However, if you don’t have a thermometer, you can check the meat after about 80-90 minutes in the oven by inserting a fork into the thickest part of the meat — when no more liquid comes out, it’s cooked.

Oven-Roasted Rack of Pork with Rosemary

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 2 min Cook Time 1.5 hour Rest Time 15 min Total Time 1 hr 47 mins


This roasted rack of pork is a tender meal that’s bursting with flavor. It’s so easy that you cook it on busy weeknights and it's still fancy enough for you to serve on special occasions like Easter or Christmas!

Yield: 4 servings


How To Cook Oven-Roasted Rack of Pork with Rosemary Step By Step

  1. Preheat the oven to 200℃ (400℉).

  2. Season the pork with salt, pepper, chopped rosemary, and olive oil.

    Rack of Pork Recipe Step 2
  3. Cover the rack bones with aluminum foil.

    Rack of Pork Recipe Step 3
  4. Place the rack in a roasting pan, fat side up. Add the garlic, rosemary sprig, and white wine, and cook for approximately 45 minutes while covered with aluminum foil. Remove the foil and then cook for 45 minutes more or until the internal temperature is 72℃ (162℉).

    Rack of Pork Recipe Step 4
  5. Remove the rack of pork from the oven, cover it with foil, and let it rest for around 15 minutes before serving.

    Rack of Pork Recipe Step 5-1

    Rack of Pork Recipe Step 5-2


  • While cooking, turn the meat a couple of times and spoon the cooking juices over it.